What Is The Cost Of Living In Medford, OR?

Stacy Randall
by Stacy Randall

A bottle of pinot noir, juicy pears, and rich blue cheese, what could be more appetizing than that? These delicious delights are grown and made with love and pride in the small city of Medford, Oregon. Relocating to Medford will ensure a steady supply of wine & cheese, but how much does it cost to live there?

On a cost of living scale that holds a US average of 100, Medford rates 100.6. This number indicates that it costs slightly higher to live in Medford than elsewhere in the US. However, Oregon scores at a high 113.1, making Medford cheaper to live in than other cities in the state.

Before you make the move to Medford, find out whether the city agrees with your wallet. Check out the cost of housing, taxes, utilities, and groceries before deciding that Medford is the right place for you.

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Housing Costs In Medford Oregon

Whether buying or renting, inevitably, housing costs take up the bulk of your budget. The median price for a home in Medford is $330,317, significantly higher than the US average of $266,104. The homeownership rate is 63%, with the remaining 37% allotted as rental properties.

The most expensive neighborhood in Medford is Rogue Valley, with houses selling, on average, at $579,900. West Main is the most affordable neighborhood, with homes going for a median price of $150,000.

Median Home Prices in Medford Neighborhoods

NeighborhoodMedian Home Price
Rogue Valley$579,900
Southeast Medford$499,900
North Medford$408,000
Northwest Medford$335,000
Southwest Medford$319,900
Liberty Park$215,800
West Main$150,000

Rental Costs In Medford

The median rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in Medford is $995, slightly higher than the state average of $854. Expect to pay about $1,225 for a 2-bedroom and $1,850 for a 3-bedroom.

Here is a chart comparing rental costs in Medford and other popular cities in Oregon.

Median Rental Prices for a 1-Bedroom Apartment in Medford and Other Oregon Cities

Coos Bay$750

Taxes In Medford

Medford residents are fortunate that they do not have to pay a sales tax on anything. This holds true for the entire state of Oregon. However, the state compensates with a high property tax rate of 0.90%, with the US average standing at 1.07%

Aside from high property taxes, Oregonians pay more in income taxes than most US states. The state places fourth on the list of highest income taxes, falling behind California, Hawaii, and New Jersey, consecutively.

Medford Income Tax Brackets and Rates for All Filers

Income Tax BracketIncome Tax Rate
$0 – $3,6004.75%
$3,601 – $9,0506.75%
$9,051 – $125,0008.75%
$125,001 – up9.9%

Utility Costs In Medford

The cost of utilities in Medford stands at 89 on the US cost of living index, with 100 as the average. This chart gives you an idea of how much you would have to pay monthly for electricity, water, and internet usage.

Average Utility Costs in Medford, Oregon

UtilityAverage Cost Per Month
Basic Internet$66.20
Natural Gas$45
Basic Cable$50

Medford Food Costs

On the cost of living index, Medford comes slightly above the national average of 100 with a score of 100.5.

Standard food costs, including grocery shopping and dining out, amount to about 11% of your entire income. This translates to setting aside $605/month for food for an individual making an annual net income of $50,000.

While there are many restaurants in town, Medford isn’t exactly known for its exciting cuisine. However, one culinary achievement Medford can lay claim to is that it produces some of the world’s best blue cheese.

Average Prices of Grocery Items in Medford, Oregon

1 Loaf of Bread$2.63
1 Gallon of Milk (reg)$3.47
1 Dozen Eggs $2.70
1 lb Chicken Fillets$5.23
1 lb Apples$2.72
1 lb Potatoes$1.68
1 lb Local Cheese$6.67
1 lb Bananas$.65
1 Head of Lettuce$2.08
1 lb Tomatoes$2.57
1 lb Oranges$2.44
1 lb Beef Round (or similar cut)$7.88
1 Bottle of Coca Cola (11 fl. oz)$2.83
1 Bottle Domestic Beer (.5 liter)$3.88
1 Regular Cappuccino$4.08
1 Bottle of Water (12 oz)$1.97
1 Bottle Mid-Range Wine$12.50
Fast Food Combo Meal$8.25
Lunch at a Decent Diner$12.00
Dinner For 2, Mid-Range Restaurant$65.00

Transportation Costs In Medford Oregon

Despite being one of the bigger cities in Southern Oregon, Medford does not have too many public transportation options.

