Is Your Luxpro Thermostat Not Working? (Possible Causes & Fixes)

Ryan Womeldorf
by Ryan Womeldorf

Thermostats have come a long way in a relatively short time. Central air itself is still a relatively new invention in the grand scheme of things. The way that we control the settings have changed throughout the years, with smart thermostats currently being the best option out there.

Luxpro is a popular option for thermostats. But like any other brand, it can experience issues from time to time. When your Luxpro thermostat is not working, it is likely due to one of a few issues. The batteries may be dead, there may be a loose connection, a software issue may be at play, or a simple device restart could resolve the problem. It takes a few simple troubleshooting steps to get to the source of the problem and implement a solution.

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Are Luxpro Thermostats Good?

With more and more consumers making the switch to smart thermostats, a more traditional-looking unit may not get the attention that it deserves. Luxpro thermostats are designed simply and have the traditional white panel that we used to associate with thermostats.

But what kind of quality can you expect from a Luxpro thermostat? Consumers love the simplicity of the unit, for starters. Many smart thermostats can almost have too many features at times. For those who are technologically challenged, it can feel like you need a degree just to program a thermostat.

The battery backup offered on Luxpro thermostats also means not losing heating and cooling when the power goes out. There are even warnings that will display to tell you when something is wrong, allowing for easier troubleshooting. They may not be the best thermostats on the market, but they are simple and to the point.

Common Issues with Luxpro Thermostats

The unfortunate reality with just about any thermostat is that issues will pop up from time to time. Even the most highly-rated options on the market will run into their fair share of issues. The key is to be able to recognize those issues and troubleshoot them accordingly.

There are a few simple issues that can pop up from time to time. If your thermostat uses batteries, it could just be running low on energy. Perhaps a software glitch has taken hold and requires a restart or a reset. Here are some of the most common issues that Luxpro thermostat owners face.


Believe it or not, this is probably the most common issue that faces thermostats. If your thermostat runs on battery power, it needs to either be charged or have the batteries replaced from time to time. If your unit runs on battery power and just won’t turn on, the most likely culprit is dead batteries.

Low batteries can even result in subpar performance. The unit needs to get the requisite amount of power to run properly. If it doesn’t, certain functions may not work or the unit may not run at all if there is no power.

Make sure that you don’t mix old batteries with new ones. Luxpro thermostats also only use alkaline batteries, meaning they are non-rechargeable.

Check the Breaker

That said, it is entirely possible that your thermostat either plugs into a local outlet or is tied in using electrical wiring. There still may be batteries in the unit but those are meant to act as backups in the event that the power fails.

You will begin to see the same symptoms and issues that you would with low battery power. You can start by checking to make sure that the breaker has not flipped off; that could result in the unit either turning off or running off of battery power in the interim.

Minor Software Issues

There are some instances in which minor glitches may happen. It may even be where your thermostat freezes up from time to time and won’t work. Before you go into any more comprehensive fixes, there is the one everyone tries: restart the device.

Restarting the device can help to correct minor issues. Best of all, it is a quick, simple process. All you do is switch the system off, take it off the wall, and remove the batteries. Give it about 15 minutes or so, then find the reset button on the side (should be labeled “H.W. Reset”). Using a paper clip or a pin, press it down for 5 seconds.

The reset will restart the thermostat, which should get rid of any smaller issues that you are having with it. When those software issues persist, then you will want to try something a little more serious.

Software Issues

You may notice that there are issues in programming or even minor glitches that appear from time to time. Instead of just writing it off, take the time to reset your device (this is not the same as restarting the device).

By resetting the device, keep in mind that you are wiping away any settings. It also means having to go through the initial setup as well. Still, if you are dealing with frequent glitching or other small issues, a total reset can be a great way of “clearing” everything and starting over from the beginning.

Wiring Issues

While the wiring in your thermostat is not necessarily the most complicated, it can play a role in issues that you are having. For everything to function properly, your Luxpro thermostat has to have all the wires properly secured.

When a wire is loose or has damage to it, that function (or the entire thermostat) may not work the way it was meant to. So, if you have recurring issues that haven’t been resolved by checking the power or resetting the software, then you want to check the wiring.

Take the thermostat off of the wall and look at the wiring running into the back. If you notice any loose connections, secure them. Any damaged wires should be replaced entirely. If you do not feel confident checking or replacing the wires, calling in a professional will give you the resolution that you need without having to worry about messing things up.

Dirty Connections

Though your thermostat is kind of out of the way and protected by a case, it is not impervious to dirt, dust, and debris. Whenever dust accumulates near the thermostat, there is the chance that the wires can become clogged up.

Part of the troubleshooting process should be looking at the connections and making sure that there isn’t an excessive amount of dust or dirt anywhere within the thermostat. If you do notice a lot of dirt or dust, then use a small, soft brush to clean off any of the dust and dirt particles that may have accumulated inside.

Faulty or Dirty Brass Contacts

If you are this far down the rabbit hole, there is a chance that your issue may be more specific. Take a look at the subbase and find the brass contacts. They are a pair of brass tongs that can typically be found right above the lettering on the wiring terminals.

If you are having issues with your thermostat, try to squeeze the contacts together. Be careful; you do not want to damage them. Cleaning the single contact pens on the circuit board should alleviate connectivity issues between the switches and resolve the problem.

Your Thermostat is Old

Maybe you have performed all of the troubleshooting laid out above and still don’t have a resolution. The simplest explanation may just be that your thermostat is old and out of date. Everything has a shelf life, your thermostat included.

The older your thermostat gets, the less effective it becomes. It may come to a point where nothing works consistently regardless of the troubleshooting efforts that you put in. At that point, it may be time to get a new thermostat.

Customer Support is There as a Last Ditch Effort

It is important to note that Luxpro does offer customer service for their thermostats. That said, like any customer service support line, there is only so much that can be done over the phone. They are likely going to walk you through the issues laid out above and how to implement a solution.

The most effective repair option is to call a local technician. An HVAC specialist in your area will be able to come out and assess the problem in person. They are going to check all of the same things that you do, so you might be able to save yourself time and money by troubleshooting the problem yourself. That said, they will also likely be able to check certain things that a DIYer just can’t.

Do You Need Your Thermostat Repaired or Reprogrammed?

Get free, zero-commitment quotes from pro contractors near you.

Where is the Reset Button a Luxpro Thermostat?

More often than not, resetting your thermostat is going to be the solution. It is a quick and easy potential solution that works most of the time. But where do you find the reset button to implement this fix?

While it depends on which model you have, you can safely assume that it is on either the right or left side of the thermostat. It is labeled “H.W. Reset” (hardware reset) and needs to be compressed using a small object like a pin. Holding for about 15 seconds should reset the device.

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