Best Screen Doors To Keep Cats Out Of The Bedroom

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by Heather Robbins
Keeping your cat out of your bedroom is necessary sometimes, no matter how cute it is. There are countless ways to keep them out, such as a magnetic door or a closeable pet door. Whether it be a retractable door or screen, let’s take a look at the best screen doors to keep your cat out of the bedroom.

Cats make great house pets, especially for the individuals who love semi self-sufficient animals. However, the independence factor soon gets out of hand and you find your cat expecting to follow you to your bedroom. This may be an issue as some people prefer to keep their cats out of the bedroom.

There are several things that you should look for when searching for a screen door to keep your cat out of your bedroom:

  • Scratch or tear-resistant
  • Magnetic or retractable
  • Weights at the bottom
  • A pet door you can close off

Most doors have only one of these features. However, that seems to be enough when you seek to keep your feline friend outside of your room.

In this article, we will share three different screen doors with you. We will also explain what you should search for when looking for a screen door for your bedroom. That way, you can shop around and choose the best door for you.

The Best Screen Doors To Keep Your Cats Out Of Your Bedroom

MAGZO Magnetic Pet Resistant Screen Door

  • MAGNETIC SCREEN DOOR SIZE: Door mesh size: 34 x 81 inch--Fit door size: 32 x 80 inch. Please ONLY measure your door size carefully and order that size ( doesn't include door frame part ).
  • UPGRADED HEAVY-DUTY MATERIAL: The screen door mesh consists of thickened Polyester and PVC coating, no need to worry about being scratched by pets; Durable heavy-duty mesh with a more mesh count than other cheap traditional screens can prevent small creatures more effectively.
  • WIDEN TOP PART: Based on a full-frame adhesive tape strip, our top loop strip has increased to 2 inches compared to ordinary magnet screen doors to make sure maximum stability.
  • STRONGER MAGNETISM: Instead of only having a few small magnetic strips, our magnetic screen door can work better with longer and stronger magnet strips being assembled in the middle of the screen from top to bottom.
  • UNIQUE FASTENER DESIGN: The hook&loop fastener on both middle and bottom can keep the hanging door curtain not being blown away by strong wind.
The MAGZO Pet Resistant Screen Door is made of durable mesh material resistant to scratches and tears. Even if your cat decides to climb up the door, it will not ruin the fabric.

The door is held closed with strong magnets that your furry friend can’t open. When your cat is allowed in your room, you can tie the doors back to allow them access. This door is great for dogs as well. The only drawback is this door does not have a weighted bottom. Although, you can insert them yourself.

Plisse Retractable Screen Door

The Plisse Retractable Screen Door is made out of a very thick mesh material. This makes it almost impossible for your cat to sink their claws into. Not to mention, it is typically more expansive than your door, making it nearly impossible for your cat to slip through.

When it is not in use, you can give it a quick tug, and it will auto-roll into the top of the doorway. It’s convenient, and there are many different sizes available. Although, they do not mention this being exclusively used for cats. However, because of the material it is made from, it’s perfect to keep your cats out of your bedroom.

Comfort Bilt Pet Breeze Hinged Pet Door

Now, if you are looking for a sure-fire way to keep your feline friend at bay, this door is your best bet. The Comfort Bilt Hinged Pet Door is made out of a thick aluminum frame and has a dense screen. The beautiful thing about this particular screen door is that it has a pet door installed.

You can block the door off when you want your cat (or dog) to stay out. If they are allowed in on certain nights, you can open the pet door to give them access. This way, they can come and go as they please throughout the night. Or, if you choose, they can’t get in at all.

Factors To Consider

There are many different factors to take into consideration when searching for a screen door for your bedroom. Of course, cats have incredibly sharp claws. Not to mention, they’re incredibly intelligent creatures. When you’re searching for a door, you need to look for a door that makes it impossible for them to pass through.

Scratch Or Tear-Resistant

A cat’s claws are very sharp and can cut through the regular screen like it’s nothing. When you’re searching for a door, get one with tear-resistant material. This ensures that your little furball cannot tear a hole in the screen to come into your bedroom.

Typically, scratch or tear-resistant screens are made out of:

  • Thick rubber
  • Thickened fiberglass
  • Recycled PVC
  • Thick vinyl mesh

The brand may not say “tear-proof,” but the materials mentioned above are found in tear-proof screens.

Magnetic Or Retractable

A strong magnetic connection or a retractable screen is excellent to keep cats out. If you’ve ever tried to slip past a retractable screen, you know what we mean!

Another great idea is a hinged door. Of course, the hinged doors require an installation process. But, unless your cat knows how to turn a handle, it won’t be able to get in. If your cat is one of those cats that can, then simply lock the door.

Weights At The Bottom

If you choose a retractable or magnetic door, make sure it has weights in the bottom. If it doesn’t, you can usually install these yourself. Typically, these types of doors have a slot in the bottom and top of them. Slide a few small weights at the bottom to keep your pet from sneaking under it.

Another thing you can do is install a strip on your floor. You can then sew on some ties at the bottom of your door. That way, you can tie your door down to keep your cat out. If you choose this route, just make sure they cannot slip their head underneath. You don’t want them to injure themselves.

Alternative Ideas

Door With Pet Door That Closes

If you don’t want to install a screen door, maybe you can replace your entire door. There are interior doors available that have a pet door installed. That way, you can let your cats in and out as you wish. You also don’t have to worry about them clawing up your screen.

If you also have a dog, make sure you get a pet door that they can also get in and out. Of course, this sort of defeats the purpose if you like to sleep with your door open.

The following video is a review of the top 6 best cat doors. Check it out.

A High Gate With Mesh Screen

Another alternative is investing in a high gate. The gate should not have large openings; that way, your cat can’t get its head stuck. Also, if you have kids in the home, make sure it’s safe for children as well.

We all know that cats can jump pretty high. So, in addition to the gate, you can drape a retractable or magnetic screen on the outside of the gate. That way, they can’t get into your room.

Related Questions

Would a regular screen door keep my cats out of the bedroom?

A regular screen door most likely will not keep your cats out of your bedroom. Standard screens are made of thin material. Therefore, they can tear through it quite easily.

Can I repair my screen if my cat tears it?

Yes, you can repair your screen if your cat tears it. This will usually involve you purchasing more of the screen material. You will then have to pry the old one out and install the new one. Or, if you’re not worried about appearance, you can patch it up as well.

Our Takeaway

When you’re purchasing a screen door, it doesn’t have to say, ‘Pet Resistant.’ It also doesn’t need to specify that it keeps your furry friends out of your bedroom. There are several factors you can search for to purchase a screen door just for this purpose.

Don’t forget to make sure that the screen door fits your door frame. Also, make sure that it’s weighted and that it reaches the floor. That way, you won’t be surprised by your cat sneaking in while you are asleep.

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