What Size Washer Do I Need for A King Size Comforter?

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by Patricia Oelze
King size beds are the best. There is plenty of space for your comfort and relaxation. The only problem is getting a washer large enough to wash your king size blankets. Follow along as we explore the ideal size for your washer and dryer when washing a king size comforter.

Nobody enjoys washing clothes, but it has to be done. And you want to make sure you have the right size washing machine for your needs. If you have a large family, you know you need an extra-large washing machine. But for a single person or couple with a king-size comforter, what size washing machine are you going to need when you wash that oversized bedspread?

You need a washer with a 4.2 cubic feet capacity to wash a king-size comforter. A queen-size comforter requires 3.8 cubic feet washer, and that is not big enough for a king-size comforter. It is easier to load a king-size comforter in a top load washer, but front load washers do a better job of cleaning.

You will need to read the tag on the comforter to make sure it is machine washable as well. The typical cotton and polyester blend comforter can be washed normally, but many down comforters need special cleaning. It helps to always read the tag before buying your comforter if you do not want to have to take it to a dry cleaner once a week.

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High-Efficiency Or Traditional Washing Machine

The high-efficiency models have not been around very long but are becoming increasingly popular. They do clean better and use less water and energy. However, you will have to do a bit more cleaning when it comes to your high-efficiency washer because it tends to get mildew and mold build-up.

The high-efficiency washers are a bit more expensive, as is the detergent and other cleaning products. It is essential to use the right detergents that do not produce as many suds as much as traditional laundry soap.

The wash cycles with the high-efficiency washing machine are different than a traditional washer. While most of them take longer, you can experiment to see what works best for you.

Top Load Or Front Loader?

There are pros and cons for every product, and in this case, the choice is typically a personal one. Although the front load washer is reported to be the best at cleaning clothing with less wear and tear, they cost more as well. Here are some of the main pros and cons:

Top Load Pros
  • Easier to load
  • Costs less
  • Lasts longer than a front loader
  • Less expensive to fix
  • Faster washing time
Top Load Cons
  • Harder to empty for short people
  • Uses more water than the front loader
  • Some do not clean as well as the front loaders
Front Load Pros
  • Cleans clothes better
  • Uses less water and energy
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Stackable
  • Takes up less room
Front Load Cons

Top Five Top Load Washing Machines

Here are the specifics for the top five top load washing machines for king size comforter.

Maytag MVW7232HC

At 5.3 cubic feet, the Maytag can handle your king size comforter with ease. However, you do not want to put anything else in with it, like the sheets or pillowcases. It needs room to agitate, so it gets clean. With the built-in water faucet, you can rinse any spots before washing and use the extra power button and deep fill option to give it that extra boost.

Another interesting item that the Maytag top loader has is that it works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri. That means you can start and stop your washer from wherever you happen to be from your phone, computer, or Alexa device. For other wash loads that you need to get done in a hurry, use the quick wash cycle. However, it is not recommended that you use it on your comforter.

Whirlpool WTW7120HW

Another top loading washing machine with 5.3 cubic feet of capacity, the Whirlpool also has smart features you can use from your phone or other devices. This also works if you need assistance with a problem with the machine. And the load and go means you do not have to add soap every time. Let the machine do it for you.

This one has a built-in faucet too, but it also has a stain brush to scrub those stains before putting your comforter into the wash. The delay start option means you can set it to start whenever you want for your convenience. It also has the quick wash cycle for those small loads you need to do in a hurry.

Samsung WA50R5400AV

The Samsung holds less at 5.0 capacity, but that is still plenty big enough for your king-sized comforter. Just make sure you put it in there loosely, so it has plenty of space to move around. It also has smart care so you can attend to your laundry from your phone or other devices. It is also self-cleaning and super quiet.

Like the others, it has a built-in faucet and super-fast wash, but this one also has the EZ access so you can reach the bottom without falling in. If you are vertically challenged, you know what that means. The tub is more comprehensive, so you do not have to reach as far. No more struggling to reach that last sock. Learn about removing the drum from a Samsung top loader washing machine.

General Electric GTW720BSNWS

This GE has plenty of room as well, with a 4.8-cubic foot capacity for that oversized bedspread. It also has FlexDispense, so your soap and softeners get released at the best time for maximum cleaning power. And with an 800-RPM spin speed, your comforter will not weigh 100 pounds when you try to remove it from the machine.

The auto soak and deep fill give you options for whatever you happen to be washing. And it has a 10-year limited warranty so you can feel good about your purchase. It even has the speed wash and quiet spin like the others for a lower price.

LG Electronics WT7100CW

With this LG washing machine, you get just enough room for your comforter but not much more. If you get this one, you will just need to make sure not to push the blanket down into the tub so it has room to move. This LG washing machine also has a direct drive motor that rotates independently from the tub so they can spin in different directions. That means a better but gentler clean with fewer loads.

