2022 Dishwasher Installation Cost & Pricing

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by Heather Robbins

Dishwashers are very convenient to have in your home. They save time on hand-washing, and they also do a better job of sanitizing. Although, the cost to install a dishwasher can vary significantly. The prices depend on the type you buy and whether you hire a professional or do it yourself.

The average dishwasher installation cost is $1,935 for materials and labor. Homeowners spend an average of $55 per hour on labor, and it costs an extra $3,300 if you have to install new plumbing. You may have to spend an extra $20 for debris removal fees, and another $70 per hour for a carpenter if necessary.

Some homes will come with a dishwasher already built-in, while some installations will require a full hook up included. If you are installing plumbing for a new dishwasher, this will increase the price. This cost guide will provide the estimated fees for certain aspects of the job, allowing you to calculate your expenses accurately.

Dishwasher Price Range







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Dishwasher Installation Costs

The cost of installing a dishwasher can range anywhere from $70 to $500, but typically you can expect to pay between $110 and $270.The price varies on the needs of the homeowner. For instance, if you need a dishwasher removed or plumbing installed, the cost will be higher.

Labor Cost For Dishwasher Installation

Labor Fees


Fees (Per Hour)


$65 – $85


$45 – $65




If rewiring or installation of any outlets is needed, an electrician may be required. Expect to pay around $120 per connection. Electricians typically charge between $65 and $85 per hour.


A plumber is needed if you need to install new plumbing. The plumber will usually charge between $45 and $65 per hour. This can take a few hours depending on whether drain lines from an existing dishwasher are already in place, or you need to install new pipes. The installation of new lines come at the cost of $3 to $10 per foot.


If your new dishwasher is a different size than your old one, and you’re not comfortable trimming your cabinets, then you’ll need a carpenter to do it. Most carpenters charge around $70 per hour, so if you need to create a larger opening, expect the job to require 1-2 hours.

Additional Labor Considerations

  • If you have to install or swap a dishwasher valve, this will take around 1 hour of a plumber’s time, charged at $45 to $65 per hour. The cost of a new valve will be from $15 to $35. Total cost: $60-$100.
  • In the event that you need a whole new plumbing installation, expect this job to require around 60 hours and cost between $2,700 and $3,900 for a standard kitchen.
  • It is not unusual to be asked to pay extra for removing your old dishwasher and the costs of a clean-up. Typically, this charge will range from $115 to $140.
  • In some cases, the company doing the installation will also add a charge of between $17 and $21 to dispose of debris.

Permits And Inspection Fees

Some municipal building departments require an inspection for this kind of project. As the homeowner, you’ll be expected to pay for it. If you hire a contractor, and they have to pay for a government permit, expect the cost to be passed on to you.

It’s not unusual for contractors to factor in an additional 15%-25% of overhead costs into their estimate. The permits might be needed if existing surfaces need to be:

  • Repaired
  • Modified
  • Relocated

Cost To Install A Dishwasher Where There Wasn’t One

Expect to pay a minimum of $1,270, rising to $3,200 for a first-time installation. The costs will be at the lower end if new plumbing isn’t required. However, they’ll increase if the removal or replacement of counters and cabinets is needed.

Additional Costs

Remodeling Costs




$1,900 – $8,300


$25 – $120 per sq ft

Kitchen Island

$3,000 – $10,000+


$130 – $290

If your home doesn’t already have a dishwasher, you’ll need to retrofit your kitchen in order to accommodate it. Here’s an estimate of what you are likely to pay for certain projects:

  • Cabinets: $1,900-$8,300 to remove or replace. However, if you remove a single cabinet to make space for the dishwasher, the cost will be towards the lower end of the scale.
  • Countertops: Typically cost between $25-$120 per square foot, with labor and materials included.
  • Kitchen Island: An island in your kitchen typically costs $100-$2,000. The price of high –end custom islands can be between $3,000-$10,000+.
  • Electricity: Expect to pay between $130and $290 to install an electrical outlet

Dishwasher Prices

Dishwasher Price By Type




$300 – $1,000


$200 – $400


$270 – $1,380


$390 – $690


Built-in styles cost between $300 to $1,000. They are very popular as they fit easily under countertops in spaces where a cabinet would typically be located. In most cases, they are close to the sink unit for ease of plumbing.


