2022 Cost To Paint Kitchen Cabinets

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When you’re trying to make your home more inviting, outdated kitchen cabinets can make this a bit difficult. Therefore, you know that it’s time to paint your kitchen cabinets. But, how much will this cost you? The price will vary on several different factors.

The average cost to paint kitchen cabinets is $1,750, and professionals charge $7.50 per square foot. Glazing your kitchen cabinets can cost another $10 per square foot, and prep work costs $120 per door. It costs another $25 to paint each drawer and another $7 per square foot to strip and sand your cabinets.

In this cost guide, we will discuss the price of painting your kitchen cabinets and talk about the labor fees for hiring a professional. Hopefully, this will give you a better idea of what your project is going to cost before you jump in with your eyes closed.

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Average Cost To Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Average Cost

LowNational AverageTypical RangeHigh
$650$1,750$900 – $3,800$5,000

Kitchen cabinet painting may cost anything from $900 to $3,800. Painters charge anything from $3 to $10 per square foot of painting surface or $50 to $100 per door. The price is decided by the layout and size of the cabinet, as well as the painting procedure, cabinet condition, and labor expenses.

Billing is done by the cabinet door, square foot, or linear foot. Cabinets in bad condition may cost more since additional prep work, priming, and paint applications will be required. Cabinets higher than 8 feet may incur additional charges.

Professional Kitchen Cabinet Painting Cost

Cost Factors

Labor Fee$20 – $50 per hour
Cost Per Door$120 – $170
Cost Per Square Foot$2.90 – $10.48 per sq ft
Repainting Cabinets$903 – $3,764
Prep Cost$5 – $10 per sq ft
White Paint$3 – $10 per sq ft
Glazing$10 to $25 per sq ft

Painting cabinets cost about $3 to $10 per square foot or $30 to $60 per linear foot, including all materials and professional labor. Each door costs $50 to $100, each cabinet costs $120 to $170, and each drawer costs $20 to $30.

Measure the square footage of the paintable surfaces, the cabinets in linear feet (across the front of the cabinets), or count the number of cabinet doors by size to get an estimate (most popular).

Labor Cost To Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Hiring a painter to paint kitchen cabinets may cost anywhere from $20 to $50 per hour or $200 to $500 a day, depending on the size of the job, the season, and the painter’s degree of competence. The majority of your expenses will be labor, with materials alone costing between $200 and $600.

Cost To Paint Cabinets Per Door

Cabinet doors cost between $50 and $100, and cabinets cost between $120 and $170, depending on the size and whether they are upper or lower cabinets. Some cabinets include one large door or two medium-sized doors, all of which are priced the same. Each little drawer costs $25 to paint.

Cost To Paint Kitchen Cabinets Per Square Foot

When measured across the full width of the cabinet, the cost for professional kitchen cabinet painting ranges from $2.90 to $10.48 per square foot of paintable surface, or $30 to $60 per linear foot.

Repaint Kitchen Cabinet Cost

Depending on how much paint scraping, sanding, and repairs are necessary, repainting kitchen cabinets can cost anywhere from $903 to $3,764.

Before sanding cabinets with coarse grain, dents, or scratches, putty is essential for a smoother surface. If the cabinets are in good repair, it’s worth prepping and repainting them.

Prep Work Cost

Stripping, sanding, and painting kitchen cabinets costs $5 to $10 per square foot. Paint stripping, sanding, and putting putty might add $2 to $3 per square foot to your overall cost, depending on the quality of the cabinets and the extent of the damage.

Cost To Paint Cabinets White

Painting kitchen cabinets white can cost anywhere from $3 to $10 per square foot or $30 to $60 per linear foot of cabinetry, depending on the condition of the cabinets, the painting procedure, and labor costs. White kitchen cabinets with satin finishes are the most preferred choice among homebuyers.

Cost To Glaze Cabinets

Cabinet glazing costs $10 to $25 per square foot, or $2,000 to $5,000, for a typical 200 square foot kitchen. The glaze is a translucent or semi-transparent coating used after staining or painting to give the finished product depth and color.

However, the price is going to depend on whether you’re hiring a professional to do the job, or if you’ve decided to do this yourself. Except, the downfall is that glazing cabinets can be an extremely tough job. Therefore, it may be best to save up and pay a pro if this is the route that you want to take.

Is It Better To Spray Or Roll Kitchen Cabinets?

Rolling paint on kitchen cabinets results in a thicker, more continuous coat of paint, which is commonly used to hide a dark tint. Spraying cabinets produces a smooth and even coating, prevents drips, and allows the paint to cover minor cracks, subtle textures, and beautiful woodwork with ease.

Spraying allows you to use higher-quality lacquer paint and necessitates the rental of a spray gun, which may cost anywhere from $40 to $100 a day.

Rolling is ideal for small kitchens or DIY projects, but it does have drawbacks, such as the possibility of droplets, drips, and paint pools forming on the surface.

Is It Better To Roll Or Brush Paint Cabinets?

Professionals use both rolling and brushing techniques to paint cabinet boxes. Rolling is quicker and smoother on the doors and faces. Brushes are ideal for touch-ups and nooks and crannies that a roller can’t get to, but they risk leaving visible brushstrokes on a cleanly painted surface.

Consider using a 3 to 4-inch-wide flat brush for cabinet surfaces and a 2 12 to 3-inch-wide angled brush for corners and other difficult areas where a roller cannot reach.

Cabinet Paint Cost

Cabinet Paint Cost
100 – 200 sq ft 1/2$10 – $25
300 – 400 sq ft1$20 – $50
600 sq ft2$40 – $100
800 sq ft3$60 – $150
1000 sq ft4$80 – $200

How Much Paint Do I Need To Paint Cabinets?

