What Are The Pros And Cons Of Living In Daytona Beach, FL?

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Located on Florida’s east coast, Daytona Beach is one of the state’s most popular cities. Living in Daytona Beach means waking up to sunrises over the ocean, delicious fresh-caught seafood at your fingertips, and access to over 23 miles of pristine sandy white beaches.

The Sunshine State has attracted tourists and vacationers for decades. With its gorgeous year-round weather, zero state income tax, and easy access to a multitude of theme parks and attractions, it’s no wonder thousands of new residents a year are flocking to Florida.

Designed for relaxation and entertainment, Daytona Beach is far more than a vacation destination. Daytona Beach is one of the most interesting and desirable cities along Florida’s east coast to enjoy sun, sand, and sky without breaking the bank.

Making the move to Daytona Beach has all the hallmarks of ideal coastal living including gorgeous weather year-round, easy access to a plethora of outdoor sports and activities, low cost of living, and lovely residents. Not to mention Daytona Beach is the ultimate mecca of motorsports in the United States. No place is perfect, however, and Daytona Beach definitely has a few drawbacks. The intense heat, heavy tourist traffic, and outlandish insurance costs might give you pause.

Daytona Beach is so much more than a pit stop along the Floridian coast. Keep reading to find out if coastal living is right for you!

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What Are The Pros Of Moving To Daytona Beach, FL?

While Daytona Beach may not be as popular as its sister city of Orlando, it’s quickly becoming one of the most desirable places to live. Snowbirds and young professionals alike are flocking to this beach community in search of something different.

Gorgeous Weather Year-Round

If you’re someone who can’t stand the cold, Florida is the perfect state for you. With a national average of 237 days of sun a year, Florida takes the cake for easy outdoor living. In fact, many Floridian cities average 30 days of sunshine over the state’s average, Daytona Beach included.

While the summers can be hot and humid, the rest of the seasons are warm and mild. Daytona Beach residents will never need anything heavier than a thick sweater during the winter months.

Enjoy The Great Outdoors Year-Round

Daytona Beach living includes more time spent out of doors than in any other state. There is no shortage of outdoor activities to keep you occupied and busy all year round.

Deep-sea fishing, boating, windsurfing, diving, sailing, camping…the sheer amount of outdoor living one can accomplish as a Daytona Beach resident is astounding.

Daytona Beach boasts dozens of parks ideal for outdoor picnics, beach outings, and water fun for people of all ages. Here a few of the best spots in Daytona for some fun in the sun:

  • Tomoka State Park
  • Dunlawton Sugar Mill Gardens
  • Daytona Beach Pier
  • Tiger Bay State Forest

Daytona Beach Pier

One of the top tourist attractions in Daytona, Daytona Beach Mainstreet Pier appeals to the locals as well. Just steps from the world-famous coastline, Mainstreet Pier is a hubbub of restaurants, shops, and live music.

The Daytona Beach Pier is the epicenter of beach life, and one of the most recognizable landmarks in the city. Built in 1925, the pier has been featured in multiple magazines, movies, and photoshoots over the years, withstanding the constant crush of the Atlantic Ocean year after year.

Fishing is permitted on the pier and doesn’t require a fishing license, making it an easy and enjoyable way to spend an afternoon.

Low Cost Of Living

The cost of living in Daytona Beach is lower than the national average. This is due, in part, to the zero income tax in the state of Florida. The fluctuating property market rarely affects beachfront properties, making owning a home that much easier.

When compared to other similarly sized cities, Daytona Beach is extremely affordable.

Lovely Residents

Because of its gorgeous weather, Daytona Beach has long been a destination for retirees and snowbirds. There are also plenty of young people in Daytona thanks to the local colleges.

The overall community leans more on the friendly, vivacious, and fun-loving side of life. Perhaps a side effect of 24/7 sun, wind, and surf.

Because Daytona Beach is also a popular tourist destination, residents are used to their town overflowing with new faces. They’re only all too eager to lend a helping hand. Locals are more than willing to help new Floridians feel at home and at ease.

Motorsport Mecca

When someone mentions Daytona Beach, NASCAR, and the Daytona International Speedway immediately come to mind. Whether or not you’re a motorsport enthusiast, the notoriety of Daytona’s racing scene cannot go unmentioned.

Before 1959 racers could try their talents and luck racing up and down the actual beaches of Daytona. There are still areas of coast that are set aside for racing. Now, the International Daytona Speedway, or “The World Center of Racing,” plays host to some of the most diverse racing in the entire world.

The Daytona 500, the most prestigious event in NASCAR racing, draws thousands of visitors to Daytona Beach every year. If you’re someone who loves sports, racing, or crowds, you’ll love this time of year in Daytona.

What Are The Cons Of Living In Daytona Beach, FL?

While Daytona Beach certainly has its pros, there are a few cons to this beachfront community. As with any major move, it’s important to look at all information before making a final decision.

Intense Summer Heat

While the majority of the year in Daytona is mild and manageable, the summer months can be brutal.

It isn’t uncommon for outdoor activities that aren’t watersports to slow in the summer months. Residents will tell you that’s an AC time of year— without air conditioning, living on the Florida coast during the summer would be unbearable.

Life tends to consist of going from your air-conditioned house, to your air-conditioned car, to your air-conditioned place of work, to your air-conditioned car, and so on and so forth. If you’re someone who enjoys hiking and camping during the summer, you may want to rethink Daytona.

Heavy Tourism

Because Daytona Beach is the home of NASCAR headquarters and the Daytona 500, people from all over the United States and sometimes the world flock to Daytona Beach in February for Speedweeks, a series of races leading up to the Daytona 500.

The hospitality industry in Daytona is busy all year, but gets especially slammed during the racing season and into the summer months. Beaches, restaurants, shops, and parks are overrun during this season.

Because there are so many tourists in and out of Daytona, crime can fluctuate. During the heavy tourist season, petty theft and pickpocketing is on the rise.

So if you’re looking for a sleepy little town with a slower rhythm than some of the bigger cities, Daytona may not be for you. There are simply too many tourists around for that.

High Insurance Cost

Flood insurance and home insurance are significantly higher than in other cities across the United States. Living in a beachfront community means you’re susceptible to more natural disasters such as hurricanes and flooding.

While Daytona has a significantly lower risk of hurricanes than other Florida cities, you’re still going to be required to have flood insurance. This can make purchasing a home a little or a lot more expensive than other places. The cost of living in Florida is low, but insurance costs are high.

Related Questions

Can You Still Drive On The Beaches in Daytona?

Yes! Tide permitting, visitors and locals can still drive along designated routes. Beach driving is one of the most iconic draws of Daytona. As long as you follow the speed limits of 10-16 MPH, you can enjoy a scenic drive along the coast and park your car right on the sand next to your beach towel.

How Is The Job Market In Daytona Beach?

Even though Daytona’s hospitality industry plays a large role in the local economy, manufacturing, healthcare, and education are also major players in the growing job market.Job growth is steadily on the rise with NASCAR, Trader Joe’s, and Nesco being some of the top employers in the area.

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Our Conclusion

Daytona Beach offers a little something for every type of resident. Whether you’re an avid outdoorsman looking to spend your days sailing and fishing or an up-and-coming professional looking for somewhere sunny and affordable, Daytona Beach is a great choice.

Many things that make Daytona a great spot to vacation also make it a great place to live.

When trying to decide if Daytona is the right place for you, be sure to look at its heavy tourist traffic and the overall cost of insurance before taking the leap. This quaint and historic beachfront community might be the perfect place for you!

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