How Much Does A Stair Lift Cost? – [2022 Installation Rates]

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Multi-level homes can present challenges if you have trouble or are unable to get up and down the stairs. Builders and homeowners sometimes need to make adjustments to ensure that anyone can comfortably live there. A common household accessibility addition is a stairlift, and many homeowners wonder just how much they cost.

The average cost to install a stairlift is $8,500, and straight stairlifts generally cost $4,000. Curved staircase installation costs at least $8,000 indoors, and they can exceed $14,000 outside. Labor costs average $1,000, and it generally takes 4 hours to install a stairlift indoors. You can expect to pay $35 for a stairlift battery or replacement.

The total cost of a stair lift is determined by its features and the staircase conditions. Staircases with a rail that curves make installation tricky and more expensive.

Let’s take a look at what goes into the cost of installing a stair lift.

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How Much Does a Stair Lift Cost?

Stair lifts cost $2,000-$15,000 to install. In most cases, professionals use pre-cut rails based on the dimensions of the staircase, and installation is easy. However, things are not so simple when it comes to curved staircases.

The biggest cost factor for stair lifts is what kind of staircase it is. You can find straight, curved, or outdoor stair lifts, and they vary in cost.

If you have weight requirements beyond the maximum standard for most stair lifts, it’ll cost you more. Stair lifts with heavier weight capacities generally start at $3,500 and go up from there.

Straight Stair Lift Cost

Straight stair lifts are the cheaper of the two options. For the most part, straight stair lifts cost between $2,000 and $6,000. Cheaper stair lifts are solely functional, but stair lifts between $4,000 and $6,000 may be customized and more durable.

Some homeowners choose to buy or rent used stair lifts. A high-quality stair lift can last for 10 years. If you buy a used straight stair lift with only a few years on it, you could get another 5-7 years out of it. Used straight stair lifts are easy to find, and cost $1,000-$3,000.

Curved Stair Lift Cost

Installing curved stair lifts is trickier, and that is why it is more costly. Curved stair lifts usually cost between $8,000 and $15,000. The models of stair lifts meant for curved staircases are more expensive due to their flexibility.

Curved stair lifts are designed to be flexible with the shape of your staircase. In other words, the seat and machinery can be supported and functional no matter what the rail design is.

You can’t use a straight stair lift rail for a curved staircase, and a custom rail must be made. Unfortunately, the average cost of curved stair lifts is $10,000-$12,000, but simple staircases are closer to $8,000-$9,000.

Outdoor Stair Lift

Outdoor stair lifts are necessary for many homeowners exterior staircases. Often times, outdoor staircases are straight and only 12 steps. Straight outdoor stair lifts cost $3,000-$7,000 and curved outdoor stair lifts cost $13,200-$15,000.

The cost of outdoor stair lifts includes a weatherproof cover for both straight and curved lifts. Outdoor stair lifts are specifically designed for withstanding elemental exposure, but you should still protect them from rain and snow.

Type Of Stair LiftCost
Straight Stair Lift$2,000-$6,000
Curved Stair Lift$8,000-$15,000
Outdoor Straight Stair Lift$3,000-$7,000
Outdoor Curved Stair Lift$13,200-$15,000

Cost To Rent a Stair Lift

Buying a stair lift is a big investment, and because of that, some homeowners choose to rent one. Many stair lift services and manufacturers offer rental plans. Each service varies, but many of them charge $200-$600 a month.

Most stair lift services offer month-to-month rental plans, but some are stricter. Depending on the service, you may be required to rent in 3-month increments.

In that case, even if you only needed the lift for one month, you’d still be out $600-$1,800. Consider how long you think you’ll need to rent a stair lift. Renting a stair lift for 5-7 months can cost as much as $3,500, the cost of a straight stair lift.

Stair Lift Cost Factors

Besides the type of stair lift that you need, there are other factors involved in the cost. The $2,000-$15,000 spectrum is wide, and several factors determine which end your money will wind up.


Do you want a basic stair lift, or one with extra features? A common extra feature for stair lifts is a swiveling chair, and it is common in higher-end stair lifts stair lifts closer to $4,000 often.

Lifts within that range also often feature an extra supportive seat. If you want a fully custom stair lift with colors and rails to match your walls, it will cost $7,000 minimum in most cases.

Staircase Layout

You already know that curved stair lifts are more expensive, but the layout can add even more to the bill. The more landings and sharp curves a staircase has, the more complex the stair lift is.

In fact, that is the reason that the $8,000-$15,000 range for curved staircases is so wide. If your staircase is particularly curved, it can limit your options for stair lift models. If you have a curved staircase, you can only buy a stair lift that is customizable.

Size Of Staircase

Most straight staircases have 12 stairs. That is considered standard and is reflected by lower-cost, $2,000-$4,000 stair lifts. Bigger staircases with 14-16 or more stairs are often on the higher end and start closer to $3,000.

The increase in cost for larger staircases is due to the demand for more railing. Often times, larger staircases require special models, and that can be somewhat limiting in choices.

Stair Lift Installation

Installation is sometimes included in the total stair lift cost upon purchase, but not always. If you buy the stair lift directly from a service or manufacturer, installation is often a part of the pricing.

However, if the installation cost is not included with the stair lift, you may have to spend another $1,000. Installing a stair lift only takes between 3 and 5 hours, but the hourly rate of the professionals adds up.

Ceiling Height

This one is less of a cost factor and more of a safety factor. However, ceiling height can save you money in that it can prevent you from getting a stair lift. That is because you cannot install a stair lift if the ceiling is too low.

“Too low” is defined as low enough that the person on the lift would hit their head on the ceiling. A professional will not install a chair lift if the ceiling is too close to the top of the stairs.

Related Questions

How long does a stair lift battery last?

Stair lift batteries can last up to 5 years. Some stair lift batteries may die after 2-3 years of heavy use. You can find replacement stair lift batteries for $30-$40, and most stair lift manufacturers make their own replacements.

How fast do stair lifts go?

Typically, stair lifts go roughly 0.3 miles per hour. There are regulations in place for stair lift speeds for safety reasons. It is considered unsafe and not recommended to modify a stair lift to make it go faster than intended.

Can you remove a stair lift?

Yes, you can, but removing a stair lift is complicated. It is recommended that you contact the service that installed it in the first place to remove the stair lift. If you rent a stair lift, removal is often part of the agreement, but if you own one, check if the service has a “buy-back” plan where they’ll remove it for you.

Do You Need an Elevator or Stairlift Installation or Replacement?

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What Did We Learn?

Stair lifts range in cost from $2,000-$15,000. Simple, straight stair lifts cost $2,000-$6,000 and curved lifts cost $8,000-$15,000. You can rent stair lifts month-to-month, and in 3 month plans for $200-$600 or less.

If you can find a used stair lift and it only has a few years of use, buy it. Stair lifts can last for 10 years and cost between $1,000 and $3,000. You’ll need to spend $30-$40 between every 3 and 5 years when your battery dies.

You will have to spend a minimum of $4,000 if you want a custom stair lift with colors to match your home. Other customizations like swivel features, higher weight capacity, and special cushions also add to the cost.

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