The Safest Neighborhoods In Orlando: 2021’s Ultimate List

Safest Neighborhoods In Orlando

Relocating to a new city is always a challenge. A large part of that challenge is looking for the right place for you and your family to live. When you’re weighing your neighborhood options, there are a lot of things to consider, but one factor is almost always at the top of everyone’s list: safety. Safety is of the utmost importance when selecting a neighborhood in your new city.

With 233 yearly days of sunshine, exciting sports, world-class spas, and exhilarating theme parks, it’s no surprise that Travel Pulse named Orlando, Florida one of the most visited cities in the United States. As a resident, or potential future resident, of Orlando you are privileged to be surrounded by all the wonderful things that attract tourists from all around the world.

By living in Orlando, you can be on a year-long vacation, as you are living where most people spend their vacations. There are so many great reasons to call Orlando home and it is a wonderful place to live for singles and families alike. However, just like any other city of Orlando’s size, crime does exist.

If you’re planning on moving to Orlando, or if you’re simply a current resident looking to move to a different location in town, you likely want to ensure that you settle down in the safest possible neighborhood. As long as you know the safe neighborhoods to stick to, and which neighborhoods to avoid, you can maximize your experience and enjoy life in Orlando.

What Are The Safest Neighborhoods in Orlando?

The crime rates in Orlando, both property crime and violent crime, are considered higher than the national average. In 2019, the city ranked 15th on the FBI crime date report for the most dangerous cities in the state of Florida. However, that is not to say that the city doesn’t have safe neighborhoods for families and individuals.

In fact, current residents of Orlando claim that the city is not even close to as dangerous as the statistics suggest. A large majority of neighborhoods within Orlando zip codes are perfectly safe to be in, both day and night. However, just like most major cities, there are areas that should be avoided. The most significant crime and higher crime rates exist in pockets across the city.

If you’re looking for a safe neighborhood in Orlando to put down some roots, you’ve come to the right place. We examined FBI crime data for Orlando neighborhoods in order to determine the safest among them. Those that had the lowest overall crime rate (including violent crime and property crime) made our list of the ten safest neighborhoods in the city of Orlando.

  1. Eagles Nest
  2. Wedgewood Groves
  3. Lake Nona Estates
  4. Southern Oaks
  5. Bryn Mawr
  6. Orlando Executive
  7. Ventura
  8. The Dovers
  9. 33rd Saint Industrial
  10. Bel Air

Let’s dive in and explore each neighborhood in further detail, along with its characteristics, specific crime rates, and livability.

1. Eagles Nest

Eagles Nest

  • Violent Crimes Per 100K: 10
  • Property Crime Per 100K: 128
  • Population: 5,039

Eagles Nest tops our list of the safest neighborhoods in Orlando. This relatively small community is located about six miles southwest of the city center. It is home to roughly 5,000 residents, is close in proximity to the Universal Orlando Resort, and has some averagely rated schools.

The neighborhood also contains Eagles Nest Park, a great place to picnic or enjoy a nice walk on pleasant paved walkways. This park also offers a variety of well-maintained facilities such as softball fields, benches, pavilions, and hiking trails.

In regards to crime, Eagles Nest has a total crime rating that is 95% lower than the national average and is considered to be safer than 93% of the cities in the state. By our calculations, Eagles Nest is the number one safest neighborhood in Orlando. The violent crime rate per 100K people comes in at 10, while property crime is 128 for 2020.

2. Wedgewood Groves

Wedgewood Groves

  • Violent Crimes Per 100K: 59
  • Property Crime Per 100K: 380
  • Population: 1,274

Within the Orlando city limits, and a mere ten minutes from both Downtown Orlando and the Orlando International Airport, Wedgewood Groves is a very convenient home base. Founded in 1987, the Wedgewood Groves neighborhood consists of nearly 1,300 people in 242 well-maintained homes.

Residents of Wedgewood Groves enjoy quiet tree-lined streets, friendly neighbors, lush green lawns, block parties, and little crime. Amenities offered include a tennis court and pool/cabana area, all accessed by an electronic key fob given to residents for enjoyment. The Wedgewood Groves Homeowners Association is committed to promoting safety, beautification, and improvement across the community.

This neighborhood is the ideal choice for families moving to Orlando. Total crime in this community is 83% lower than the national average and you would have a 1 in 228 chance of becoming a victim. Wedgewood Groves comes in at number two on our list of the safest neighborhoods in Orlando. The violent crime rate per 100K people sits at 59 and property crime is 380 for 2020.

3. Lake Nona Estates

Lake Nona Estates

  • Violent Crimes Per 100K: 63
  • Property Crime Per 100K: 880
  • Population: 397

Situated adjacent to the Orlando International Airport, Lake Nona consists of 17-square-miles. Brochures describe this neighborhood as a “modern mecca for technology, innovation, and community.” Home to almost 400 people, Lake Nona Estates is a very small community located on the east side of the man-made Lake Nona.