And the SenseClean system sets the wash time and water level for you automatically depending on the weight of the load. Download the app so you can get new wash cycles as new ones come out rather than having to go buy a new washer to get the latest technology.

Top Five Front Load Washing Machines

And here are the features of the top five front loaders that can handle a king-size comforter.


This LG washing machine with Turbo Wash technology has 5.8 cubic feet, so you can easily get your king size comforter in there with room to spare. Not only that, but it has a Sidekick addition you can buy so you can wash another load at the same time. Wash the sheets and pillowcases in the Sidekick while you wash the comforter in the main tub.

With Wi-Fi smartphone access, you can also manage your loads from wherever you may happen to be at the time. The extra-wide door opening means you do not have to struggle to get that comforter in and out of the washer. The allergen control setting removes pet dander so your pups can still sleep in your bed without making you sneeze.

Whirlpool WFW9620HC

A bit smaller than the LG, this front loader still has plenty of room for your comforter. And the load and go dispenser means you don’t have to refill the soap products for up to 40 loads. It also has Wi-Fi smartphone access and a steam cleaning option as well as front screen touchpad controls.

One of the best things in this machine is the built-in drying mode after the wash cycle. So, your comforter can be halfway dry when you take it out to put it in the dryer—no more struggling with a heavy wet load when transferring it to the dryer. It even has a built-in fan to keep the clothes fresh in case you forget about them.

Samsung WV60M9900AW

This is the largest capacity washer, but it is split into two machines. The large front loader is 5.0 cubic feet while the smaller top loader is 1.0 cubic feet so that you can wash the sheets and pillowcases at the same time. You don’t have to buy any add-ons for this bonus.

Like the others, it has built-in Wi-Fi so that you can work it from your phone. And the power foam setting offers deep cleaning and steam wash for stains. The stainless steel pulsator makes it stand out from the rest and will help keep your machine working for long after the others.

General Electric GFW850SPNDG

With built-in antimicrobial technology and an ultra-fresh vent system, the GE guarantees you do not have to worry about mold or mildew. There is plenty of room for that comforter in the 5.0 cubic foot tub, and with the power clean setting, you can be sure it gets clean.

This one sanitizes as it rinses and dispenses soap for you for up to 32 loads. When you wash smaller loads, let this washing machine go ahead and dry the clothes for you, so you don’t have to switch.

Maytag MHW6630HW

For the extra power you need to get your king-size comforter clean, hit the extra power button on this 4.8 cubic foot Maytag. And you can leave it in there until you get home from work with the fresh hold option.

The sanitize setting will remove pet dander and other unwanted stuff from your blanket, including 99.9% of bacteria. Use wrinkle control to make sure your comforter does not come out wrinkly. This one is also stackable for those with limited space.

Best Top Load Washing Machines For Extra Large Loads

BrandModel NumberCapacitySpecificsAverage Price
MaytagMVW7232HC5.3 cubic feet13 wash cycles

2 rinse cycles

3 speeds

5 wash


5 rinse temperatures

WhirlpoolWTW7120HW5.3 cubic feet36 wash cycles

2 rinse cycles

3 speeds

5 wash temperatures

1 rinse temperature

SamsungWA50R5400AV5.0 cubic feet12 wash cycles

4 rinse cycles

4 speeds

5 wash temperatures

5 rinse temperatures

General ElectricGTW720BSNWS4.8 cubic feet12 wash cycles

3 rinse cycles

5 speeds

6 wash temperatures

6 rinse temperatures

LG ElectronicsWT7100CW4.5 cubic feet8 wash cycles

3 rinse cycles

3 speeds

3 wash temperatures

3 rinse temperatures


Best Front Load Washing Machines For Extra Large Loads

BrandModel NumberCapacitySpecificsPrice
LGWM9500HKA5.8 cubic feet14 wash cycles

2 rinse cycles

5 speeds

5 wash temperatures

1 rinse temperature

WhirlpoolWFW9620HC5.0 cubic feet37 wash cycles

2 rinse cycles

5 speeds

5 wash temperatures

2 rinse temperatures

SamsungWV60M9900AW6.0 cubic feet12 wash cycles

5 rinse cycles

5 speeds

5 wash temperatures

5 rinse temperatures

General ElectricGFW850SPNDG5.0 cubic feet12 wash cycles

2 rinse cycles

5 speeds

5 wash temperatures

5 rinse temperatures

MaytagMHW6630HW4.8 cubic feet12wash cycles

2 rinse cycles

4 speeds

4 wash temperatures

4 rinse temperatures


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The Bottom Line

No matter what type of washer you get, make sure to use the right size dryer. Once you get your comforter washed, you will need to dry it so make sure your dryer is large enough to tumble a king-size comforter. If it cannot move around freely inside the dryer, it will not dry properly, so you may have to dry it several times.

If your dryer is not big enough, it can cause wrinkles as well. Try hanging your comforter on a clothesline until it is mostly dry before putting it in the dryer. This will help reduce time and wrinkles.

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