The price for a countertop dishwasher is between $200 and $400. They are a good option for small kitchens, for example, in an apartment or condo, where there’s just no room for a floor-standing dishwasher. Also, they can hold up to 6 place settings, use various programs, and even come in different finishes to tone with the décor. They are quick and easy to connect to the kitchen faucet.


Since a drawer dishwasher is smaller than a standard-size dishwasher, these are only ideal for individuals who use a very minimal amount of dishes. These fit seamlessly into your cabinetry. They feature one rack per drawer and come at the cost of $270 to $1,380.


Portable dishwashers typically run between $390 and $690. They’re an option to consider if you need all your cabinets and have no suitable location in your kitchen but have storage space adjacent. They can be stored in a pantry and rolled out on wheels when needed.

To use one, you plug it into a wall socket, and a hose is connected to the faucet. Just load it up and let it run. Some designs even have a built-in butcher’s block to create an additional work surface.

Installing Dishwasher Plumbing Cost

The installation of new plumbing pipes can cost between $600 and $1,600 per fixture. It’s possible to save 20% -40% of the cost if you choose PEX or CPVP pipes, rather than traditional copper.

If new plumbing is required to connect your dishwasher, expect this cost to vary between $1,270 and $3,200. Although this may seem like a substantial up-front expense, it will save you money over time.

New Installation vs. Replacement

Naturally, as most of the work has been done already, it’s a lot less costly to replace your existing dishwasher than to install it from scratch. Connecting a replacement dishwasher can typically be completed by a plumber in around 1 hour, for a typical cost of about $45to $65.

However, new installations are more expensive. The cost difference depends on the make of your dishwasher and where you locate it. If it can fit into a cabinet’s space close to your sink, installation is more straightforward, so that it will cost less. Take measurements to ensure that the dishwasher will fit.

Enhancement And Improvement Costs

Drip Pan Installation

Drip pans do precisely what you’d expect them to do, they sit underneath dishwashers and collect any drips. Although these are not required, they can be considered a safety precaution to protect against future water damage. These cost about $15 to $30.

Drip pans are easy to install as they are positioned about 1″ behind the kickboard. A drop of epoxy is put under the pan before it’s put into place and either taped or screwed to the floor.

Air Gap Installation Cost

While not all dishwashers require one, an air gap can stop wastewater from flowing back and polluting clean water. There is often a place for an air gap on your sink. If so, it will typically be next to the sprayer, in the upper right-hand corner. Installation is simple, but its best to do it before a new dishwasher is installed. These cost around $10 to $30.

DIY Install Dishwasher vs. Hire A Professional

Dishwasher installation does need an adequate level of plumbing skills and, possibly, experience with electricity. Mistakes with a DIY installation can result in floods, issues with electricity, or other expensive repairs.

However, if the job is fairly straight forward, you can do this yourself. If you install the plumbing, check your local codes to ensure you fall into line with them. However, if your installation requires electrical work, you will need to hire a professional for that portion of the job.

How Difficult Is It To Install A Dishwasher?

The installation of a dishwasher itself is fairly simple. However, the complications arise when there is a need for new plumbing or any electrical work. If this is your first time installing a dishwasher, you may want to have a friend or family member help you.

Now, if the need arises, and you need to renovate your kitchen to fit a dishwasher, this is where the difficulty sets in. If you’re new to the DIY world, you may want someone to walk you through it. However, if you’re a DIY expert, this should be a relatively easy project.

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It’s best to call a specialist plumber to carry out a dishwasher installation if the plumbing is needed. They’ll have the experience required to connect not only the plumbing but the electrics as well.

What is the average life expectancy of a dishwasher?

While some dishwashers have a life-span of only 7 years, most can be expected to work without problems for up to 10 years or even 12 years in the case of premium brands. 

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