L-Shaped Desk Dimensions (with Drawings)

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Whether you work from home or at an office, you probably spend a lot of time at your desk. It’s essential to have a comfortable workspace that provides storage solutions and is ergonomic. Use this as a guide to choosing the best L-shaped desk for your space.

L-shaped desks usually have one short side and one long side. The length of the longer side typically ranges from 60 to 72 inches, and the short side 48 to 58 inches. If the sides are equal in length, they will usually be 60 inches.

What Is the Average Size of an L-Shaped Desk?

L-shaped desks can vary in size, but they typically have one side that is shorter than the other. For some designs, you’ll find sides that are the same length.

Typically, when one side is longer, it ranges from 60 to 72 inches. This is compared to roughly 48 to 58 inches for the shorter side.

If the sides are both the same, the usual length is approximately 60 inches. However, there are some smaller L-shaped desks that are about 55 inches in length.

Source: Cymax

Types of L-Shaped Desks

When you need a large work area, an L-shaped desk is a great option. A corner that would usually be wasted space can transform into a work area with an L-shaped desk. There are several different types of L-shaped desks to choose from.

L-Shaped Computer Desk

You can use all L-shaped desks with computers, but some L-shaped desks are designed specifically for computers and tech accessories. These desks usually have a keyboard trap and can accommodate printers, speakers, and multiple monitors. Some L-shaped computer desks also have a raised monitor shelf to view the screen easily.

An average L-shaped computer desk is 28.31 inches high, 51.31 inches wide, and 53.63 inches deep.

Source: Caretta Workspace

L-Shaped Computer Workstation

In an office space, people sometimes refer to L-shaped computer desks as cubicles or workstations. These are similar to L-shaped computer desks but feature partitions for added privacy.

An L-shaped workstation usually has a width of 96 inches and a length of 96 inches. This workstation requires a total area of 64 square feet.

L-Shaped Executive Desk

The most luxurious L-shaped desk option is an executive L-shaped desk. These are typically made from solid wood and are very heavy. Executive desks usually feature ornate carving detail and are more prominent for larger workspaces.

Most L-shaped executive desks are 69 inches in width, 76 inches in depth, and 30 inches in height. These desks can weigh around 446 pounds.

If your L-shaped executive desk includes a hutch, the dimensions will be slightly larger. These desks can have a width of 71 inches, depth of 71 inches, and height of 30 inches.

Source: Pinterest

L-Shaped Reception Desk

Because of how they are configured, L-shaped desks make for great reception desks, too. These desks typically feature a rise that adds to the height of the front of the desk. This is sometimes called a transaction counter and often comes with a set of drawers.

L-shaped reception desks are longer than typical L-shaped desks, about 71 inches long and sometimes much longer. Often, these reception desks can fit two people at one time. However, because of the size and material, an L-shaped reception desk can cost $500 to multiple thousands of dollars.

An L-shaped reception desk has a width of 72 inches, depth of 24 inches, and height of 29.25 inches. The rise has a width of 36.02 inches, a depth of 23.82 inches, and a height of 29.25 inches.

Things to Consider When Purchasing an L-Shaped Desk

When purchasing an L-shaped desk, consider the desk material, the devices you have, your aesthetic, and how much workspace you need.

Material of the Desk

Most desks consist of laminate, metal, wood, or glass.

Laminate, the most popular material, is a wood core with a plastic finish. It is durable, affordable, and has a variety of colors and pattern options. Metal is known for being resilient and a good option for long-term use.

Wood comes with a heftier price tag and is more delicate than other materials. Glass desks are clean and modern but have less storage. Tempered glass desktops are usually safer on the off chance that they break.

Size and Configuration of the Desk

Before you buy an L-shaped desk, make sure that your office space can support the size of this desk. On average, L-shaped desks are 30 percent bigger than straight desks. These desks can provide extra surface area for working.

The standard desk height is 29 to 30 inches from the floor, suitable for most people. Some desks allow you to choose a right-handed return or left-handed return when you assemble the desk. However, this isn’t an option for all L-shaped desks, so consider your options before purchasing.

Type of Computer That Will Go on the Desk

The desk you choose should be able to accommodate your needs. Desktop computers require surface space for the monitor, keyboard, computer tower, and other supplies. Some L-shaped desks have storage for this equipment.

Laptops don’t require as much space, of course. If you have to plug in electronics, be sure to place your desk near a power source. Some desks come with grommets, which are built-in holes that help to keep electrical cords organized.

Desk’s Storage Capacity

L-shape desks are known to have more amounts of storage. If your workspace requires multiple appliances, drawers, cubbies, and shelves can be beneficial. Storage in these desks can range in size, usually incorporating a hutch or shelves for the most storage.

Adjustability of the Desk

Your desk should look good, but it should also be functional. Sitting at your desk too long can be detrimental to your health. When you’re at your desk, there are several things you should think about.

An adjustable desk can help to change your workspace setup based on your current needs. Some L-shaped desks have adjustable heights for sitting or standing. This can be a better option ergonomically if you are working for multiple hours per day.

Source: Eureka Ergonomic

Benefits of Choosing an L-Shaped Desk

An L-shaped desk is a unique shape with many advantages when it comes to creating a comfortable work area.

L-Shaped Desks Are Space Savers

Because of the L-shape, the desk can easily fit into corners, a good choice for those trying to maximize the space. This allows you to use the space more efficiently, and it frees up otherwise wasted floor area.

L-Shape Desks Provide Larger Amounts of Work Space

Certain professions often require more surface area due to multiple monitors, large plans, or drawings. L-shape desks can often give you more workspace than standard desks because you have double the surface to work on. Whether you’re in a profession that requires more space or not, it’s nice to have a bigger area, regardless.

L-Shape Desks Can Offer Extra Storage

Not only are L-shaped desks nice for multiple monitors, but they can also house all of your computer accessories. Several L-shaped desks are explicitly made for these reasons, often having drawers, cabinets, and shelves. Overall, an L-shaped desk can provide you with more storage than you would find with other choices.

L-Shape Desks Are a Good Option for Sharing

L-shaped desks are large enough to be shared by two people at the same time. They’re also large enough for couples or families to use them at different times. The extra space allows multiple computers and storage for more than one person to store their work or supplies.

L-Shape Desks Have an Attractive Appearance

Because L-shaped desks come in various styles and materials, there are multiple options to choose from. This can add to the look and feel of your home or office. Executive desks can especially upgrade your space.

Executive desks are usually large in stature and built with high-end wood. They also often feature detailed molding, a hutch, or cabinets with extra space for storage and computer accessories.

Related Questions

What’s the average price of an office desk?

There are tons of desk options available. The price of an office desk will vary based on material, size, functionality, and finish. The price will also increase if you choose to purchase a custom-built desk. Typically, office desks will range in price from $78 to $7,200. However, on average, desks will run from $285 to $1,200. If you want a custom built-in desk, expect to pay $500 to $1,000 per linear foot. Custom-built desk prices consider the materials used, the decorative molding, and the scope and size of the project.

What’s the difference between an L-shaped desk and a corner desk?

While both L-shaped desks and corner desks can fit into a corner, there are significant differences between the two. The biggest difference is that corner desks are less expensive. This is because corner desks usually have two legs that you can lift instead of three. Furthermore, corner desks only have one workspace instead of two. There are also differences in size as L-desks can be larger and hold about 50 percent more weight. L-shaped desks are overall more popular than typical corner desks.

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