Buses, taxis, and rental cars share the roads with private two and four-wheeled vehicles. Medford boasts its share of excellent bike trails should you be an avid biker looking for new roads to conquer.

Cost of Transportation in Medford, Oregon

Transportation TypePrice
City Bus (single-ride)$2.00
City Bus (1-day pass)$6.00
City Bus (20-ride pass)$32.00
City Bus (1-month pass)$56.00
Taxi Start (normal tariff) $2.77
Taxi 1 Mile (normal tariff)$1.50

Cost Of Car Insurance For Medford

Car insurance is higher than most due to minimum state requirements, including personal injury protection and uninsured motorist coverage. Expect to pay around $1,400 a year for full-coverage vehicular insurance or $660 for the bare minimum.

One thing to note when driving is that you must carry chains in the vehicle during the winter season. You must have chains in Oregon and posted “SNOW ZONE” signs alert drivers to know when to use them.

Medford Oregon Cost Of Education

There are a total of 40 public and private pre-K, elementary, grade, and high schools in Medford, Oregon. The average private school tuition is $8,322 for elementary and $12,161 for high schools. Grace Cascade Christian School in Medford ranks 14th in a list of top 20 schools in the state.

The average college tuition in Oregon is $7,262 for in-state students and $15,693 for out-of-state students. Reed College in bigger, busier Portland commands the highest tuition fee at an average of $58,440/student.

Also in Portland is the University of Western States, considered the cheapest tuition in Oregon, costing only $9,449/student.

There are several niche community colleges in Medford geared explicitly towards beauty and trade. Venture out towards neighboring Ashland and Klamath Falls to choose from a broader selection of schools and courses.

Childcare Costs In Medford

The average cost of childcare in the country ranges from $9,100-$9,600 per year. In Medford and elsewhere in the state, this expense shoots up to a staggering $12,000 a year.

There is much more demand for good quality, affordable child care in Oregon than there is a supply for it.

Entertainment Costs In Medford

If outdoor activity is what you are looking for, Medford has it in spades. Boating, river rafting, hiking, and biking are all activities you can avail of in this valley city.

If you lean towards just a leisurely, meandering stroll, the city offers various food and wine tours.

Here is a list of the top outdoor attractions in Medford.

Popular Medford Attractions & How Much They Cost

Rogue RiverFree
Upper and Lower Table RockFree
DANCIN VineyardFree
Natural Bridge LoopFree
Medford Railroad ParkFree
Diamond LakeFree
2Hawk Vineyard and WineryFree
Applegate LakeFree
EdenVale WineryFree
Harry & David Tour $5.00

There is rarely an entrance fee to go hiking and swimming in many of Medford’s nature parks. However, you will find different outfits offering guided tours of all sorts for a fee.

For the privately-owned establishments on the list, one may visit just to sightsee, but reservations and tours are highly encouraged.

Related Questions

Is it safe to live in Medford?

The chances of a Medford resident being a victim of property or violent crime is one in 18. With a crime rate of 56 per 1,000 residents, Medford has one of the country’s highest crime rates. Compared to New York City’s rate of 21 per 1,000 residents, Medford is not considered a safe city. One factor in the city’s rising crime rates is the startling increase of downtown homeless encampments and illegal drug usage.  A slow but steady trickling of old-time Medford families has uprooted themselves for safer cities like Newberg-Dundee and West Linn.

Is Medford an integrated city?

In a small city of about 80,000 residents, 77.9% are white.  Hispanics come in second with about 14% of the population, and blacks make up less than 1%.  Asians, Native Americans,  residents of mixed race, and others comprise the remaining 8%. 

What is the climate in Medford?

Medford gets an annual rainfall of 23 inches compared to the US average of 38 inches per year. Residents enjoy an average of 195 sunny days in a year, with about 3 inches of snowfall during the winter months. The summers are mild, with an average high of 90°F.  

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Summing It Up

You could sum up Medford as a small city with big ambitions. Despite the societal woes this little big town deals with, Medford residents know that they have a good thing going. Abounding in natural beauty, stubborn grit, and perseverance, it would not be hard to make Medford home.

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