Does Raid Bed Bug Spray Work? (Find Out Now!)

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Raid is one of the biggest names in the pesticide game, and that’s no joke. It’s a world-famous company that made a name for itself by killing off bugs of all kinds. Bed bugs, though, are different than other types of pest. They’re crazy hard to kill and you may find some sprays being less effective. How does Raid spray work on bed bugs?

While Raid is effective at killing bed bugs, it’s not the best option on the market. Raid Bed Bug Sprays (foaming and otherwise) rarely give enough coverage to fully kill off bed bugs. Foaming sprays from Raid are often the best bet.

Like with most other items involved in pest control, there’s a lot of contention on how effective they really are. Here’s what we were able to discuss about it being an effective form of pest control.

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Is Raid Bed Bug Spray Effective?

Raid Bed Bug Spray formulas have been lab-tested and proven to be effective at killing bed bugs. However, there is a catch that needs to be addressed. The tests that are run in lab assume that bed bugs will come into direct contact with the spray. If the spray hits the bugs, they’ll die. The same can be said for their eggs, too.

The problem with many of these laboratory tests is that they don’t really replicate the quantity of spray that will travel through the air in an apartment accurately. Spraying around will not make your entire room immune to bed bugs, since the aerosol particles will get diluted by air.

How Effective Is Raid Bed Bug Spray?

This is a topic that is actually pretty hard to find real numbers on. However, we can tell you the following facts with a fair amount of certainty:

  • Raid bed bug sprays will kill bed bugs at all stages of life. You need to make sure that it’s meant for bed bugs, though. Regular Raid will not do anything.
  • It will kill bugs that come into direct contact with it. If the bugs get exposed to a high enough level of fumes, they’ll die. Otherwise, they may not take enough poison to kill them.
  • Raid bed bug spray is very popular. It’s actually one of the most popular bed bug sprays to hit the market. You can find it in almost any grocery store or hardware store, too.
  • It’s long-lasting. It can stay in the area for up to four weeks, at least in major tests.
  • Neither foaming nor fogger sprays have much reach. Foam can expand to fit crevices, which can help. However, it won’t kill everything in your room. Foggers may appear to have more reach, but the fog tends to move downwards. Most bed bugs tend to prefer higher places, so this reduces their efficacy.

Is Raid Bed Bug Spray Dangerous For People And Pets?

Pesticides are made to be poisonous. It shouldn’t be surprising that they can pose a threat to pets and sensitive adults. More specifically, these types of sprays should not be applied in the presence of dogs, cats, small animals, and babies. If you want to use them in a home that has furry friends or young children, remove the kids.

To ensure that no one gets hurt, make sure that they exit the room. Give at least eight hours of time before you let pets or kids back into a room sprayed with Raid. With that said, these sprays have neurotoxins and carcinogens in them. This means that you will always run a risk of getting sick from them, even in small doses.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Raid Bed Bug Spray?

Raid does make a good product, but it’s still not perfect. It’s not a substitute for a visit from the exterminator, but it can help you make the most of your time. These drawbacks might make you reconsider its use:

  • It can be dangerous for you. Raid use has been linked to higher cancer rates. If you have sensitive lungs, it can also cause you to have irritation or asthma symptoms. This is true with almost all pesticides, though.
  • Raid doesn’t last forever. It can be deadly for four weeks, max. That’s not very long in a bed bug infestation. Moreover, it starts to lose its efficacy after a couple of hours. So, you might need to reapply early.
  • People claim it stains and smells bad. This can bode badly for people who want to spray antiques and similar goods. The smell can be a serious issue for people with sensitive noses, too.
  • Anecdotes suggest that some bed bugs are starting to grow immune to it. This is not the first time that we’ve heard about this happening, either. It can happen to any pesticide. Depending on how many recurring infestations you have, Raid may no longer work in your area.
  • It’s not very effective in most homes. Unless you just found a single bed bug, you probably are not going to be able to eliminate the problem with Raid alone. There is a lot of work that needs to be done in order to contain a bed bug problem!

Related Questions

Does Raid cockroach spray work on bed bugs too?

While you might have some extremely limited success with roach spray, the truth is that it’s not good for bed bug control. The spray used to kill roaches is derived from a formula that has little effect on modern bed bugs. If you want to get Raid that can actually kill off bed bugs, you need to make sure it is specially formulated for it.

Why are bed bugs on the rise?

In the past 20 years, the number of bed bug cases have skyrocketed. This is partly due to faster spreading and partly due to several top pesticides for bed bugs being banned. Since many of the best insecticides for bed bugs are not available, it takes longer to get rid of them. This, unfortunately, makes it harder for bed bug infestations to be contained.

What happens if a bed bug problem can no longer be contained?

Almost all bed bug problems can be eliminated. However, some simply just don’t seem to work out and people end up giving up on the buildings. If this happens, you might move out. The building will then become condemned, and depending on how things go, it could get demolished or set ablaze in a controlled fire. This eliminates pest spread to other homes.

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The Verdict

Raid does work, but only to an extent. You need to temper your expectations with a healthy dose of reality. Bed bugs are brutal and a single can of Raid is not going to be enough. Raid is more like a bandaid than a cure to a disease. It is there to help cut down on numbers, not kill them outright.

If you were hoping for a serious treatment for your bed bugs, this is not it. This is one of those moments where you need to make sure that you get more than just Raid in there. You will need to have an exterminator in there if you want to see serious results. (Sorry, Raid, but we both know that it’s the truth.)

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