What Color Should I Paint My Living Room With Black Furniture?

Tiffany Nichols
by Tiffany Nichols

Decorating your home can be a lot of fun. You get to choose furniture, then find paints and patterns to match. But what color should you paint a living room if the sofa is black? There are several choices. But you can only pick one.

The best wall color for black furniture depends on the style of your home. That’s because dark paint with a dark sofa can make your room seem smaller. However, too much white paint with black furniture can turn your house into a monochromatic mess. So, choose neutral or complementary colors, and try to coordinate them with your carpet and curtains.

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Is Black a Good Color for Furniture?

Many luxury furniture brands use black lacquer to finish their items. Black paint creates a smooth surface that’s easy to clean and maintain. Plus, it looks great with most wall colors and provides timeless style. But does that mean it’s the best paint for couches and tables?

Some people would say yes because black looks sophisticated. And most furniture makers offer wood finishes ranging from natural to cappuccino. Still, coffee-colored paint isn’t perfect for every piece. So, it would be best if you didn’t choose black furniture for rooms with dark paint or carpets.

NOTE: Choose something else if you have pets because you can easily see hair on black furniture.

Is Black a Cool or Warm Color?

Black is one of the colors that can fall on either side of the warm/cool spectrum. That means you can use several complementary shades to create the space of your dreams. However, most interior designers consider black a warm color because it contains many hues. Meanwhile, you typically pair warm, deep colors with light, calm shades to maintain decorative balance.

What Colors Go with Black?

Finding the best wall color for black furniture is easy. But what about the trim, details, ceiling, and accessories? If you understand the color wheel, you can whip up a scheme that stays stylish for years. Now, check out these colors first:

  • White: Cool shades like this can make a room look harsh. So, be careful and use white in moderation.
  • Beige: Black and beige can create a rustic space, especially if you pair them with earth tones.
  • Pastel: Pastels are great with black furniture because the two are complete opposites.
  • Grey: Grey goes with everything. And that includes your living room walls when you use black furniture.
  • Bright Blue: Vibrant colors always look great with dark shades. But add light hues to maintain balance.
  • Yellow: Sunny paint makes black furniture look bigger, which can help if you have a small room.
  • Red: Black with red creates a modern look. And it’s even more attractive with some grey and white accents.

Choose your living room wall color based on how you want your house to look and feel. Remember, there’s power in every shade. So, experiment with different combinations first. Then, test each option in both natural and artificial light.

DID YOU KNOW: The type of ceiling lights you use can alter how paint colors look on your walls.

Will Dark Colors Make My Rooms Look Smaller?

Pairing dark paint with black furniture may make your room look small or depressing. However, you can get away with it if you use the right accessories. Also, open concept floor plans might help the space seem bigger. So, consider removing walls or barriers that enclose the room. But be sure not to remove load-bearing walls in the process. And hire a professional to help.

Meanwhile, understand that dark colors don’t automatically make your room look smaller. Factors such as lighting, square footage, decorations, and layout can also play a role. That means you have to coordinate all elements to create a space you truly love.

What Colors Make a Room Look Bigger?

You can make your rooms look bigger than they are. However, you must use the right colors on your walls and trim. The best paint always helps expand the space and make it feel cozier. And that’s the case even if you have black living room furniture.

Choose one of the following colors if your room feels too small:

  • Off-White: This is a warmer alternative to cool white paint.
  • Pastel Blue: Create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere with this color.
  • Bright Green: Pep up the space when you use light green lacquer.
  • Sunny Yellow: Combine warm with cool when you spread sunshine on the walls.

Remember, you should pair these colors with complementary trim paint. And in most cases, that’s bright white. However, always test the color combination before putting it on your walls. And use a high-quality primer to prevent bleeding from the paint underneath.

What Primer Is Best for Living Room Walls?

You can skip the primer, but only if you don’t mind finding f laws in your paint. That’s because primer helps smooth the surface before you add color. It gives the paint something to stick to, and it also helps prolong the lifespan of your lacquer. But you can’t use whatever primer you find at the store. You must coordinate it with the wall color instead.

TIP: Buy products that are paint and primer in one to save some time and money. Or try an HVLP paint sprayer to apply color faster.

Related Questions

How Do You Decorate with Black Furniture?

Decorating a home with black furniture can be tricky. So, try not to use too many dark colors when decorating with it. That’s because excessive darkness can make your space look small or feel depressing. However, you can paint your living room walls dark if you choose bright accessories and lighter trim. Check home design examples for some inspiration.

Does Black and White Furniture Go Together?

White and black are on opposite ends of the color spectrum. So, they coordinate well. And because black and white are so versatile, you see them used together on indoor and outdoor furniture all the time. In most cases, whites and blacks look terrific together. And that’s the case even on the same piece. However, too much black-on-white paint can make your room look monochromatic and dull.

How Can I Brighten My Living Room?

You can brighten a dark living room in several ways. For one, try to freshen up the paint. Choose light colors that compliment your furniture and help expand the space. Then, find colorful accessories to place around the room. Finally, tidy up to prevent pockets of clutter because unkept rooms always seem smaller than they are.Also, try adding metallics to your decor scheme; they help disperse the light. Next, check out your lighting fixtures to ensure they’re all working correctly. Then add more lights if you can. Or choose see-through curtains to let some natural sunshine in the house.

Should a Sofa Be Lighter or Darker Than the Walls?

Feel free to experiment with your wall color and sofa fabric combo. In some cases, dark couches look better next to neutral walls. But that’s not true for all homes. Black furniture can look great with dark paint if you use ample lighting. Plus, you can always brighten the space with colorful accessories and stark white trim. So, look at different design schemes for some bright ideas.

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Build Beautiful Living Room Walls

Your living room is one of the most crucial spaces in the house. It can’t appear too small or feel too crowded. Yet, black furniture is so sleek and sophisticated that many homeowners prefer it. So, choose complementary colors for your walls to maintain a stylish balance. And build beautiful rooms one painted wall at a time.

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