Can You Change The Ring Doorbell Sound Outside? (Find Out Now!)

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Ring’s surveillance doorbell is a nice system that gives us a sense of safety and watches over our houses even while we are gone. We can see what’s going at our front door from the Ring app on our phone. Still, one of the mysteries of this piece of technology is the ring tone of the outside doorbell. We hear it play outside, but can we customize the chime?

Unfortunately, there are currently no Ring Doorbell sound variations for the outside of your door. The outside doorbell sound is a pretty basic feature. It only allows you to adjust the volume between 100% and 0%. For those more ambitious about adding sound options to your outside Ring, you can consider installing a Ring Chime outside.

Let’s look at the options that you have for your Ring doorbell sound outside.

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Is it Possible to Change Ring Doorbell Outside?

It’s still a mystery to me as to why the Ring Doorbell rings outside, at all. It might make for some funny Ring videos, though, when people jump out of their skin after pressing the doorbell. However, if we are going to have this feature, it would be nice to be able to change up the sound a bit.

For example, the Ring app allows you to change the alert tone, the Ring Chime allows you to change the ring tone, but the outdoor Doorbell? Nothing. It has no interesting Ring tones.

Instead, you are left with two options. You can adjust the volume of the ring, or plug an inside Ring Chime into an outdoor outlet.

Turn Your Volume Down (or Off!)

If you don’t feel the need to scare the delivery guy out of his mind with a loud outside doorbell, you can adjust the volume on your outside doorbell. You can even turn it off altogether since the point of a doorbell is usually to alert those inside the house. (Seriously, why do we even have this option?)

How to Change Your Volume on Ring Doorbell

Here are the steps to take if you wish to change the volume on your outside Ring Doorbell:

Step 1: Choose the Ring Doorbell device in your app.

Step 2: Scroll through the list of options and press Configuration Options. This will bring you to a slide-bar with volume options.

Step 3: Use the slide bar to adjust the outside Ring Doorbell to an appropriate volume setting. If you don’t want it to ring at all, drag the slide bar to %0.

Plug-In Ring Chime Outside

As long as your doorbell comes with an outdoor ring tone, why not make it interesting? This is not possible with Ring Doorbell’s outside unit, but it is possible with your indoor ring chime. Doorbell Chime comes with a host of options for giving your doorbell the most interesting ring on the block! All you need is an outdoor outlet and you can get started.

The Cons of Using the Indoor Doorbell Chime Outside

The cons of this method are that the Doorbell Chime should not get wet, and you are putting expensive technology outside that could get stolen. However, if anyone comes to steal your Chime, your Ring video can catch a porch thief in the act.

Troubleshooting Your Ring Doorbell

If for some reason your Ring doorbell is not ringing at all, here are some things you may want to check:

  • Check if your doorbell’s sound is set to a low volume setting.
  • Make sure your Ring was properly set up.
  • See if your Wi-Fi connection is solid.
  • Make sure the battery is fully charged.

If you have checked these possibilities and your outside doorbell is still not working, you can always contact Ring customer support.

How can I make Ring Doorbell ring inside my house?

Ring Doorbell comes with its own module that you will need to install inside your mechanical chime. Ring uses this module to control your mechanical doorbell. If your inside doorbell is not working, it is possible that it was not installed properly. To install your Ring doorbell, you can go to “General Settings and, then, press “Doorbell Chime Type” to get started.

How do I reset my Ring Doorbell?

To reset Ring, find the orange button and hold it down for about 20 seconds. When you release, you will see the front light begin to flash. This indicates that your Ring is restarting and will put it back in set-up mode. After releasing it, the light on the front will flash a few times. Then, press the orange button firmly and release to go to set-up mode.

Related Questions

Where does my Ring connect?

The Ring uses Wi-Fi to transmit video and more to the app. To set it up, you will need to download the app to your phone. You will be able to see your Ring’s data posted on your phone (as long as your phone has access to the net.) This allows you to know what is going on outside your front door even when you are not at home.

Does Ring Doorbell need Wi-Fi to work?

Yes, Ring needs Wi-Fi to function. If it loses connection, it will not function properly. However, it will continue to take pictures at regular intervals.

Can I have more than one Ring Doorbell under one account?

Yes, Ring allows you to have devices at different locations. For instance, maybe you have an office ring, a front door Ring, a backdoor Ring, and a rental property that you want to connect them to your Ring app. As long as you have less than 10 total Ring devices, you should be able to follow each device in your Ring app without a problem.

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Summing It Up

So far, Ring has not come out with sound options to make the Ring outside doorbell more appealing to users. Still, I am a little confused why we need an outside doorbell ring at all? Maybe some just like to see the delivery guy leap into the air after pressing a doorbell which is set to blast out sound at 100% outside. However, if you are really wanting your outdoor doorbell to sound a little more unique, you can always sub in a Ring Chime to get the job done.

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