Is A Termite Letter Required In Georgia? (Find Out Now!)

Stacy Randall
by Stacy Randall

When it comes to buying or selling a home, whether in Georgia or anywhere, there are quite a few things that you need to do. You need to acquire an estimate on any potential necessary work, and typically, you need an appraisal. But in addition to these things, is a termite letter required in Georgia?

There are no laws that state a termite letter is required in Georgia for buying or selling a home. However, the cost of an inspection might still be worth it to avoid treating the home, and it is easy to receive. Additionally, knowing what termite damage looks like and how to treat it is important.

It is an added bonus when selling your home to get an inspection done for peace of mind. Some lenders and agents require a letter for a clean bill of sale, but it is not a legal obligation. Georgia, as a rule, allows people to buy and sell homes without certain letters and notifications.

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What Is A Termite Letter?

If you are a part of a real estate transaction, a termite letter is highly recommended to ensure a sale. A professional pest control service member gives all inspections and letters. It is a simple statement determining the effect or care for preventing termites and handling treatment.

Although Georgia doesn’t require an inspection letter, your mortgage company may require it to process the sale. Termite damage is severe and can cause a home to have detrimental structural issues and expensive repairs. If termite activity is present, you should immediately get a thorough inspection and treatment to keep your home safe.

You should read these letters carefully to ensure they state no evidence of the presence of termites. Plus, if there were previous termite problems, it is safe to say you need an inspection to ensure structural security. If the inspector discovers any issues, they include them in the letter. Then, the buyer and seller might need to negotiate to come to an agreement and close the deal.

What Does Getting A Termite Letter In Georgia Mean?

The report may reflect that your home is “clear” of any visible evidence of an infestation. Conversely, evidence of damage or repairs from previous infestations may be in the letter. This is common in the Southeast in many states like Georgia.

If you buy or sell a home, your realtor or mortgage company can advise you on the next steps.

How Much Does A Termite Letter In Georgia Cost?

A termite letter can be a simple expense to utilize to avoid a price cut on selling your home. Getting an inspection done can be an easy process and cost just $150. Also, with a wide variety of companies that do the inspections, it can be easy to find one readily available.

However, some realtors and mortgage companies will utilize their preferred companies. In using their own companies, it may cost you nothing to get a termite letter in Georgia. This is a small bonus to selling or buying a home through certain mortgage companies.

What Does Termite Activity Look Like?

Knowing what termite damage looks like, as well as knowing what termites look like, is important. Besides worrying about regular household fiascos, if your home has wood, termites enjoy your home as much as you. Knowing what to look for can be important to maintaining your home.

Termites are subtle and stealthy; they can live and eat away at the wood in your home. Some of the most common signs are swarmers, sinking floors, mud tubes, and cracked walls. Swarmers are winged insects that live in colonies; termites will fly in swarms.

If any of these signs are inside or outside your home, it can be a sure sign of termite activity. Calling a professional and getting a letter of clearance might be just what you need to put your mind at ease.

How Can A Professional Help?

For peace of mind, get a termite clearance letter from a pest control professional if you think termites are present. Certain companies will use a Flir infrared camera and a Termatrac to perform a comprehensive inspection.

After inspection, if there is still termite activity, many companies in Georgia will offer effective and efficient termite treatment. Scheduling a pest control service can guarantee they will take care of your termite troubles. Plenty of companies from local to nationwide will work quickly.

Often, if you or someone else discovers live termites after treatment, many companies provide a guarantee and will fix the damage. Often, if a return visit request is necessary, it will be at no cost to you.

How Much Does Termite Treatment Cost?

To treat termites in Georgia, the cost ranges between $200 and $900 with an average cost of $560 per treatment. This breaks down to about $3-$15 for a linear foot of your home. For a typical treatment, the price depends on how much work is necessary.

A termite treatment using liquid coverage can last for up to five years, so it is well worth the money. However, the bait stations may only last for three to six months. Termites can cause significant damage to your home, and sometimes a small expense for treatment is necessary.

What’s The Difference Between A Termite Letter And Bond?

A letter is a document that states whether a home does or does not have termites. A bond is a form of warranty or contract on the treatment of destructive insects. After an inspection and evaluation of your home, your pest control company will give you options.

The options for treatment are given in the form of a warranty on the protection and care of your home. When you choose a treatment, you’ll receive a warranty, and constant protection will be a phone call away.

Termite bonds are offered as a plan to comprehensively treat termites. Treatment occurs quarterly and consistently and often covers preventive care. However, if you go too long without treatment, the bond can become invalid.

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Related Questions

Do you need a termite bond in Georgia?

While there is not typically a need for a bond, a lender may request one. In the state of Georgia, if termite damage is present, you do not need to get a bond. A bond is not necessary to sell a property.However, it is a smart move to show a bond on a home you are trying to sell to ensure a good profit. However, bonds do not cover all care and damage done by certain species of termites. Georgia is a state where bonds are valid but not necessarily needed.

Do you need a termite letter if you have an FHA loan?

It is a given that if you have an FHA loan, you must have a termite letter. This is to verify and assure that any and all homes with an FHA loan are termite-free. Not only with termites but any insects that can cause residential damage and affect the structure of your home.Any FHA lender must confirm the home is free of infestation or significant damage. If the inspection report recommends an additional termite inspection, then the lender must secure a copy. This is to enforce the care and treatment of a home covered in that type of loan.

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