This innovative neighborhood offers forward-thinking design, world-class amenities, and a relatively quick commute to the nearby theme parks. The schools in Lake Nona are above average, although the cost of living is high with a median household income of $101,927.

In regards to crime, Lake Nona Estates takes the third slot on our list of the safest neighborhoods in Orlando. Total crime is 63% lower than the national average and the neighborhood is considered to be safer than 83% of the cities in the entire state of Florida. Violent crimes per 100K people come in at 63 and property crime is 880 for 2020.

4. Southern Oaks

Southern Oaks

  • Violent Crimes Per 100K: 92
  • Property Crime Per 100K: 983
  • Population: 547

With a population of roughly 547, Southern Oaks is another small, lesser-known, Orlando neighborhood located about four miles south of the downtown area. It consists of mainly single-family homes and some apartment complexes. Schools in this area are rated close to average and it is overall a popular place for families.

Residents love Southern Oaks because of its walkability, charm, friendly neighbors, and peaceful atmosphere. This area is very family-friendly, dog-friendly, well-maintained, and clean. Based on our calculations and FBI crime data, Southern Oaks is the fourth safest neighborhood in Orlando.

This neighborhood’s total crime rate is 58% less than the United States average and is considered to be safer than 86% of the cities in the state. Violent crime per 100K people comes in at 92 and property crime is 983 for 2020.

5. Bryn Mawr

Bryn Mawr

  • Violent Crimes Per 100K: 181
  • Property Crime Per 100K: 1,156
  • Population: 3,605

With a population of roughly 3,600 residents, Bryn Mawr is located about six miles to the east of Orlando. With a relatively low crime rating, this neighborhood is one of the safest in the city. Bryn Mawr is self-described as a rustic community with a wide variety of home designs and diverse residents.

The Bryn Mawr Homeowners Associated is dedicated to enhancing the livability, welfare, interests, and safety of its residents. They promote community and responsible use of the neighborhood assets that benefit all homeowners and residents. Bryn Mawr contains numerous pools, tennis courts, lake views, and more amenities for residents to enjoy.

The area consists of primarily single-family homes and offers a quiet, peaceful suburban feel. In regards to crime, Bryn Mawr is safer than 77% of cities in the state of Florida and has an overall crime rating substantially lower than the national average. This community earns the fifth spot on our list of the safest neighborhoods in Orlando. The violent crime rating per 100K people comes in at 181 and property crime per capita is 1,156 for 2020.

6. Orlando Executive

Orlando Executive

  • Violent Crimes Per 100K: 128
  • Property Crime Per 100K: 1,408
  • Population: 783

The Orlando Executive neighborhood is comprised of the Orlando Executive Airport with 783 residents within the community limits. Orlando Executive is situated about four miles directly to the east of the city. The airport serves general aviation and is operated by the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA).

This neighborhood was annexed to the city in 1947 and consists almost entirely of the airport. It is within close proximity of Downtown, along with a variety of shopping and dining experiences, and local parks. Crime in this area is very low, and the community earns the sixth slot on our list of the safest neighborhoods in Orlando.

Total crime in Orlando Executive is 40% lower than the national average and you would have a 1 in 66 chance of being a victim in this neighborhood. Violent crime per 100K people comes in at 128 and property crime is 1,408 for 2020.

7. Ventura


  • Violent Crimes Per 100K: 275
  • Property Crime Per 100K: 1,267
  • Population: 4,373

Ventura is a meticulously maintained golf community that includes over 1,700 luxury homes and condominiums. The neighborhood is located in southeast Orlando and about six miles north of the Orlando International Airport. Residents enjoy stately oaks, numerous ponds, the nearby Lake Frederica, and many paths for walking, biking, and jogging.

The community is gated, offering ample security, and is home to an 18-hole semi-private golf course, driving range, and pro shop. Ventura is the ideal neighborhood for retirees, families, and individuals who love golf. The golf course is the closest to Orlando’s MCO Airport. Those who reside in Ventura also get to take advantage of a clubhouse with a grand ballroom, meeting room, dining room, state-of-the-art fitness center, extensive library, and restaurant, aptly named “The 19th Hole.”

Ventura is the seventh safest neighborhood in Orlando, with a total crime rate that is 40% less than the national average and 73% less than the city. Violent crime in Ventura per 100K people comes in at 275 and property crime is 1,267 for 2020.

8. The Dovers

The Dovers

  • Violent Crimes Per 100K: 288
  • Property Crime Per 100K: 1,342
  • Population: 521

The Dovers is a very small Orlando neighborhood with a population of just over 500 residents. It is located directly south of the 408 freeway from the Orlando Executive Airport and about four miles east of the city center. A portion of this community consists of Demetree Park where residents can enjoy 3 boardwalk-lined lakes, a playground, fishing pier, and tennis and basketball courts.

