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The chandelier could be the show-stopping centerpiece you’ve been looking for. Chandeliers instantly elevate any kind of room décor. They are functional pieces of elegant artistry. Adding a chandelier can
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The chandelier could be the show-stopping centerpiece you’ve been looking for. Chandeliers instantly elevate any kind of room décor. They are functional pieces of elegant artistry.

Adding a chandelier can turn out to be a great move, but you cannot lose sight of everything it entails. Maintenance in particular is something you have to prepare for if you’re planning to purchase a chandelier. Installing a chandelier lift can make things significantly easier for you.

The chandelier lift kit itself is probably going to cost you about $800 to $1,030. The price will ultimately depend on how much weight you need the lift kit to support. Meanwhile, you’ll probably have to pay in the range of $180 to $270 for the installation itself.

Chandeliers don’t have to be annoying additions to your home. Make them easier to maintain and manage by installing a chandelier lift. Find out more about those chandelier lifts by reading on.

Average Cost to Install a Chandelier Lift

Item or Service NeededPrice Range
Chandelier Lift$800 to $1,030
Chandelier Lift Controller$150 to $160
Labor Cost$180 to $270

Where Can You Buy a Chandelier Lift?

Chandelier lifts aren’t exactly common items. Not everyone has a chandelier installed at home and even fewer people have chandelier lifts. That can make finding the item you need somewhat difficult.

Your best bet is probably to look for electric installers in your area and inquire about chandelier lifts. Some of those services already have the chandelier lifts on hand. Go ahead and buy one from them if you’re having a tough time finding the item you need in stores.

Alternatively, you can also search for chandelier lifts online. Some e-commerce sites do have those chandelier lifts in stock. Most of the chandelier lifts you’ll stumble upon online are likely made by Aladdin. They are the brand best known for manufacturing this particular type of product so that’s not surprising.

Cost of a Chandelier Lift

How much will you have to pay for a new chandelier lift? Get your wallet ready because it won’t be cheap.

Chandelier Lift CapacityCost
200-Pound Standard Mount Chandelier Lift$800
300-Pound Standard Mount Chandelier Lift$900
200-Pound Remote Mount Chandelier Lift$930
300-Pound Remote Mount Chandelier Lift$1,030

Price points for chandeliers can be quite varied. If you’re looking for a smaller fixture, you can expect it to cost around $200 to $300. The larger fixtures are going to cost way more. They often cost thousands of dollars.

You’re already making a big investment if you just want the chandelier. Prepare to invest more if you want the chandelier lift too.

Even on the low-end, you may have to spend $800 to get the lift that can pair with your large chandelier. Chandelier lifts often aren’t priced lower than that. Folks who need a higher capacity chandelier lift or one with special features will have to pay closer to $1,030.

How to Choose a Chandelier Lift

Given how expensive chandelier lifts can be, you cannot afford to purchase the wrong item. It’s important to take the time and carefully select the chandelier lift that works best inside your home. Take note of the factors detailed below so you can pick up the right chandelier lift.


By far the most important factor to consider when shopping for a chandelier lift is its capacity. If the lift you purchased lacks the capacity to carry your chandelier, then you just wasted hundreds of dollars.

Check and double-check the weight rating of your chandelier before purchasing any lift. Ask the retailer as well if their product can easily support your light fixture. They can point you in the direction of the appliance you need after telling them what size your chandelier is.

It is also worth noting here that some chandelier lifts have capacity ratings of 700 or even 1,000 pounds. Super high-capacity chandelier lifts like those usually aren’t needed in residential settings. Even if you’re eyeing a large chandelier, a 200 or 300-pound lift will suffice.

Mounting Style

Chandelier lifts can vary in terms of how they are supposed to be installed. You must pay attention to that to ensure that the appliance you’re getting works inside your home.

Standard chandelier lifts have to be mounted directly over the light fixture. That’s why installers need to have attic space to finish the job.

Does that mean that you cannot install a chandelier lift without an accessible attic? Thankfully, that is not the case. You can also purchase a remote lift and have that provide support for your chandelier. Remote mounted lifts are great because they don’t have to be located right above the chandelier. You can install the lift in a different spot and still have it provide the support the fixture requires.

Standard lifts are cheaper at $800 to $900. Still, paying $930 to $1,030 for a remote lift is not a bad deal.

Residential or Commercial

While browsing through the selection of chandelier lifts, you may find residential and commercial models. So, how do they differ from one another?

The key difference between those two aforementioned options is durability. Commercial models are designed to be more durable because they have to be used more often. They are better equipped to handle wear and tear.

That added durability comes at a cost of $60 being added to the price tag. Homeowners don’t really need to get the commercial model. If they have the money for it though, they are getting a more durable item.

Is a Chandelier Lift Worth It?

Do you really need to purchase a chandelier lift? It’s a fair question to ask at this point. To help you make your decision, we’ve highlighted some of the top benefits of owning a chandelier lift below.

