Standard Hammock Sizes (With Drawings)

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by Stacy Randall

If you are looking for a way to relax in the summertime, a hammock can bring you joy and peace. There are a variety of standard hammock sizes and stands that you can consider. Hammocks are a great investment if you enjoy spending your leisure time swaying in the breeze.

Single hammocks are between 39 and 50 inches wide, and double hammocks are 52 to 60 inches wide. Hammocks are at least between 74 and 79 inches long, but 10 to 11 feet works better for comfort. The optimal height for a hanging hammock is 6 to 8 feet from the ground. A hammock stand is 4 to 5 feet high.

Whether camping or spending the day on the edge of a lake, a hammock is a top choice. Sleeping in a hammock gives your body the support it needs and better sleep. In turn, swinging in a hammock can give your mind and body a break.

What Is the Average Height of a Hammock?

For hammocks with framed bars, 4-5 feet off the ground is the average distance for a hammock. For hammocks without frames or bars, 6-8 feet off the ground is the perfect height for hanging. Make sure you have adequate space to move it up or down to ensure ideal height.

To ensure safety and comfort and to avoid the risk of serious injury, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Hanging points for each end of the hammock should be within the recommended hanging distance in the manual. If the hammock is stretched too far between hanging points, it will increase the likelihood of tipping.

Always make sure the hammock can support the occupant’s weight, regardless of the suspended height. The hammock, at any height, should never be fastened to an object that has the potential to move or break.

Standard Single Hammock Sizes

Typically, a single size is the standard size that most buyers choose. The standard width of a single hammock is 39-50 inches. And the typical length is 76 to 79 inches to accommodate one person.

A single weight limit is between 300 and 400 pounds and can save you weight in your backpack. Since it folds easily to 18 inches or less and is lightweight, a single is best for backpackers. However, you lose room when you sleep since it’s not that spacious.

With a single hammock, you may find more places to hang it, and easier to cover from the elements. A single is suitable for lounging and is often made of a light, manageable fabric that can stand to get dirty. However, some singles restrict weight and height, so find one that fits you.

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Standard Double Hammock Sizes

Double hammocks are made to fit two average-sized people comfortably. The width of a standard double hammock can be 52 to 60 inches. The length is 74 to 79 inches long to accommodate two bodies but may require a bit more space.

The double-sized hammock provides just the right amount of extra space for a comfortable sleep if you are alone. Some people prefer to buy a double to use as a single sleeper. Since it is bigger, a double is not an easy pack but can be worth it if you are camping.

With a double, hanging can be more difficult since it will need more space or higher tension. To fully extend the hammock, spacers or farming bars are ideal. This makes it hard since it tends to be longer and needs 10-12 feet of hanging length.

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Do Hammock Stands Have Standard Sizes?

Hammock stands tend to come in various styles and sizes to accommodate different hammocks. Some stands are adjustable and can be built right in your backyard. A hammock stand will take up a lot of space and come in a few standard sizes.

Since hammocks range from single to double and bigger, stands need to be adjustable. The standard stands run anywhere from 4 feet wide to 5 to 15 feet long. This allows you to adjust the stand to your liking or the type of hammock you may purchase.

Most stands can withstand a higher weight capacity. While hammocks tend to carry about 300 pounds, the stand must withstand more. At about 550 pounds, stands hold the hammock and typically two people comfortably, maybe more depending on the style.

Lengths can vary in stands due to the variety of hammock lengths. Your choice of hammock and what you want the hammock for will determine your stand.

Stands should withstand the weather. Your stand will either be rust-resistant steel or treated wood, like mahogany or cypress. They are varnished to stay durable.

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How Do You Know What Size Hammock to Get?

Whether you want a quilted hammock or rope, you need to know what size hammock you want. If it is for you, you will want to buy one at least 2 feet longer than your height. Knowing how long it will be will help with your choice of stand and other features.

Along with buying a single, double, or even larger, you may want to be careful about your choice. In looking at hammocks, be sure to consider the weight capacity of each. Not just for your hammock but the stand as well.

Depending on brand and size you will see that weight for the size of hammock you want changes. Along with material and stand, weight is important to have your hammock last you a long time.

The Best Way to Measure for a Hammock

You want to take in the curve and swing of a hammock. You want to find your designated space for the hammock, and measure the length and width. In knowing the dimensions of your hammock of choice, you can measure out the space.

If you have already bought the hammock and are looking to hang it up, there are a few steps. To measure the length of a hammock, you want to lay it flat. This length does not include the suspension straps or attached ropes.

But when measuring, include the loops you would attach the suspension or hammock to. When shopping online furniture retail, you can usually get this length measurement from the company website. Using a measuring tape and possibly a string layout is best for measuring your new hammock.

What Size Hammock Is Best for a 9-Foot Stand?

A 9-foot stand is not a size that many choose. A stand with such a small length is really only used for a single hammock due to weight restrictions. You will want a hammock that is 9 feet or less in length.

A 9-foot stand is easier to maneuver and store or pack for a daytime trip to the mountains. A stand that is only 9-foot cannot accommodate a lot and is not the first choice. But if you are limited on space, a 9-footer is perfect.

What Size Hammock Is Best for a 10-Foot Stand?

A 10-foot stand is best with hammocks that are 10 feet or shorter. Camping hammocks or small spreader bar hammocks are best. It’s the perfect length stand for one person but does have a weight capacity of 300 pounds.

A portable 10-foot stand is lightweight and easy to assemble and disassemble, making a 10-foot stand ideal. If it is a wooden stand, it should still be a comfortable size and not take up too much space.

Wrapping Up Standard Hammock Sizes

If your hammock has bars, it should be between 4 and 5 feet high. But if hanging it, a hammock should be about 6 to 8 feet from the ground.

Most single hammocks are between 39 and 50 inches wide, and double hammocks are between 52 and 60 inches wide. A hammock is at least 74 to 79 inches long to accommodate an average person.

However, 10 to 11 feet are more comfortable lengths for most people, depending on their height. With a variety of sizes from 9-foot or 10-foot long hammock stands and beyond, you will find what you need.

Depending on if you want a hammock for leisure time or backpacking, knowing the different ones is important. There is a hammock out there that will give you the length, width, and height you desire.

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