This area also includes an animal hospital, a number of churches, and smaller shops. Residents love The Dovers for its friendly neighbors, peaceful ambiance, and sense of community. With a total crime rate that is 71% less than the Orlando average, The Dovers is the eighth safest neighborhood in the city.

Violent crime per 100K people comes in at 288 and property crime is 1,342 for 2020.

9. 33rd Saint Industrial

33rd Saint Industrial

  • Violent Crimes Per 100K: 180
  • Property Crime Per 100K: 1,469
  • Population: 4,172

Located in southwest Orlando, 33rd Saint Industrial is a community of about 4,100 residents. It is in close proximity to the Universal Orlando Resort, and a number of nearby shopping centers. The area is primarily a commercial business district that is home to the likes of Continental Windows and Glass Inc., Universal Engineering Science Inc., The City of Orlando Water Reclamation Division, and more.

This industrial community takes the ninth spot on our list of the safest neighborhoods in Orlando. Total crime in 33rd Saint Industrial is 36% lower than the national average and 71% lower than the Orlando average. You have a 1 in 61 chance of becoming a victim in the 33rd Saint Industrial neighborhood. Violent crimes per 100K people come in at 180, while property crime per capita is 1,469 for 2020.

10. Bel Air

Bel Air

  • Violent Crimes Per 100K: 39
  • Property Crime Per 100K: 1,736
  • Population: 635

Closing out our list of the top ten safest neighborhoods in Orlando, Florida is the small community of Bel Air. Bel Air is located about 2 miles southeast of the heart of downtown Orlando. The neighborhood was first settled in the 1950s and 1960s, with some homes arriving in the early 1970s.

Residents of Bel Air enjoy oak tree-lined streets and two lakes, the seven-acre Lake Weldona to the north and the 14-acre Hourglass Lake to the south end of the neighborhood. With roughly 300 homes, Bel Air contains a population of nearly 700 residents. This community exudes small-town charm and is comprised of primarily single- and two-story homes of the traditional ranch style and Old Floridian architecture.

Bel Air is a very picturesque, family-friendly place where block parties, holiday events, neighborhood cookouts, and daily strolls are commonplace. Lawns are manicured and properties are well-maintained. In regards to safety, Bel Air is safer than 81% of the cities in Florida.

Bel Air is the tenth safest neighborhood in Orlando. Violent crime per 100K people is a very low 39, while property crime comes in significantly higher at 1,736 for 2020.

Safest Neighborhoods in Orlando for 2020

Rank Neighborhood Population Violent Crime (per 100K) Property Crime (per 100K)
1 Eagles Nest 5,039 10 128
2 Wedgewood Groves 1,274 59 380
3 Lake Nona Estates 397 63 880
4 Southern Oaks 547 92 983
5 Bryn Mawr 3,605 181 1,156
6 Orlando Executive 783 128 1,408
7 Ventura 4,373 275 1,267
8 The Dovers 521 288 1,342
9 33rd Saint Industrial 4,172 180 1,469
10 Bel Air 635 39 1,736

Is Orlando Safe?

This is a question that is equally posed by both potential residents and visitors to Orlando, Florida. Put simply, while it does have a higher than average crime rate, Orlando is a relatively safe city. Just like any other major city in America, you can expect some parts to be unsafe for tourists. As one of the most visited tourist destinations in the nation, petty theft is very common. However, pickpocketing and bag snatching has been on the decline in recent years.

As long as you avoid the dangerous areas, you should not run into any issues in Orlando. Some of these unsafe places include Parramore District, an area in downtown Orlando where the majority of the city’s homeless population is located and crime rates are higher.

You should also steer clear of Orange Blossom Trail, infamous for prostitution and other related illegal activities. Finally, Pine Hills is another neighborhood that is especially dangerous. It is a low-income area where crime rates are significantly higher than the rest of the city. Additionally, you should never linger around the Pine Hills Greyhound bus station.

For further analysis, examine the chart below for the most recent crime data released by the FBI for Orlando. We’ve also included the national averages for reference.

Statistic Reported Incidents Orlando/100k people National/100k people
Total Crime 16,085 5,611 2,580
Murder 39 13.6 5.0
Rape 200 69.8 42.6
Robbery 628 219.1 86.2
Assault 1,415 493.6 246.8
Violent crime 2,282 796 381
Burglary 1,619 564.7 376.0
Theft 10,965 3,824.8 1,594.6
Vehicle theft 1,219 425.2 228.9
Property crime 13,803 4,815 2,200

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Where do the wealthy live in Orlando?

The communities of Windermere and Oviedo are very affluent neighborhoods in Orlando. Windermere’s median household income is a staggering $111,000, while Oviedo’s comes in at more than $82K. Average home sales in Windermere are typically just under $1 million, although some can go up to $2.35 million. Oviedo has homes in a wide assortment of prices, with some upwards of $2.5 million.

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