What Does A Yellow Door Mean? (Find Out Now!)

Ossiana Tepfenhart
by Ossiana Tepfenhart

When you start planning your home’s exterior, you have to think about the meanings that you want to put together. Certain home accessories, like a door color, can actually have meanings you might not be aware of. Today, we’re going to take a look at yellow. What does a yellow door mean, and should you paint your door yellow?

Yellow doors do not have any traditional meaning, but are strongly associated with Irish decor. Most people find yellow to be a color associated with warmth, confidence, and a sunny disposition. Yellow offers a good way to grab attention from passers-by.

If you are looking for a new way to make sure that you get the best possible door color, it’s a good idea to learn about the hidden meanings of colors. Let’s talk about this unique and chic door color!

Are Yellow Doors Common?

Yellow doors are fairly uncommon, unless you live in Ireland. Even then, there is a trend developing that has started to turn yellow doors into more of an “antique” than anything else. This is primarily because trends have started to go for neutral colors rather than something bold and bright.

While they may not be popular, they are still a great choice for homes as long as they’re approved by your local HOA.

What Does Having A Yellow Door Mean?

Unlike other colors in the rainbow, yellow does not have a superstitious meaning associated with it. However, there are some ways that people tend to see yellow as a symbolic color. Having a yellow door often means that you might want to send out these messages into the world:

  • Wealth. Yellow is the color of gold. Are you looking to show wealth? It might be a thing!
  • Happiness. We often say that people have a sunny disposition, and that’s linked to the color yellow. Getting golden with your attitude is usually a good sign, don’t your think?
  • Confidence. Yellow is not a common door color. It takes a lot of confidence and boldness to stand out. That’s why this color is often associated with self-esteem and pride.
  • Warmth. Yellow is the color of fire and candlelight. Is it any surprise, then, that is would be considered to be a color of warmth.
  • Optimism. There’s a reason why people say that things are going golden. It’s a cheerful color.
  • Extroversion. Yellow’s bold look gives people the idea that you are going to be a bold person. It’s said that “yellow energy” is very extroverted. You could say that yellow’s the clubkid of the color wheel.
  • Serenity. While we in the West tend to see this as a color of action, many cultures in Asia see yellow as a sign of serenity. In fact, it’s actually a color associated with meditation and the stomach chakra in Hinduism.

Does Having A Yellow Door Bring Good Luck?

So far, we have not seen much about yellow doors and their effect on one’s luck in the West. However, in Feng Shui, yellow is a color associated with the earth. When you place a yellow door in the right place, it can help get your home’s earth energy up to a nice level, which may potentially help you have a nicer life.

Does Having A Yellow Door Increase Home Value?

Yellow does not have that much of an impact on your home’s property values. If you want to choose a color that boosts property value, opt for a black door. A black door has been shown to increase your property value by as much as $5,000. That’s pretty darn good.

Of course, we’re going to have to take this moment to note that having a yellow door does not decrease property values. It’s a very warm and inviting color. If anything, it might be a good attention grabber for people who have their homes on the market.

Do HOAs Allow You To Have A Yellow Front Door?

This obviously depends on the HOA that your home is a part of. Most homeowners’ associations have mandates about what colors you can and cannot paint your home. Bold and brighter homes tend to have a much higher risk of being panned than something like a neutral grey.

We strongly suggest that you run your choice of door color through your HOA before you hire a professional painter, if you have an HOA. This way, you won’t end up doing something that you might have to correct sooner rather than later.

Related Questions

What does a red door mean?

A red door is used in multiple cultures as a sign of both inviting people in as well as keeping bad energy away. In many parts of Europe and Asia, having a red door is a way to ward off evil spirits and usher away bad luck. Of course, if you’re a fan of Elizabeth Arden, then you probably associate the look of a red door with their world-famous spa and cosmetic line.

What door color is considered to be unlucky?

According to Western superstitions, there really isn’t a door color that would invite bad luck in. However, if you are a fan of Feng Shui, you better be careful if you want to paint your door black. This color is said to occasionally invite bad vibes into the house, especially if you keep the door open for too long.A good luck charm can negate some of the bad luck. Of course, people who are very worried about getting good luck might want to avoid it altogether.

What is the most common door color in the world?

If you want to go with the crowd, then you might want to invest in a white or a blue door. They are tied as the most popular door colors in the world. A close third would be a red door. In areas of Britain and Germany, green doors are the most popular door color that money can buy. No matter what you choose, we think it’ll look fabulous.

Ossiana Tepfenhart
Ossiana Tepfenhart

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