Cabinet paint and primer costs $20 to $50 a gallon, depending on the brand, and covers 300 to 400 square feet. It is worthwhile to invest in high-quality paint, which will only set you back a few hundred dollars.

An average-sized kitchen will take one to two gallons of paint and one gallon of primer to cover the cabinets with the requisite one coat of priming and two coats of paint. One gallon of paint covers 300 to 400 square feet and takes two coats when painting cabinets.

Best Paint For Cabinets

Consider choosing a cabinet paint or a paint that produces a smooth, hard surface that will withstand kitchen use. Among the brands offered are Farrow & Ball Full-Gloss Paint, Valspar Cabinet Enamel Semigloss Latex Paint, Behr Alkyd Semigloss Enamel Paint, and Insl-X Cabinet Coat.

  • Higher-grade paint is more durable, resists stains, and lasts longer than lower-grade paint.
  • Because 2-in-1 paint and primer materials do not adhere well and are not thick enough, they are not advised.
  • A stand-alone primer is necessary for maximum penetration and adhesion.
  • Choose a higher-quality lacquer paint for painting cabinets since it is stronger, dries faster, and resists cleaning agents better.

The first decision to make is whether to use oil or water-based paint. Oil-based paints are less prone to discolor and apply more easily, resulting in a sleek appearance for your kitchen cabinets.

Paint sheens should be semigloss, gloss, or satin, with matte being used only seldom. Because of their appealing look and the fact that they disclose less dirt, satin finishes are the most preferred. Semi-gloss is the second most favored finish among homeowners, as it is more glossy. Use glossy if you want a truly shiny appearance, but remember that glossy will show every bit of dust and brushstroke.

Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors

White with a satin finish is the most popular and stylish color for painting kitchen cabinets, followed by gray. Consider the quantity of natural light, the size of the area, and your own preferences before settling on a color scheme. When picking a paint color, consider one (or two) of these modern paint colors.

  • White – This fundamental kitchen color maintains a kitchen looking bright and spacious while allowing accent items like a red refrigerator to pop and provide vigor to the overall design.
  • The combination of white and gray is popular, especially when the bottom cabinets are gray and the upper cabinets are white. The gray helps to ground the space, while the white helps to keep it bright and airy.
  • Blue – A bright blue can liven up a kitchen, while a darker blue will make it feel more sumptuous. Colors and design elements from other rooms in the house, especially adjoining rooms, stairwells, and corridors, should be considered.
  • Greige – If you’re unfamiliar with the term “greige,” it’s a beige and gray color combination that creates a calm and neutral aesthetic that works well in most kitchens.

DIY Cost To Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Painting kitchen cabinets on your own may cost anywhere from $200 to $600, including all equipment and paint. When you employ a professional, the majority of the expense is labor. It takes 30 to 60 hours to thoroughly prep and apply a coat of priming and two topcoats of paint to an average of 200 square feet.

It may look like repainting kitchen cabinets is a simple process, but it takes time. Keep the following tips in mind while painting cabinets yourself:

  • Remove all of the drawers first, followed by the doors, knobs, handles, and hinges.
  • Tape off the area and clean the cabinets with a strong degreaser.
  • Use paint remover, hand sanding, and repairs to finish the preparation.
  • Then, to ensure that the paint adheres properly, seal the surface with a primer.
  • After it has cured, apply two topcoats of paint one after the other, allowing for each coat to dry before proceeding.
  • Now it’s time to put your cabinets back together, tidy up, and unwind!

Is DIY Better With Kitchen Cabinets?

This approach is far less expensive than hiring a professional painter for $20 to $50 per hour. Professionals may use high-end paint sprayers to create a smoother, more durable surface while also saving time. Cabinets painted by hand are more prone to chip, scrape, and fracture, so consider how important durability is while making your choice.

Cabinet Paint Kits

Paint, instructions, brushes, a roller, and masking tape are included in a $50 to $100 kitchen cabinet package. Using a kit to begin a DIY project is a fantastic way to get started. Alternatively, you may purchase all of the equipment and paint separately from your local hardware or paint supply store.

What Is the Easiest Way To Paint Kitchen Cabinets?

Instead of rolling the paint, a professional paint sprayer, which can be leased for $40 to $100 a day, is the quickest way to paint kitchen cabinets. Leaving the doors and hardware on is a time-saver, but it results in paint chips and cracks, broken hinges, and more work.

Benefits Of Painting Cabinets

Painting cabinets that have seen better days or updating a kitchen might be a terrific solution. It provides your kitchen a whole new look at a very modest price. Here are just a few benefits of painting your kitchen cabinets:

  • Cabinet refacing or replacement is significantly more expensive.
  • High-quality paint gives a look that lasts as long as new cabinets.
  • Boosts the value of your property
  • In less than a week, the project may be completed.

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Related Questions

How do pros charge for painting cabinets?

Depending on the cabinet style, size, and condition, as well as the painting process, professional painters charge by the cabinet door, square foot, or linear foot.Professionals charge extra for cabinets in poor condition that require extra prep work, priming, and paint coats. Due to the complexity, cabinets taller than 8 feet may incur additional charges.

Can you paint cabinets without removing doors?

Cabinets can be painted with or without doors, although removing the doors improves the overall quality. You don’t need to paint the interior of the cabinets if you leave the doors on. You may leave the doors open and spray paint the interiors from the inside out while spray painting.

How durable are chalk-painted kitchen cabinets?

Chalk-paint kitchen cabinets are growing increasingly popular as a result of their simplicity of use and absence of the need for priming or sanding, but they are not without their drawbacks.

  • It’s time to seal the chalk.
  • Over time, sealants will need to be reapplied.
  • Wax sealants, for example, might leave a yellowish hue.
  • In other situations, the chalk begins to show wear in as little as two years.

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