Can You Bleach Carpet To Change The Color? (Find Out Now!)

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There are plenty of reasons to have carpet in your home. For instance, in the winter months, it helps you to avoid needing to walk on cold floors. Carpet is also easier to clean than wood, vinyl, or tile floors. Along with that, it also helps to dampen sound. This, in turn, helps for multi-floor homes. In other cases, it is often an aesthetic decision.

What happens, then, when you no longer like the aesthetic of the carpet? Ripping up and replacing it may not be practical. Besides, oftentimes the carpet is still in good condition. You just want to change the colors for one reason or another. So, is there another way to change the color of your carpet?

The short answer is yes. You can actually take the color out of a carpet with bleach. However, you can only get white from a bleached carpet. If you want to make it another color you will need to use carpet dye.

What is Bleach?

Bleach is a chemical that comes in liquid and solid forms. However, most people associate it with the liquid form. Often referred to as liquid bleach, its chemical name is Sodium Hypochlorite. The majority of bleaches, both liquid and solid, are considered oxidizing agents, while the rest are reducing agents.

Oxidizing agents can be further broken down into two subsets. There are ones that contain chlorine and ones that don’t. Chlorine bleaches are what most people may have in their homes. Generally speaking, bleach is used as a cleaning product in homes. This is because of how effectively it kills bacteria and whitens surfaces. However, cleaning is far from its only applicable use.

Using Bleach to Color Carpet

One of those things that you can add bleach to is your carpet. If the carpet is already white, this means that bleach is a cleaning agent. In other words, it will remove stains. However, bleach can also be used to take the color out of the carpet.

The first thing to know before you bleach your carpet is what type of bleach to use. If you’re trying to change color, you don’t want something used in cleaning clothes. That won’t take the color out. Instead, you need to make sure to use chlorine bleach. This will lighten the carpet, eventually turning white. It might take doing more than once for full effect.

The second thing to know is that you will end up white, using chlorine bleach. There isn’t a way to use bleach to do anything but take color from the carpet.

How to Add Color to a Carpet

White is the only color you’re going to get out of bleaching a carpet. This means that if you do want to change the color, you’ll need to add it after bleaching it. The best way to do this is with a dye. The first thing to do is protect your walls. You don’t want the dye to get on the wall. So, using paper or tape you can keep things as neat as possible.

From there, you mix your dye. As a do-it-yourself project, it’s easiest to add the mix into a spray bottle. However, there are more professional tools to use to spray dye. You’ll then spray the dye onto the carpet. Do so in small areas of the carpet, using a brush to rub the dye as you go. Repeat as needed to get the color you desire.

Don’t walk over the carpet until it’s dry.

How to Bleach and Dye Carpet

Here is a step by step break down of how to bleach and dye carpet:

  • Protect your home and self by wearing gloves and using paper or tape to cover walls.
  • Use chlorine bleach to take the color out of the carpet.
  • Prepare your dye and add it to a spray bottle.
  • Spray a small section of the carpet, using a brush to rub the dye.
  • Repeat until the carpet is covered in the new color.
  • Let the carpet dry before using it.

Just like that, you’ve bleached your carpet and given it a new color. If white is the end goal for your carpet, simply stop after bleaching the carpet white.

Be Careful Using Bleach

It’s important to be careful when you use bleach. It’s a strong chemical, and on any bottle of household bleach, there will be a list of warnings. Take those seriously. It can cause irritation of the skin, even rashes in bad cases. If it gets in the eyes, it can be even worse.

Other than for your safety, you need to be careful to use bleach only as you’re intending to use it. In other words, bleach is permanent. If you get it where you don’t intend to, then you’re going to be dealing with the effects forever. For instance, when bleaching your carpet, you may spill bleach on your clothes. This will take the color out of them. In effect, this will ruin them.

It comes down to being careful when you use bleach. Make sure that you know where it’s going, and only use it as intended. Doing so will help you have the best results in your projects.

What to Know About Your Carpet

You also need to understand your carpet when trying to change its color. The bleach will take the color out of anything. So, if white is your end goal, no worries. However, if you’re going to dye the carpet, only two basic materials are dyeable, wool and nylon. You’ll need to make sure that your carpet is one of these materials before you bleach and dye it. After all, there are several other materials carpets can be made from . But, how do you know if your carpet is one of these two materials?

  • Wool-If you pull up some of the carpet, you can test it by burning it. If it burns slowly, leaving dark ash, then it’s wool.
  • Nylon-The same test for wool can be performed for nylon. In the case of nylon, however, the fibers will melt instead of burning.

Who Should Bleach Their Carpet?

So, it’s clear you can bleach your carpet to turn it white. Adding dye can turn it any color you’d like on top of that. But, what’s the situation to bleach your carpet in? It’s simple. Bleaching and dyeing your carpet is for anyone who wants to change the color of their carpet. They just don’t want to replace the carpet entirely.

Related Questions

Is bleach dangerous to use?

Bleach has the potential to be dangerous. That’s if it’s used irresponsibly. However, if used safely, there is no need to be concerned about using bleach.

Is it better to color or replace the carpet?

This depends on your carpet. Depending on the age and condition of your carpet, you may need to replace it. Oftentimes, though, simply coloring it gives it a great new aesthetic.

How do you change your carpet’s color?

There are a variety of dyes and styles you can color your carpet with. You’ll need to decide the type of dye and method of dying that’s best for you. Most hardware stores or carpet companies should have more information about this.

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