Can I Stack A Different Brand of Washer and Dryer?

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Stacking a washer and dryer is a great way to conserve space. However, stacking a washer and dryer of different brands is enticing, but it is not worth the risk. Follow along as we explore why stacking different brands of washers and dryers can be dangerous.

A washer and dryer combo is an essential in any homes. Stacking a washer and dryer takes up less space than having them side by side, and it is quite common.

However, many homeowners wonder whether or not they can stack a washer and dryer that are not the same brand. In short, different brand washers and dryers are not meant to be stacked together.

It is widely recommended that you stack a washer and dryer of the same brand and size for a perfect fit. The reason for that is that each brand makes stacking kits that are meant specifically for their own models.

Let’s get into the ins and outs of stacking different brand washers and dryers.

What You Should Know

For the most part, you can only stack front load washers and dryers. Right away, that somewhat limits your options for the washer and dryer stack that you want.

To stack a washer and dryer, you need a stacking kit. Stacking kits are produced by manufacturers based on the specs of their own washers and dryers.

Because of that, stacking kits are mostly brand and model specific. Stacking kits make it so that you can stack a washer and dryer of the same brand safely.

The purpose of stacking kits is stabilizing your washer and dryer stack so that it is at no risk of falling or being insecure. When laundry is being washed or dried, it creates a lot of stirring and motion. By using a stacking kit, you can ensure that the rumbling of the stack while it’s working will not cause a safety hazard.

Stacking kits primarily consists of brackets made out of metal that are easily attached to the washer and dryer. There are three main reasons you should avoid stacking different brand washers and dryers:

  • Incompatibility
  • Modifications would be required
  • Insecure

Going with the same brand for your washer and dryer stack will help you avoid those negative factors.

Stick With the Same Brand

Sticking with the same brand washer and dryer stack is your safest bet. Not only can you get a stacking kit that you know is compatible, but you will have consistency between the washer and dryer.

Brands like Maytag, Samsung, and LG, for example, produce front load washers and dryers perfect for stacking. Let’s say you have a Maytag washer and dryer stack, and the dryer needs to be replaced.

If you are unable to find that exact model, you could still find another Maytag dryer that could fit with the washer, as long as it is compatible. That gives you more options for if and when one of the units goes bad.

You still need to check to make sure the replacement dryer is compatible, but in many cases it will be. Many brands, like Maytag or LG make different types of front load dryers. Pay attention to whether or not the washer is compatible with vented or condenser dryers.

Some washers are only compatible with vented dryers, and others are only compatible with condenser dryers. If you need to make a replacement for your washer or dryer, look for compatibility within the same brand.

Why Should I Stack a Washer and Dryer?

Many homeowners stack their washer and dryer for several reasons. The biggest advantage that a washer and dryer stack offers is the extra space it gives you. Parallel washers and dryers take up a lot of space, limiting what you can do with the room.

No two laundry rooms are alike, and some are smaller than others. If you could use the added space to decorate or even have more storage, a stack is your best bet. Besides the added space, it adds a little convenience to doing the laundry.

It is easy to quickly take a load out of the washer and put it into the dryer with a stack. This especially comes in handy when you are doing big loads, like bedding.

Universal Stacking Kit For Washing Machine and Dryer

Are There Stacking Kit Alternatives?

There are technically some stacking kit alternatives, but they are not as secure and are not recommended. For example, some homeowners use ratchet straps to fasten their dryer to their washer.

While that may keep the dryer attached to the washer, you cannot be certain the ratchet strap will prevent the dryer from “walking”. Walking is when the dryer begins to move while it is running. The more a dryer “walks”, the closer it gets to potentially falling off.

Another hack that people use is rubber, non-slip mats. The concept behind that is that the rubber mat will keep the dryer from moving forward while running. A non-slip mat can certainly add some traction for the dryer, but it does not secure it in place.

In short, your best bet is to use a stacking kit. If you have a Samsung washer and dryer stack, buy a Samsung stacking kit. As long as the kit and stack are compatible, you washer and dryer will be safer than using any alternative.

Washer/Dryer Stack Vs. Side By Side

Both stacking your washer and dryer and placing them side by side have their benefits.

Stack Pros

  • Saves space
  • Easy loading
  • Front load washer/dryer stacks use less energy

Stack Cons

  • Added cost of stacking kit
  • More expensive on average than side by side
  • Higher potential to get waterlogged than side by side

Side By Side Pros

  • Higher capacity for laundry
  • Top can be used for folding or to store small items
  • Typically more affordable than stackable front load washer/dryers

Side By Side Cons

  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Consumes more energy than front load stacks
  • Uses more water than front load stacks in many cases

Choosing between a side by side set up and a washer and dryer stack is a matter of personal preference. If you have limited space and want to make the most of it, a washer and dryer stack is probably your best bet.

Side by side combos may be better for people that need to wash bigger loads at a time. One advantage of stacked washer/dryer combos is that they look great. If you want your washer and dryer to be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional, a stack is a great choice.

What You Need to Remember

It is important to remember that you should stack the same brand washer and dryer. That is your safest bet that the dryer will be secure on top of the washer.

When you choose the same-brand washer and dryer combo, make sure to buy the recommended stacking kit of the same brand. If it’s an LG washer dryer stack, get an LG stacking kit. Another brand’s kit may not be a perfect fit and that could be a hazard.

Stacking kit alternatives like non-slip rubber mats or ratchet strapping the washer and dryer are not a great idea. To ensure that your washer and dryer are as secure as they can be, just spend the extra $25 to $50.

Stacking kits for washer and dryer stacks on not universal. If you want your washer and dryer to be as secure as it can be, maintain brand consistency between the two.

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