The Most Dangerous And Worst Cities To Live In Utah

Worst Places To Live In Utah

Utah is a beautiful state with its fair share of wealth and gorgeous views. Despite all of the natural beauty in Utah, not every city is an idyllic place to live. That is because, unfortunately, there is a lot of crime, but what are the worst places to live in Utah?

South Salt Lake and Roosevelt are the worst places to live in Utah due to violent and property crime rates. Relative to their population, there is a high volume of crime in these cities, as well as others like Ogden. Murray, Tooele, and Park City are also among the worst places to live in Utah based on recent crime reports and poverty rates.

Some places are worth avoiding for safety purposes, and that applies to many Utah cities. Follow along as we explore the worst places to live in Utah.

1. South Salt Lake

South Salt Lake

  • Violent Crime Rate Per 1K: 8.01
  • Property Crime Rate Per 1K: 72.90
  • Reported Crimes: 2,070
  • Population: 25,017

Your prospects of not experiencing a crime in South Salt Lake are quite grim, and the numbers show it. The 25,017 South Salt Lake risk a 1 in 14 chance of suffering theft, motor theft, and burglary. South Salt Lake’s high property crime makes street parking or owning a home a slightly dangerous prospect.

Assault is also quite common in South Salt Lake, and it contributes to the 1 in 125 violent crime rate. Recently, 131 of the 2,070 were assaults, and robbery and rape made up the other 74 violent crimes. The whopping 18.72% poverty rate contributes largely to the swell in crime, and nearly 5,000 residents are poor.

Neighborhoods such as South State Street and central South Salt Lake are the most dangerous in the city. Your best bet is to avoid the city’s center at nighttime or at the very least travel with a group in dangerous neighborhoods. The city experiences 298 crimes per square mile, and it is wise to avoid the trouble.

2. Roosevelt


  • Violent Crime Rate Per 1K: 4.29
  • Property Crime Rate Per 1K: 29.72
  • Reported Crimes: 246
  • Population: 7,041

For such a small population, there is a high chance of experiencing a crime in Roosevelt, Utah. Roosevelt residents face a 1 in 34 chance of experiencing a property crime within the small city. Theft is far and away from the most common crime in Roosevelt, with 169 recent reports as of the last year.

There may not be as many reported crimes in Roosevelt as in Salt Lake City, but the small population makes the existing crime grimmer. Roosevelt experiences 44 crimes per square mile compared to the 33 crimes per square mile rate in Utah. Luckily, violence is less common and affects only 1 in 233 Roosevelt residents.

Even still, assault and rape are the two most common violent crimes in Roosevelt with no recent murders. The poverty rate in Roosevelt is currently 14.28%, and that contributes to the high volume of property crime. If Roosevelt were larger with the same amount of crime reports it wouldn’t be so bad, but unfortunately, it is not.

3. Ogden


  • Violent Crime Rate Per 1K: 4.37
  • Property Crime Rate Per 1K: 36.78
  • Reported Crimes: 3,612
  • Population: 86,833

You may know Ogden for skiing, mountain biking, and beautiful views, but some know it for its crime. Ogden is one of the most dangerous cities in Utah, and that is mostly due to the high property crime rate. There were recently 3,228 property crimes reported in Ogden, and it tragically affects 1 in 27 residents.

Theft seems to be a sad part of life in Ogden as 2,398 of the 3,612 recent crimes were stolen property. Violent crimes, such as assault, robbery, rape, and murder also occur in Ogden but are less common. Even still, violence impacts 1 in 229 Ogden residents, with assault and robbery as the common denominator.

Evona is the worst neighborhood in Ogden, and it is responsible for much of the crime that gets reported. Staying close to Weber State University is your safest bet due to the location as well as the police presence. For such a beautiful city and college town, Ogden is not someplace that you want to get caught in the snow.

4. Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City

  • Violent Crime Rate Per 1K: 7.42
  • Property Crime Rate Per 1K: 59.42
  • Reported Crimes: 13,406
  • Population: 197,756

Sure, the cost of living in Salt Lake City is high, but the crime rate in this city tops it. Salt Lake City is packed to the brim with 197,756 residents, and the 13,406 recent crimes rocked the population. There is a large element of wealth in Salt Lake City, but there is sadly a 17.8% poverty rate that drives crime.

The combination of drug-related crimes, property crime, and violence in Salt Lake City makes it dangerous. Violence is less common than theft in Salt Lake City, but it still affects 1 in 135 residents. Far and away the most common violent crime in Salt Lake City is assault, with 829 recent reports.

You risk a 1 in 17 chance of experiencing property crime in Salt Lake, and the 9,320 thefts prove that. Don’t forget to get an alarm system, as the 1,311 reported burglaries mean even home isn’t always safe in Salt Lake. Salt Lake City is a beautiful place, but the high cost of living and high crime rate make it a scary prospect.

5. Murray


  • Violent Crime Rate Per 1K: 4.46
  • Property Crime Rate Per 1K: 59.08
  • Reported Crimes: 3,108
  • Population: 49,105

Crime is rampant in Murray, Utah, and both violent and property crime rates are high. Theft, vehicle theft, burglary, and assault are the highest reported crimes in Murray. The shocking 253 crimes per square mile in Murray paints a picture of the widespread danger.

