Is George, Utah A Good Place To Live?

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George, Utah or also known as St. George Utah, is right at the bottom of the state near the Arizona Border. This city was founded in 1861 and has some rich history attached to it. This is the best place to live if you are an avid hiker who loves exploring the outdoors. The seasons can change drastically from summer to winter, but that leaves many outdoor activities available.

If you love nature, family, and community, George, UT is one of the best places to live. The crime rate is significantly lower than the rest of the United States and perfectly safe to raise a family. This community is tight-knit and won’t disappoint you.

There is something super unique about Georgetown that attracts people to the area, and the population continues to grow steadily. The population is around 84,500, and the community considers this the second-best place to retire. If you have not yet checked out Utah or George, You may want to consider booking a trip!

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Why Is St. George, Utah A Good Place To Live?

This is the seventh-largest community in Utah and one of the safest places to retire or raise a family. The crime rate is well below the national average, and you will find that people truly love this community and tend to stay once they move in. No matter where you live in St. George, there will be some perks to living there; in fact, Utah is just a fantastic place to live.

Reasonable Living Cost

66% of people in St. George like to own their homes rather than rent out places. This is because it is incredibly affordable to own a home and get approved for a mortgage when the cost of living is so low. You will find that the value of most homes, on average, is around $286,000.

This is actually higher than the national average of $217,500. One of the best things about St.George is that there are a lot of opportunities to rent though only 34% of the community chooses to do so.

There are many apartments available that are incredibly affordable and draw a lot of attention to the area. You will find that most apartments on average are around $992 per month, which is below the national average.

A Scenic Experience

Utah is full of amazing views that you won’t want to pass up. However, St.George, Utah, is close to the Grand Canyon and has some unique parks where you can sit and relax with the family. If you need something more vigorous than a picnic in the park, this is the best place for avid hikers. You will find many trails looping over red rocks and more. The next time you’re in town, check out Snow Canyon State Park, which is 20 minutes away from the city.

If you are craving an outdoor adventure, this is the park for you. It’s close to town and such a fun mini getaway. You can go to this park covering 52 acres to have a picnic or BBQ with the family. Try out St.George Utah Temple for the most unique building. Though you cannot go in unless you are a member of the Mormon faith, this temple is astonishing to see in person. It is well built and was started in 1872, it took five years to finish and one of the most stunning places to view in Utah.

Low Crime Rates

Your chance of becoming a victim of any crime in St. George is 1 in 64. It is 33% safer than other cities in the United States, and the crime rate is well below average. Violent crimes are 46% below the national average, which is an incredibly good thing and makes the area really safe. Overall the entire for every crime is 29% below the national average. This is one of the safest cities to settle down in, and compared to other areas in Utah, this is by far one of the best when it comes to safety.

Loads Of Recreational Activities

Most of the activities you will find in St. George, Utah involves being outside. There are ATV adventures that you can go on throughout trails and nearby parks. On the closest lake, they allow customers to rent out jet skis and other water sports that you may find interesting. There are tons of parks, trails, and more you can find here. If you are in the mood to take the family camping, there are loads of nearby camping parks where you can throw a bonfire party with the neighbors who are camping!

Low Unemployment Rate

The unemployment rate is below the United States national average. It is 35% below the national average, which means that most people who find jobs in the area tend to stick with jobs. Unfortunately, there are some setbacks to living in Utah. First of all, the household income is 7% lower than the national average. This means that even though you will find employment, you may not be making all that much.

The great news is that the cost of living in St. George, Utah is lower than average. Between that and the unemployment rate, most people love living in this city.

What Are The Pitfalls Of Living In St. George, Utah?

Honestly, this city in Utah is really good, but there are some downfalls that you may find surprising. Most of them are not deal-breakers but can impact the way you live your life. If you are a health and nature enthusiast, this may be the best place for you. However, keep these things in mind before you choose to move here.

  • Small Shopping Centers: Everything is slightly smaller in this city. This is a real city, but there will be less of everything. It has small-town vibes, and because of that, you won’t get the big stores you are used to. You will see tons of smaller and more unique stores in the area. 
  • Small Population: The town is smaller than a lot of other places you could visit. If you are used to living in the city, this may be a massive adjustment for you. This is a good town to live in if you want to become close with your neighbors and know everyone. However, this also means they know you’re business too. 
  • Alcohol Laws: This may seem silly, but Utah has very strict alcohol laws. You can get almost all forms of liquor though you will notice it is not a very popular thing to come by. There are two liquor stores in this town, and if you buy any alcohol from a gas station, it has to be less than 4%. This may take some time to get used to and may not be super convenient if you try to buy vodka for a party. 

Some of these downfalls are not very serious or bad, but they may impact how you feel about St. George, Utah. They can influence the lifestyle rather than cause any serious damage.

What Is The Living Cost Of St. George Utah?

The coolest thing about this city is it is gorgeous, and you can live affordably. You can purchase the home of your dreams in a safe neighborhood for a budget-friendly price. There is no better feeling than that. The neighbors are tight-knit, and you will be able to live comfortably. Here are a few rankings for Utah out of 100.

  • Overall: Based on everything in St. George, out of 100, this is scores 103, which is just above the national average. 
  • Grocery: If you are worried about being able to afford groceries, you shouldn’t be! Out of 100, this area scores 93.7. 
  • Health: One of the more expensive things you will have to be worried about is finding reasonable costing healthcare. Out of 100, St. George ranks 108.1.
  • Transportation: One of the best things about St. George is that transportation has a reasonable cost. Out of 100, this area scores 75.2, which is way below average. 
  • Utilities: This is an area people always forget about but fear not! Out of 100 utilities in St. George ranked 95.3. 

Overall, St. George is reasonable and affordable though it may cost more to live in this location in some areas.

Related Questions

What are the jobs like in St. George?

The main industries in St. George are mining and construction. However, with a degree, you can find many good jobs in the fields you are interested in. 

Is this a good place to retire?

This area is one of the top 20 places that are good for retirement. If you love the outdoors and good weather, this is one of the best places to retire.

Can you drink alcohol in Utah?

If you are over the age of 21, you can buy and drink alcohol. Though Utah has had some pretty strict rules on drinking and alcohol consumption, they are changing the laws slowly. The number of bars in the area will depend on the population of that area.  

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Final Thoughts

Overall, St.George is one of the best places to live, grow a family, and retire. Any outdoor enthusiast will fall in love with the scenic views. If you are someone looking to have a close community and best friends with the same morals, this is the place for you. There are many activities and events hosted throughout the year to bring everyone together.

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