Can You Keep A Treadmill In The Garage? (Find Out Now!)

Jennifer Eggerton
by Jennifer Eggerton

You want to exercise and take care of your body. That’s excellent. Unfortunately, small spaces and exercise equipment rarely go well together. As you consider viable solutions, the garage seems like the perfect place for your treadmill, but is it really?

Garages aren’t ideal for treadmills due to temperature, humidity, pests, space, cleanliness, air quality, risk of damage, and warranty coverage. Use a mat, clean the machine regularly, keep it level, and use a waterproof cover.

Treadmills are designed for use any time of year, and the garage is certainly convenient. Let’s look at what you need to consider before committing to this solution.

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Can You Keep a Treadmill in the Garage?

There are 8 things to consider when you want to put your treadmill in the garage – temperature, size, humidity, cleanliness, air quality, and risk of damage.


Check the manufacturer’s instructions to find specifications about the best conditions for your treadmill. Treadmills have electronics and mechanical components that operate best within a specific temperature range. Typically, this is between 50° F to 105° F. If you live in a climate where temperatures go below freezing in the winter, the treadmill won’t work properly. You’ll need to have a way to bring it up to 68° F to 72° F for 3 hours before using it. A space heater may be useful.

During the summer, your garage averages 20° F warmer than the outside temperatures. When the outdoor temperatures are 85° F or higher, it’s too hot in your garage for your treadmill. You’ll need to bring the temperature down to at least the top end of the manufacturer’s temperature range. A portable AC unit or fan may help.

Temperature also affects your experience while using the treadmill. Do you really want to exercise in a freezing cold or sweltering environment? This might be enough for you to lose motivation to exercise. Consider insulating the garage if it’s the only place for your treadmill.


The average residential garage is 22’ feet deep and 12’ wide. Other common garage sizes for homes are 22’ deep by 14’ wide and 24’ deep by 16’ wide.

Good treadmills measure 6.5’ long, 3’ wide, and 5’ tall. You’ll definitely have plenty of room for your treadmill if there is little to nothing else in your garage. Make sure to leave at least 2’ on each side of the treadmill. If you have a garage that is on the smaller side, you’ll need to back out your car and position the treadmill. Make sure it’s close to an outlet.


Humidity is bad for treadmills and any other items that have electronics and metal parts. The moisture in the air collects on the treadmill, and it’s surprising how much water gets inside equipment. The moisture causes corrosion. It also binds dirt and dust that mix with lubricants, and you have a gunky mess on your hands. Water also interferes with electrical conductivity, so the electronics may not work properly.


Your garage is a messy place, even if you keep it clean on a regular basis. Garages are not sealed from the elements like your home. The air contains dust, dirt, and debris. It is also where you have oil, gasoline, and other substances that will wreak havoc on your treadmill.

Air Quality

Garages are designed to store cars, and cars emit fumes. So do other substances that are stored in garages, such as paint thinner and gasoline. When you use your treadmill in the garage, you are likely breathing in fumes.


Pests love garages, and they will love your treadmill, too. It is the perfect place to nest, hide from predators, and enjoy a nice snack.

Risk of Damage

Cars, sporting equipment, tools, holiday decorations, and so many other items are stored in your garage. Every one of them represents potential damage to your treadmill. One simple accident can destroy the equipment.

Warranty Coverage

The manufacturer warranty requires you to use the treadmill as designed. Additionally, you are required to follow all instructions, including where you have the treadmill. Keeping your treadmill in the garage may void the warranty.

Tips for Using a Treadmill in Your Garage

After reading all the considerations, if you still want to put your treadmill in the garage, here are some tips.

  • Put a mat under the treadmill
  • Keep it out of direct sunlight
  • Make sure the treadmill is level
  • Clean your treadmill after each use or, at a minimum, each week
  • Clean the belt, handgrips, and control panel with soap and water every 1 to 4 weeks
  • Use compressed air 1 time each week to blow dust from the motor
  • Protect the treadmill with a waterproof cover

How to Improve Your Garage for Exercising

You can make some easy changes to your garage so it’s better for exercising. Control temperature with a portable AC unit, fans, space heaters, and insulation. Use a dehumidifier to prevent high moisture levels. An air purifier helps with dust, dirt, and debris. Have a pest control company check for any access points for insects and rodents. Back out your vehicle before exercising, and let the garage air out for 1 to 2 hours.

Space-Saving Treadmills

There are compact treadmills that save space and give you a good workout. If you’re short on space inside your home, consider a treadmill that folds. You can store it under the bed or in a closet. Another incredible trend that has evolved recently is desk treadmills. These are standing desks with treadmills. If you have a home office, this type of treadmill may be worth considering.

Do you need to remodel your garage?

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Related Questions

Is it legal to run a gym out of your garage?

Check with your local zoning authority and homeowner’s association. There may be restrictions about running a client-based business from your home. Make sure that you have liability insurance for the business.

Can you put a ceiling fan in a garage?

Yes. The air circulation helps to cool the space and improve air quality.


You can keep a treadmill in the garage. Consider size, climate control, air quality, warranty, pests, and other factors. You may need to do some updating to your garage, such as insulation and air purifiers. Take your time, and create a comfortable and clean place to exercise.

Jennifer Eggerton
Jennifer Eggerton

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