How Much Does It Cost to Install an Attic Ladder?

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Do you find your attic to be a less than functional space relative to the rest of your home? That could be the case because you decided to only use the attic for storage. It’s also possible that your attic is not as useful as it can be because you cannot access it easily.

The lack of quick and easy access to your attic may discourage you from going up there. Thankfully, you can do something about that potential issue. By installing a new attic ladder, you can effectively turn that underutilized space into a more important part of your home.

Expect to spend a total of $1,710 if you want to install an attic ladder. About $500 of that total will go toward the purchase of the ladder kit and $350 should be earmarked for labor costs. You may also have to spend $800 to secure the required permits. If you want to decorate the new installation, that will cost $60.

Installing a new ladder could be the key to maximizing your attic. You can open up more space and create a new bedroom by installing that ladder. Find out how much installing a new attic ladder will cost by continuing with this article.

Cost of Attic Ladder by Material

Material UsedCost

You will need to get your hands on a ladder kit if you want to make your attic more accessible. The cost of those ladder kits can vary quite significantly due to numerous factors. Material composition is among those factors.

With most ladders, you have a wide array of material options to choose from. You can purchase aluminum, fiberglass, plastic, steel, and wooden ladders. The selection of attic ladders is narrower. More often than not, you’ll only be able to choose from aluminum, steel, and wooden options.

So, which option should you pick for your home? Learn more about how the options differ from one another so you can come up with an answer for that question.

Aluminum Attic Ladders

An aluminum attic ladder is a great pick-up if you need something affordable. On average, an aluminum attic ladder kit costs $220.

Homeowners love aluminum ladders not just because they’re inexpensive. They also appreciate aluminum ladders for being remarkably durable. You can use them daily without worrying about them wearing down too quickly. Aluminum ladders are also lightweight. They are good options to work with if you intend to install the attic ladder by yourself.

However, aluminum ladders cannot be installed everywhere. Because aluminum is highly conductive, you cannot install an aluminum ladder in any spot close to electrical wires. Go with the other options in that scenario.

Steel Attic Ladders

Next up are the steel attic ladders and they are quite pricey. You will often see steel ladder kits priced at $600.

Durability is the standout quality of steel ladders. Once your new steel ladder is in place, it will remain there for as long as you need it. Bumps and scratches will do little to compromise the strength of your steel attic ladder.

Steel attic ladders also offer stability. If you feel unsure about aluminum or wooden ladders, you may feel better about the steel options. They won’t move around while you’re ascending or descending them. There’s a lot to like about steel ladders, but their weight can be an issue. You may have to install additional supports along with the steel ladder.

Wooden Attic Ladders

Wooden ladders are also available for homeowners who want easier attic access. At $400 per kit, wooden ladders are considered the mid-range option from a price perspective.

Durability can be an issue with wooden ladders. If moisture gets to them, they may start to rot or warp. They are also on the heavy side so installing them can be a challenge.

Still, a lot of homeowners prefer wooden attic ladders because they blend easily into the décor. They can match up well with the attic even when they’re folded up. You also don’t have to worry about conductivity complications if you’re installing a wooden attic ladder.

Cost of Attic Ladder by Extension Type

Ladder Extension TypeCost

Homeowners can choose an attic ladder based on how it extends out. Once again, there are three main options available. Those options are folding ladders, scissor-type ladders, and telescoping ladders.

Generally speaking, you should be able to install any of the three options in your attic. Although some options take up more room, they should still be able to fit into the attic opening.

Folding, scissor-type, and telescoping ladders do vary in terms of price. However, the gaps in pricing are not that large.

Folding Attic Ladders

You can pick up a folding attic ladder at the store for $550. While looking for a folding attic ladder, you may be surprised to see the sheer number of options available. Search long enough and you’ll find a folding ladder that perfectly suits your home décor.

Compared to the other options, folding ladders require more time and effort to pull out. They are usually folded up into three sections so you’ll have to separate them before you can start climbing.

Because of how they’re designed, folding ladders are slightly more susceptible to wear and tear. The joints can wear down faster so watch out for that.