Easier Maintenance and Repair

The biggest benefit of installing a chandelier lift is the convenience it provides. Ordinarily, if a light bulb on the chandelier needs to be changed or it needs cleaning, it becomes a whole ordeal. Repairing the chandelier is an even bigger inconvenience.

You will probably have to use some of your free time for chandelier maintenance. Maintenance can take a while too. That’s especially true if your chandelier is installed in a hard-to-reach spot. Even if you’re hiring someone to handle the chandelier maintenance or repair, that can still be a hassle. You’ll have to free up your schedule for when they drop by. On top of that, you cannot control how quickly they get to your home or finish the job.

It’s simply more convenient to lower the chandelier, clean it, and then set it back into position. That’s the kind of convenience worth paying a premium for.


Installing a lift allows you to safely clean and/or repair your chandelier. Cleaning or repairing a chandelier without a lift can be risky for two main reasons.

First off, working from the top of a ladder is always risky. Make one wrong move and you could tumble down or slip off the ladder. Get rid of that risk by lowering the chandelier closer to ground level.

Some lifts will also eliminate the risk of electrocution after you engage them. They will automatically cut off the power to the chandelier as it’s lowered to the ground. Feel free to apply repairs or clean the chandelier without fearing injury.

Lower Long-Term Cost

Homeowners can also save money by installing a chandelier lift. Expenses related to maintaining the chandelier can really pile up. Even though the chandelier lift costs more upfront, it will likely end up saving you money long-term.

Customized Placement

One more benefit of installing a lift is that it enables you to more precisely control where the chandelier is set. Tinker with the lift until you finally get the chandelier set at the right height.

The lift is also designed to evenly distribute the weight of the chandelier. It will prevent the chandelier from tilting to any one side after it has been set.

Cost of Chandelier Lift Accessories

Chandelier Lift Controller$160
Sloped Ceiling Adaptor$100

There are also accessories that homeowners can purchase for their chandelier lifts. The aforementioned accessories can make the chandelier lift compatible with your home.

The sloped ceiling adaptor is a must-have accessory if your roof is not compatible with the lift right away. It’s a bit pricey at $100 but purchasing it may be necessary to complete the installation of the lift.

Lift controllers are also made available to homeowners. You will need this accessory if the original controller included with your lift is malfunctioning. Maintain control over the placement of your chandelier by purchasing this accessory for $160.

Labor Cost of Installing the Chandelier Lift

Labor CostsHourly Rate
Low-End Estimate$60
Mid-Range Estimate$80
High-End Estimate$90

Homeowners don’t have to look far for professionals who can install their chandelier lift. A handyman who has experience with electric appliances or an electric installer will do. The hourly rate for a professional installer usually goes from $60 all the way up to $90.

Installing a chandelier lift can be a complex task. Don’t be surprised if it takes two to three hours to finish the job. That means you’ll likely be paying around $180 to $270.

The layout of your home and the current condition of your wiring could also make the project more challenging. Some installers may need closer to four hours to finish the installation.

Your expenses may also rise if the installers have to bring their own materials. For instance, they may charge you extra if they have to supply their own wiring. Notably, some installers won’t work for an hourly rate. Instead, they will negotiate a price with you upfront and you can decide if it works for you.

When it comes to projects such as this, it’s best to invite the installer over before getting started. Give them a chance to look over the spot where you want the chandelier lift installed. They should be able to give you an estimate on how much it will cost and you can go from there.

Labor Cost of Repairing and/or Maintaining the Chandelier

We noted earlier that expenses can start piling up if you regularly bring someone in to work on the chandelier. Let’s talk more about how much those services typically cost.

Routine maintenance is obviously going to be less expensive. If you just want the chandelier cleaned, the job may cost about $120 at most.

Other maintenance tasks involve replacing some light bulbs. The job itself will probably take the same amount of time. However, you may have to pay extra if you don’t have any replacement bulbs on hand.

Repairing the chandelier is likely going to cost more money. You may see some flickering bulbs or ones that don’t light up even though they were replaced recently. Wiring issues may be affecting the chandelier at that point.

Depending on the severity of the issue, you may have to pay up to $600 to get the chandelier repaired. You may have to pay extra again if the handyman has to provide their own repair materials.

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What Qualities Should You Look for in a Professional Installer?

You don’t want to entrust the complicated task of installing a chandelier lift to just anyone. Finding the right installer is going to be crucial.Start your search by looking up experienced installers in your area. Ask them about their experience working with chandelier lifts and see what previous clients have to say about them. Limiting your search to your area can also lower the cost of installation. Still, if you cannot find a reputable professional in your neighborhood, don’t be afraid to expand the search.Looking for installers who carry insurance is also a good idea. Accidents can happen during installation projects. Protect your home by working with an insured professional.

How Much Room in the Attic Will Be Needed to Install the Chandelier Lift?

Most standard-mounted chandelier lifts require about three feet of vertical space to be installed properly. Make sure you have that kind of space available in your attic before making a purchase. If you don’t have the right amount of space, going with the remote-mounted lift is your only option.

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