Out of the 3,108 recently reported crimes, 2,062 of them were theft-related. Burglary numbers are low with only 423 recent incidents, but you should always exercise caution in Murray. The least common crime in Murray is murder with no recent reports, but rape, assault, and robberies do occur.

Atwood is a particularly dangerous neighborhood in Murray, but the city’s center is the most dangerous. If you find yourself on Commerce Drive at night, try to be safe and stay off the streets as much as possible. You can generally feel safe if you’re in the southeast corner of Murray, but the numbers show there’s always a threat.

6. West Jordan

West Jordan

  • Violent Crime Rate Per 1K: 2.27
  • Property Crime Rate Per 1K: 21.94
  • Reported Crimes: 2,819
  • Population: 114,138

You can rest easy knowing that violence is rare in West Jordan, but property crime certainly is not. Property crime accounts for 2,555 of the 2,819 total recent crimes in West Jordan, and it’s frightening. West Jordan is spread across 32 square miles, and there are 87 crimes per square mile within city limits.

Crime hotspots are scattered throughout West Jordan, and there’s no rhyme or reason to the dangerous areas. For example, Bacchus on the west side is quite dangerous, but the neighboring Dalton is relatively safe. Violence is quite rare with only 1 recent murder, but there are currently 189 recent assaults and 35 robberies.

Crime is worse in West Jordan than in 84% of the rest of American cities. You can find the world’s biggest man-made cave in West Jordan, but you’ll also find a lot of crime.

7. Tooele


  • Violent Crime Rate Per 1K: 2.03
  • Property Crime Rate Per 1K: 23.88
  • Reported Crimes: 933
  • Population: 34,535

Tooele is well known for the iconic Great Salt Lake, but its beauty is mired in a dangerous element. Violence is uncommon in Tooele, but the 43 crimes per square mile are due to a high property crime rate. The overwhelming majority of recent crime reports were thefts, with 690 recent incidents in Tooele.

Tooele boasts a large population of 34,535 residents, and 1 in 42 of them suffer a property crime. Property crime is more common in Tooele than the rest of Utah, and the 106 recent burglaries mean homes aren’t always safe. Violence occurs at a lesser rate, and you only risk a 1 in 493 chance of experiencing it in Tooele.

Assault, robbery, and rape are the most common violent crimes, and there was only 1 recent murder. Southern Toole is the most dangerous area, particularly North Main Street and Canyon Road. You can find a safe environment and housing in Lake Point, where crime is the least common in Toole.

8. Park City

Park City

  • Violent Crime Rate Per 1K: 6.33
  • Property Crime Rate Per 1K: 32.37
  • Reported Crimes: 330
  • Population: 8,375

Park City, Utah is a small city both in size and population, but they make up for it in crime. There may be fewer crime reports than West Jordan, but the small population means crime is a threat to many. Recently, 276 of the 330 crime reports came from theft and burglary driving Park City’s high property crime rate.

Luckily, crime is spread out in Park City, so you can find safety in the northern part of the city. Gogorza and Snyderville are safe neighborhoods in particular but going south can be dangerous. Kimball Junction and Woodside Avenue are some of the most dangerous areas in Park City.

You risk a 1 in 31 chance of suffering burglary and theft or having your car stolen in Park City. There have been fewer than violent crimes in Park City recently, but it’s a good idea to travel safely at night.

9. Grantsville


  • Violent Crime Rate Per 1K: 2.98
  • Property Crime Rate Per 1K: 13.43
  • Reported Crimes: 198
  • Population: 11,021

Grantsville is located in Tooele County, and it is home to many gorgeous natural springs. This small city made the list because 1 in 61 residents experience a crime of some kind. Of those crimes, the vast majority of them are property-related with 162 recent incidents reported.

The good thing about Grantsville is that it’s spread out enough that you can avoid crime. With that said, the Burmester area, as well as the city’s center, are hotspots for crime in Grantsville. Once you get to Vernon and Ophir, you are generally away from the majority of criminal activity in Grantsville.

Violence isn’t as common as theft in Grantsville, but assault, robbery, and rape do occur. Only 1 in 335 residents suffer violence in Grantsville, but property crime is much more likely. The 13 crimes per square mile are mostly due to the 1 out of 74 Grantsville residents that experience property crime.

10. Riverdale


  • Violent Crime Rate Per 1K: 2.94
  • Property Crime Rate Per 1K: 63.25
  • Reported Crimes: 585
  • Population: 8,752

Finally, the small city of Riverdale is one of the worst places to live in Utah. For every 1,000 Riverdale residents, there are 66 crimes reported. The vast majority of crime in Riverdale is property-related, and 1 in 16 residents suffer from it.

Riverdale has one of the highest theft rates in Utah, and just recently there were 491 reports. Considering how small Riverdale is, the 491 crimes per square mile is that much more daunting. To put it into perspective, only 26 of the recent 585 crimes were violent.

All in all, Riverdale is not a great place to live. If you find yourself in central Riverdale at night, keep your wits about you and be safe.

What Did We Learn?

The worst places to live in Utah are South Salt Lake and Roosevelt. Other cities, such as Salt Lake City, Ogden, and Tooele also boast high crime rates. Similar to the most dangerous cities in Florida, each of these cities has differences in crime between neighborhoods.

If you find yourself in any of these cities, try to exercise caution. Places such as Riverdale, Murray, and Park City can be dangerous. As long as you refer to crime maps and travel in groups at night, you can maintain safety.

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