Are Mobile Home Door Knobs Different? (Find Out Now!)

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You need to make some improvements to your mobile home to get it ready for habitation, but you’ve never been faced with some of these tasks before. You remember hearing that some parts in a mobile home are different from those in a standard home or apartment, but you can’t remember which ones.

You need to know about door knobs, locks, and doors for mobile homes. If they are different, what is different about them, and what types of door knobs and locks are available for mobile homes? Who can you go to for answers? We have your answers right here.

Most mobile home door knobs are the same as standard door knobs made for houses and apartments. Just check the size before ordering. You can use them interchangeably, but as a rule, there are door knobs you will find in mobile home interiors that you won’t generally find in house and apartment interiors. Mobile home locks are not different from standard locks either.

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Are Mobile Home Door Knobs Different From Standard Doork Nobs?

There is no difference between mobile home door knobs and the standard door knobs you use in a house or apartment. However, there are door knobs available that you will see in mobile homes but won’t see in most houses or apartments, like plastic door knobs. Here are some types of door knobs that are available for mobile homes.

Mobile Home Exterior Door Knobs

Exterior door knobs are meant to let you come and go from your mobile home, but they have locking mechanisms to keep people out unless you let them in. There are three options you can choose from to let you come and go as you please.


An entry lock is the simplest kind of exterior door lock you can buy; you open it with a key from the outside. You lock it by turning the latch on the inside before you close the door to leave. Once you get home and safely inside, you simply turn the latch.


A deadbolt isn’t really a door knob per se but is simply a lock that lets you come and go from your home. You lock it with a key when you leave and unlock it with the key when you get home. On the inside, it has a latch or another keyed lock, so that you can lock it once you get safely inside.


A combination is the most secure type of exterior lock for your mobile home. A combination package includes both an entry door knob and a deadbolt. With this combination, when you are leaving, you turn the latch on the door knob and lock the deadbolt with a key. When you get home and safely inside, you turn both latches or one latch and your key.

Mobile Home Interior Door Knobs

Interior door knobs are meant to close the interior doors in your mobile home. There are two kinds of interior door knobs for mobile homes.


A passage door knob is the simplest type of door knob that exists. It is simply a handle on both sides so that the door can be opened from each side. Passage door knobs have no locking mechanism.


A privacy interior door knob gives you a little of just that in your mobile home bedroom or bathroom — privacy. Because a privacy door knob locks, someone can’t just come walking in on you while you’re changing. There are also levers for both exterior entry doors and interior passage and privacy doors.

Mobile Home Door Knob Materials

While door knobs come in various finishes, like brushed nickel, these, for instance, usually only contain up to 10% nickel, as many people are allergic to nickel. Most interior door knobs are made of brass, which is made up of a combination of zinc and copper, and many mobile home door knobs are made of plastic. Exterior door knobs, on the other hand, besides brass, are also often made from stainless steel, bronze, or wrought iron.

Are Mobile Home Door Locks Different From Standard Door Locks?

Mobile home door locks are no different from door locks found in houses and apartments. The same locks you find in your local home improvement store will fit your mobile home door. The lock you choose will determine your level of safety. Here are the types of locks available for your mobile home.

Keyless Digital/Electronic Locks

Mobile homes are perfect for several types of keyless digital/electronic entry systems. These locking mechanisms don’t need a key to open, but they are usually a bit costly. These entry systems are operated by password detection, audio detection, fingerprint detection, or remote control.

Mortise Locks

Mortise locks are used in mobile homes more than any other type of exterior door lock. They are considered higher security than other types of locks. Newer mortise locks feature a deadbolt and a latch and normally operate by turning the knob or key from either side.

Cylindrical Locks

Cylindrical locks feature a shorter plate than mortise locks. Another difference is that they do not feature a deadbolt. A cylindrical lock does, however, leave plenty of room to add an independent deadbolt.

Privacy Locks

Privacy locks are for the interior of your mobile home. They are not really made for security so much as for privacy. Privacy locks are available in many sizes, patterns, and designs. They also come in different levels of sturdiness.

Are Mobile Home Doors Different From Standard Doors?

Mobile home doors are generally smaller than standard doors. However, you should measure the opening for the door before you buy the door. Most mobile home doors, though, are 32″ x 76″, but mobile homes built pre-1980 standardly measure 32″ x 72″. You can use a standard door in a mobile home, but it will have to be cut down to fit the opening.

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Why Is There a Gap Under the Interior Doors of Mobile Homes?

HVAC systems push air through HVAC registers in each room of a mobile home. They make an effort to distribute the air evenly, so the temperature will remain steady. The air is circulated back through into a large vent that is usually located in the hallway. There is a large gap under each door so if that door is closed, the air can still circulate back into the return vent.

Why Is There a Vent Above the Interior Doors of Newer Mobile Homes?

Many newer mobile homes are designed with vents above each interior door. This is to allow the air that is elevated to circulate out and back to the return vent, as well. Some high-end HVAC systems feature air ducts webbing through the ceiling to equalize airflow and air pressure.

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