Can You Put A Pool Liner On Wet Sand? (Find Out Now!)

Tiffany Nichols
by Tiffany Nichols

Building a pool can be challenging. And some properties aren’t fit for pool installation. So, can you put a pool liner on wet sand, or is it too risky? Here is everything you need to know.

You can put a new pool liner on wet sand if the sand isn’t too slushy. It’s actually better to place large pools on the sandy ground because sand compacts more easily than dirt. But always read your pool’s installation instructions first.

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Can I Put My Pool on Sand or Not?

Because sand acts as a buffer between your pool liner and the ground, it’s a good idea to use some during installation. However, you shouldn’t use sand to level the ground because it can shift over time. Plus, sand compacts under the weight of your pool, which can cause an imbalance as well.

Also, never put sand under the track. Always place it inside the pool track instead. That’s because your pool can settle or sink if you set the track on shifting sand. And then that can reduce the lifespan of your oasis, even if you maintain it correctly otherwise.

Can You Put a Pool Liner in Over Wet Sand?

Try not to install your pool on cold or rainy days. If you do, expect a lot of balance problems when the weather warms or dries. Filling your pool while the sand underneath is wet can be risky. Not only does sand compact over time, but it can also settle even more as it dries. So, you’ll have no clear idea of how your pool will sit if you install it on saturated granules.

TIP: You can use a sand calculator to determine how much you need for each project.

What Is the Best Thing to Put Under a Pool?

You’ll want to use heavy-duty materials under your pool. Meanwhile, make sure they’re also breathable. And choose an underlayment that wicks moisture away while helping control the temperature. Here are a few feasible choices:

  • Concrete
  • Sand and Tarp Combo
  • Solid Foam
  • Commercial Pads
  • Flooring Underlayment
  • Carpet Padding

In some cases, the best thing to put under an above-ground swimming pool is a Gorilla Pad or Armor Shield. Both options keep bugs at bay as well, which further protects your investment. Some bugs can crawl through sand and pierce the liner of your pool. Plus, a good liner can also prevent damage from floodwaters.

DID YOU KNOW: If you find a hole in your pool liner, you might have to drain the basin and refill it after repairs.

Do I Need a Specific Filter If I Put My Pool on Sand?

You might need a sand filter if you install a pool on sandy ground. However, your sand filter must match the size and shape of the pool. As a general rule, pick a sand filter that’s durable and hardworking. The ideal model should filter one square foot per 10,000 gallons of water every hour or so.

Remember, maintaining a private pool is no easy task. But the main things that keep your oasis safe are the filter and pump. Both are costly repairs. So, never neglect them, and don’t forget to clean your filter a few times each season.

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Related Questions

What Can I Do with Old Pool Filter Sand?

If your pool filter keeps clogging, it might be time for a clean. But then you have to get rid of old pool filter sand afterward. The good news is that it’s not all waste. So, don’t throw yours in the trash. Use it for your garden or some creative projects instead.

What Sand Is Best for Leveling a Pool?

Use concrete sand for best results when installing a pool on anything other than concrete or commercial pads. However, be aware that concrete sand consists of large granules. So, you run the risk of encountering voids in the ground around your base.

Swim on Safe Ground

Rule number one is never put your pool on unstable surfaces. So, use sand and a tarp if you don’t have concrete slabs or commercial pads.

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