Scissor-Type Attic Ladders

Establish a connection between your attic and the rest of your home by installing a scissor-type ladder. You should be able to find this type of attic ladder priced at $650.

Scissor-type ladders are known as such because of how they look. They have side brackets that look like scissor joints. The resemblance is even more noticeable once the ladder is fully extended.

Scissor-type ladders feature a distinctive appearance that can be tough to conceal if that’s your intent. They can also be quite bulky when they’re folded up for storage. Take note of those potential drawbacks before you install a scissor-type attic ladder.

Telescoping Attic Ladders

Lastly, you can opt to install a telescoping ladder that extends down from your attic. Telescoping ladders are also known as sliding ladders. Telescoping attic ladder kits are available for $600 each.

Telescoping ladders are great because of how quickly they unfurl. You don’t have to fiddle around with them for too long just so you can start climbing.

On the other hand, the sliding mechanism can be a drawback as well. If you forget to secure the ladder, it could slam down onto the floor when you open the attic door. Your floor could sustain serious damage if that happens often enough.

Labor Cost to Install Attic Ladder

Estimate TypeCost
Low-End Estimate$250
Mid-Range Estimate$350
High-End Estimate$500

You can pay a contractor to handle the installation of your new attic ladder. Usually, contractors will charge $350 to take on this kind of installation job.

So, should you pay someone to install your attic ladder or should you handle the job yourself? Well, that depends on the layout of the area around your attic door.

If the ceiling near the opening is clear, installing the ladder should be very easy. Troubles arise if that spot is cluttered by ducts, pipes, or wires. It’s best to let the contractor deal with the installation at that point.

Cost Factors for Attic Ladder Installation

The cost of attic ladder installation will depend on more than just the price of the ladder and your contractor’s rates. Detailed below are the additional cost factors you should consider before proceeding with any kind of installation.

Location of Your Home

Don’t expect contractors to charge the same rates throughout the country. Their rates will adhere more to the cost of living expenses in your area. The rates contractors in your city will offer are likely all going to be within the same range.


Some homeowners like adding trim to the attic ladder. Installing new trim around the attic ladder typically costs $50.

The added trim is a nice decorative flourish that also helps you spot the attic ladder faster. Given how affordable the trim is, it can be a very cost-effective addition.


Since you’ve already added some trim around your attic ladder, you might as well decorate that spot further by painting it. Adding a fresh coat of paint to your newly installed attic ladder will cost $10.


Permits will likely be required if you want to install an attic ladder. You may be surprised by how much securing those permits will cost. In total, you may have to spend $800 just to get the required permits.

$800 is a steep price for those permits, but they can be worth it. Turning your attic into a more useful part of your home is worth that kind of money.

Required Repairs

The area around your attic may have to be repaired before the ladder can be installed. Hopefully, the repairs you need will not be very expensive.

Related Questions

Does an Attic Ladder Increase Home Value?

Yes, installing an attic ladder will increase the value of your home. You shouldn’t count on it adding thousands of dollars in value, but it will still provide a nice boost.An easily accessible attic can also be an appealing feature to some home buyers. If they want to do something fun with the attic, they will appreciate the fact that a ladder is already installed there.

How Much Weight Can an Attic Ladder Hold?

The maximum amount of weight an attic ladder can support will depend on its duty rating. The highest duty rating is Type IAA. Ladders with that duty rating can hold loads that weigh 375 pounds.Refer to your attic ladder’s duty rating if you want to know how much weight it can support. You should be able to find that duty rating on the ladder’s label.

How Do You Measure for an Attic Ladder Replacement?

To figure out how big your replacement attic ladder should be, start by measuring the width of the trim. Measure from one side of the trim to the other and reach to the outside edges of the ladder frame.You should also measure the length of the opening. Do that by measuring from the hinged side to the opposite end of the frame. Finish up by measuring the height of your ceiling. You can do that by dropping a tape measure from the closed attic ladder down to the floor.Remember all of those measurements and head to the store. Use them to find an attic ladder that will fit into the existing opening.

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