Can You Put Artificial Grass On Concrete? (Find Out Now!)

Matthew Mountain
by Matthew Mountain

There are many reasons why you may want to use artificial grass on your property. It is a low-maintenance way to keep your lawn looking great all year round, and with it you won’t have to deal with any upkeep costs. In many cases, artificial grass is used to replace natural lawns, but it is also possible to use artificial grass over old patios or unused driveways to create new and beautiful spaces.

Yes, you can put artificial grass on concrete. You can choose to hire a professional to install your new turf over concrete, or you could easily install artificial grass yourself. It is important to consider why you want artificial grass, where you want to install it, and whether artificial grass can make your property more valuable.

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Benefits of Installing Artificial Grass on Concrete

There are many benefits associated with installing artificial grass over a concrete space. Consider the following if you’re thinking about installing artificial grass on your property.

Artificial Grass Looks Beautiful

What image better depicts the American dream than a lovely home bordered by luscious green grass and a white picket fence. Artificial grass looks like a well-cared for lawn that has been tended to by someone who cares about the appearance of their home. The secret, however, is that artificial grass requires minimal maintenance to keep looking vibrant and pristine.

Artificial Grass Is Low Maintenance

Compared to real grass, artificial grass requires much less effort to maintain. With artificial grass, there is no need to water or fertilize your lawn. There will also never be a need to use harmful pesticides to kill weeds, as there is no real grass for weeds to grow on.

No need to mow an artificial lawn either, and your neighbors will surely thank you for never using a noisy lawn mower. Consider Sunday mornings yours again.

Artificial Grass Is Safer Than Concrete

Concrete is a hard surface that is not suitable for most outdoor activities. Artificial grass is much softer, and kids can play and tumble on it without fear of scraping their knees or hurting their heads. Falling down on concrete is not forgiving, but artificial grass is safer and more fun.

Concrete is also slippery when wet. If you live in an area where it rains a lot, artificial grass could be safer to walk on, as it offers more traction under your feet.

If you live somewhere that experiences high temperatures, you already know that concrete gets extremely hot in the sun. Artificial grass remains at a cooler temperature even during a heat wave. This means you can let your dogs or children play outside without worrying that they will burn their feet in the heat.

Artificial Grass Costs Less Than Real Grass

Installing artificial grass, at first glance, looks more expensive than installing real grass. At the most basic level, all that natural grass requires to grow is dirt and grass seed. However, much more than that is needed for natural grass to be maintained well.

If you are renovating a concrete area, chances are that you will have to rip up the concrete layer in order to get to the soil beneath. This will take time and professional help, as well as professional prices. Artificial grass can be installed over concrete, meaning a lot less work (and money) to install in the first place.

Natural grass needs to be watered frequently during the summer months, and if you don’t want to be outside with a hose every day, you’ll need to install a sprinkler system. Between the installation cost of the sprinklers and the cost of water, we can already see a huge cost difference between natural and artificial lawns.

More Costs

Natural grass also needs to be maintained with fertilizer and weed killer regularly, or else you risk your lawn turning yellow and patchy. Some people may hire a landscaper to ensure that this is done properly, which increases costs even more dramatically.

Finally, artificial grass does not need to be tended to with machines. This means you never need to buy a lawn mower or weed whacker, nor do you need to perform upkeep or buy gasoline for these machines.

Over the long term, artificial grass has less costs associated with it. Simply pay for the grass in the first place and that’s it!

What to Consider Before Installing Artificial Grass on Concrete

There are a few things you may want to consider before you begin installing artificial grass. It is important to consider how installation will go, and you should also know in advance whether or not owning an artificial grass lawn is right for you.

Whether to Hire a Professional or Install on Your Own

If you’re someone who’s looking for a challenge, likes to work outdoors, or wants to try something new, installing your own artificial grass could be for you. Installing artificial grass over concrete is a good task for beginners who are looking to enter home improvement DIY. Just make sure you read instructions for installation carefully and ensure you have the proper tools before committing to the project.

If you want your space improved without having to do the work yourself, it is also easy to hire a professional.

Can Artificial Grass Improve My Property Value?

Yes! Artificial grass increases curb appeal, which is often the first place to start when trying to increase your home equity. A tidy lawn makes an excellent first impression on a buyer.

Homebuyers frequently want spaces that are child- and pet-friendly. Artificial grass makes your property more appealing to buyers, even if those qualities are not important to you.

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Final Note

Artificial grass can be a beautiful, low-cost addition to your space that is easy to maintain. If you have a concrete area on your property that could use sprucing up, or a play area that needs to be safer for kids and pets, consider installing artificial grass to add value and beauty to your property.

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