Does Harris Bed Bug Killer Work? (Find Out Now!)

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Bed bug sprays and pesticides make up a multi-million dollar industry. One name that’s been gaining a reputation among exterminators and homeowners is Harris Bed Bug Killer. This spray is considered to be one of the most potent home sprays in the industry. But, does it actually live up to its reputation?

Harris Bed Bug Killer is considered to be one of the most effective bed bug sprays on the market for regular use. This is considered to be one of the fastest ways to kill bed bugs and control the bug population. If you cannot afford an exterminator, Harris might work.

It’s good to know the full details of how good Harris really is. We have the answers, so keep reading below.

How Effective Is Harris Bed Bug Killer?

Harris Bed Bug Killer is a fairly popular bed bug pesticide, and it’s been shown to be fairly effective. Most reviews on Amazon note that several spray sessions offer enough coverage to actively kill off entire bed bug populations…provided that the population is small.

While most people find Harris Bed Bug Killer to be an excellent formula with easy coverage throughout the room. It also has serious staying power, with most people being able to wait as long as three weeks between sprayings. Since it doesn’t stain and doesn’t carry an odor, people tend to prefer using this before they try more pungent recipes like Raid.

Does Harris Bed Bug Killer Always Work?

Here’s the issue that you need to be aware of: Harris Bed Bug Killer doesn’t always work. Bed bugs are famous for their ability to get accustomed to certain pesticides. Pesticide-resistant bed bugs are also on the rise. One of the pesticides that they’re gaining immunity to is the main ingredient in Harris.

Depending on where you live, you might not have any success with Harris. If you do multiple sprays or deal with multiple re-infestations, there’s a good chance you also may see diminishing returns.

How To Use Harris Bed Bug Killer

Harris makes a clean, easy-to-use product that is pretty neat. However, you still have to make sure that it is used properly. Here’s how to do it:

  • Start by bagging up all soft items in your home. Wrap clothes, blankets, linens, curtains, and sheets in plastic bags. Heat treat them and then wash them. Replace them in the plastic bag as soon as you can. Tie up the bags. You are going to have to store clothes this way until you have ended the bed bug infestation.
  • Bring pets to a petsitter and send kids away to your mom’s for a while. The spray can be a bit much for their systems and could pose a threat to their health.
  • Spray the Harris bed bug formula on all beds, carpets, and inside any major crevices that you can find. The more you spray, the better. Don’t worry, it doesn’t stain.
  • Let the spray sit. Give it at least four hours.
  • If you want to double up, use bed bug powder along with the Harris killer. Bed bug powder is great for slowing down the growth of bed bugs. All the help you can get is good here.
  • Bring kids and pets back into the mix. From here on, you should be good to go until your next spray-down.
  • Spray when you notice more bed bugs. Most homes will need multiple treatments before they are bug-free. It also is worth saying that you should add bed bug interceptors to ensure that you keep an eye on the problem and kill off bugs as they try to spread.

Related Questions

Does Harris offer a money-back guarantee on its pesticide?

While Harris makes an excellent product, they do not offer a money-back guarantee on their bug sprays. Due to the fact that bed bugs are acclimating to new poisons on a regular basis, there is no way for them to guarantee that it works. Ergo, there’s no way to ensure a guarantee.

How long does it take to get rid of bed bugs?

Most bed bug infestations will take three to six months to fully eliminate. However, you will still need to check for bed bugs for as much as 18 months after you first spot them. Bed bugs can stay dormant for up to 12 years if they feel they are losing out on food.

How fast do bed bugs spread from room to room?

Theoretically, they could spread to other rooms within a day. Bed bugs can travel at 4 feet per minute, which means that they could spread to your bedrooms in a matter of hours if they want to. In practice, it usually takes at least three days to a week (or more) for bed bugs to move to another area of your home.

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