Is Summerville, SC A Good Place To Live?

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You, like most people, have probably heard of Charleston, South Carolina, but have you heard of Summerville? This quaint city is just 24 miles away from Charleston, overflowing with history and acres upon acres of flowers. While it’s gorgeous to visit, people often wonder if it’s an excellent place to live.

Southern hospitality doesn’t even begin to give you a glimpse of what the people of Summerville are like. The sweet tea, acres of gardens, and world-class cuisine are what Summerville is all about.

Despite the wildlife, bugs, and hurricanes, Summerville has an unmatched culinary scene and is a fantastic place to raise a family. There is always something to do, and some sort of event always going on. Summerville is also very easy to navigate.

Summerville is very much like Charleston in that there are so many different things to do, and it’s very easy to navigate. In this article, we’ll talk more about Summerville and discuss the advantages and disadvantages one can expect to experience if they ever move to the south.

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Summerville Residents

About 53,000 people reside in Summerville, and 98% of those include citizens, with at least 2,000 of those born outside of the USA. When it comes to community members, Summerville isn’t highly diverse, although it does have at least 10.4k African American folks and about 1.45k white Hispanic individuals.

That being said, there are approximately 3 ½ times more non-Hispanic white people than any other ethnic group. So, if you’re looking for a place that embraces diversity, Summerville may not be it for you.

Why Is Summerville A Good Place To Live?

It’s hard to choose an area that’s best to live in when the entire Lowcountry as a whole is so unique. Many people love Charleston, so we thought it was only fitting to take a look at its sister city and talk a bit about why Summerville is such a great place to live.

1. Great Place To Raise A Family

Since Summerville is close to the coast, many different advantages of living in an area lie this, such as natural white noise to lull you and your kids to sleep. Not to mention, the salty air and the grasses of the marsh are said to help slow downtime.

Southern hospitality and the ability to dodge the hustle and bustle of larger cities are great reasons to settle in Summerville. You no longer have to hurry through horrible traffic to make it to dance recitals after work as everything is close by.

2. There’s Always Something To Do

Summerville has a little fun for everyone, so no matter your background or what it is that you’re looking to get into, there’s something just for you. If you have a passion for history, or you love exploring other cultures, you won’t need to go far within this city.

There are over 650 acres of different trails for you to explore throughout this beautiful city and plenty of parks to enjoy as well. If you love to go sailing, fishing, surfing, or boating, you can also do that nearby along the Intracoastal waterway!]

3. World-Class Culinary Scene

Charleston has a world-class culinary scene that you don’t want to miss out on, and that’s one of the perks of living in Summerville. You’re close enough to travel there to give your tastebuds the experience of their life!

One of the favorite locations for locals and passerby’s is near Mount Pleasant at that 738-acre monster of an estate. Then, you also have Boone Hall Farms Market. A few other favorites are The Ordinary that has a fantastic variety of seafood, and then there’s 82 Queen that has impressive fried green tomatoes.

4. Easy To Navigate

Even though Summerville isn’t nearly as popular as Charleston, it’s still pretty easy to navigate despite the number of people that travel to and through Summerville. Don’t let the number of commuters scare you, as the roads are simple, and the area is relatively easy to navigate.

Not to mention, the weather is usually great year-round, so even if there’s a traffic backup that you don’t want to sit through, you have the option of biking, running, or walking to get to your destination. You could also boat across the lake if you wish.

5. Lots Of Events In Summerville And Surrounding Cities

There are plenty of events that are held throughout the year in Summerville and other surrounding cities. For example, Charleston is home to one of the oldest community theater groups in the country. They put on many different plays at the theaters. You also have the ballet company and symphony.

If you’re more of an art enthusiast, you can visit over 30 art galleries and museums. Don’t forget about the local community events, live music shows in the park and the famous fourth of July celebration.

6. Fuel Costs Are Lower

A great thing about living in the south is that the fuel taxes are exceptionally low compared to other country areas, which means you won’t pay as much for gas.

Even though the state of South Carolina is taxing their fuel at 20 cents per gallon, this is still incredibly low compared to other areas. Furthermore, it’s the first increase they’ve seen in almost 30 years!

What else is incredible is that specific households are able to qualify for a fuel tax credit. Of course, this depends on the household income and what was claimed on your tax return. If you have no liabilities for your car or truck, then you’re able to claim a credit on your tax return for as many as two cars or motorcycles.

7. Low Crime Rate

South Carolina has one of the lowest crime rates in the USA, and in Summerville alone, that rate is 271.5 per 100,000 residents. So, you don’t need to worry about your child walking to and from school or worry about yourself when you want to take a midnight stroll.

Of course, we always encourage everyone to err on the side of caution, as you never know who might be passing by at that time. There are risks of danger associated with any place you go, at any time. But, in Summerville, you don’t have to worry about it as much as you would in, say, Atlanta, Georgia.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Living In Summerville?

Of course, where there are benefits, you can expect there will be disadvantages. It’s only suitable that we discuss the disadvantages of living in Summerville, South Carolina, so you can judge whether this is a city that fits your lifestyle preferences.

1. Hurricanes

Even though Summerville is a fantastic place to live, the weather can be profoundly severe in South Carolina as a whole. But, since Summerville is closer to the coast than it is inland, it has a high potential of being wrecked if it’s caught in the path of a hurricane.

Over 78 hurricanes have been recorded going through Summerville since 1930, and it’s considered a high hurricane risk area. Although, it’s not just the hurricanes that are the issue, but also the flooding. Floods kill people and damage property as well. It’s essential that you have a plan if you decide to move to this or any other hurricane-prone area.

2. Bugs Are A Problem

Mosquitos are no joke in Summerville as it’s close to the water and extremely humid. Mosquitoes love the humidity, which is something the south has plenty of. However, you can always wear insect repellent year-round if you wish, but you’ll want to make sure you have it in summer.

If you don’t’ wear insect repellent, you’ll want to steer clear of wearing any perfume or body spray as this is more likely to attract the biting bugs. Then, you’ll end up with red, raised welts all over any skin that’s exposed.

3. The City’s Wildlife Is Dangerous

Wildlife is something else that you need to worry about in the Summerville area, particularly in the marsh areas or swamps and the tall grass. There are about 700 complaints that come through annually of alligators in the area. However, half of these are to report baby alligators, so that’s a bit of a relief.

The alligators love to eat the turtles, crawfish, and snakes in the area. If you see an alligator, you will want to try to steer clear. However, if one is 13 feet or more in length, this indicates an adult alligator, which is extremely dangerous to cross paths with.

If you were to encounter a gator, t’s best to stay away, don’t try to feed them. Keep a hold on your pets and children as well, as there have been incidents of adult gators feeding on them. Also, remember that a baby gator may seem cute, but a mother gator isn’t too far away.

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Related Questions

Is Summerville, SC, expensive to live in?

It costs about 34% lower to live in Summerville, South Carolina. However, the utility costs are about 24% higher than the average in the USA. Plus, the groceries are only 2% higher than the national average.

Is Summerville, South Carolina safe to live?

Summerville is safe to live in as the crime rate is extremely low. Plus, law enforcement in the area is on its toes, so rest assured, you’re safe when you live in Summerville.

Does it flood in Summerville, SC?

Summerville does flood, as certain areas have seen about four feet during flood season. Therefore, it’s best to purchase hurricane and flood insurance if you were to move here. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt to have an inflatable life raft to use if necessary.

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