Can You Put A Liner Around A Gunite Pool? (Find Out Now!)

Ossiana Tepfenhart
by Ossiana Tepfenhart

Gunite is a pool material that is pretty notable. It’s a concrete pool wall material that is famous for durability. Sadly, it’s also known for being a bit rough on skin. That’s why some people want to switch from gunite to vinyl pool times. The most obvious way to make the switch would be to add a liner around a gunite pool. But, is that even a potential option?

While it is sometimes possible to put a liner around a gunite pool, it’s not always doable. You may not be able to find a liner that fits. If you find a liner, you will also need to add a pad around the liner to ensure that the liner won’t rip. Even with padding, there is a chance that the rough texture of gunite may cause your liner to rip.

Though gunite has a reputation for being a luxury pool choice, there are plenty of reasons why people tend to switch from gunite to vinyl.

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Is Putting Vinyl Around Your Gunite Pool Always Doable?

One of the more common reasons for people to ask for gunite is because they don’t always have liners in specific sizes and shapes. Vinyl liners have to be premade in order to be used in a pool. If your pool was made in a funky shape, then you will need to stick to gunite simply because there won’t be a liner available for you.

What Are The Risks Of Adding A Vinyl Liner To A Gunite Pool?

Gunite pools do not work well with vinyl lining in general. Even with padding, there is a very serious chance of your pool looking odd with it. Vinyl placed over gunite will be prone to tearing, even with a liner. Even if it doesn’t catch on something due to the gunite, most people anecdotally report a shorter lifespan of the liner.

Is This A DIY Project?

Here’s the thing about adding a liner to a gunite pool: it really shouldn’t be a DIY project. You need your liner to be professionally installed. Otherwise:

  • You may get leaks. Gunite material may end up scraping a corner of the pool. Or, if you are really unlucky, the pool liner may tear along the walls.
  • The padding may make the liner too big for the pool. You may need to have special measurements and precautions taken if you have an extra coarse type of gunite finish. A professional will be able to figure out if this is a good idea.
  • The vinyl liner may become prone to wrinkles and falling off-track. This can turn into a major hassle with plenty of phone calls to your local pool liner company and pool techs.

How To Add A Vinyl Liner To A Gunite Pool

Vinyl liners are great, but they are not going to be the best choice. If you want to make sure that you get your gunite lined well, use these tips below:

  • Call a professional pool company that has experience lining gunite pools. If they don’t have experience, they are not going to be able to do this job well.
  • Have a professional take a look at the pool beforehand to see if it’s feasible. Like I said before, it’s not always going to be a doable thing. Having a “sanity check” is vital to knowing what you can and cannot do.
  • Choose a high-quality pad for your liner. A good pad for a liner is worth its weight in gold, as they say. The right padding can help cushion the liner from damage that would happen from gunite’s rough surface. It’ll also stay in place better and give your liner a better way to stay cradled as the pool gets water added into it.
  • Consider doing a full remodel of your pool instead. Putting a liner over a gunite pool is the minimal solution for a person who wants to go from gunite to vinyl. The best way to do it is to remove the gunite shell and to have a full redo of your pool. This ensures that you will have the best possible results.

How Much Does Adding A Liner To A Gunite Pool Cost?

Though the price can vary from pool to pool, it’s safe to say that this will be pricier than replacing a vinyl pool liner in a typical pool. Most homes will have to pay between $3,500 to $5,500 to get their gunite pools lined. The average across the country, though, is $4,000.

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Related Questions

How long does a gunite pool last?

One of the reasons we do not suggest getting a liner for a gunite pool is because gunite itself is super long-lasting. You can expect your gunite pool to last for as long as 100 years with regular maintenance and repairs. This makes it the most durable material for a pool shell on the market—at least, when it comes to mainstream pools.

Why is there a shortage of pool liners in 2022?

There are several reasons why there are pool liner shortages across the nation. The first deals with broken supply chains and a lack of manufacturers during the pandemic. However, this is not the only reason why. During the major ice storm in Texas, many pool owners were not able to protect their pools. This, in turn, damaged their liners significantly.With more than an entire state’s pools damaged, the price of pool repair supplies skyrocketed. This includes pool liners. Until suppliers can improve their ability to keep up with the demand, the shortage will continue to happen.

Are thinner pool liners safe?

While thin pool liners are safe, the truth is that they are not the best choice for a pool. They are more prone to punctures, stains, bumps, and tears than thicker liners. The only real perk a thinner liner offers is the fact that they will naturally have fewer dangerous resins and chemicals. So, if you are worried about being surrounded by plastics, getting a thinner liner might possibly make sense.

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