How Much Does HVAC Blower Motor Replacement Cost?

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The blower motor inside your HVAC unit has an important role to play. That blower motor is responsible for moving the fan in your HVAC unit so the air will not circulate without it. Simply put, your HVAC unit will not be able to provide the comfort you seek if the blower motor is malfunctioning.

Unfortunately, blower motors are not impervious to damage. Whether it’s due to old age, the accumulation of dirt, or electrical issues, a blower motor may stop working. At that point, you may have to replace the blower motor if you want to start using your HVAC unit again.

The average cost of a replacement blower motor for your HVAC unit is $660. The final price will depend on the size of the replacement motor you’re getting. Other factors such as the type of motor you’re getting and its brand will affect pricing too. You’ll also have to pay an additional $200 to get the replacement motor professionally installed.

The blower motor is an essential part of your home’s HVAC system. You need it working as intended if you want to enjoy comfortable temperatures inside your home. Find out how much replacing a busted blower motor will cost by continuing with the rest of this article.

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Cost of Replacement HVAC Blower Motor by Size

Blower Motor SizeCost
1/4 Horsepower$330
1/3 Horsepower$450
1/2 Horsepower$560
3/4 Horsepower$850
1 Horsepower$1,100

The time may come when you will need to replace your HVAC unit’s blower motor. While searching for a suitable replacement, you cannot forget to account for the size of the previous blower motor. If you get the size wrong, your new blower motor may not function optimally inside your HVAC unit.

There are five common size options available for HVAC blower motors. The smallest size is 1/4 horsepower. This also happens to be the cheapest replacement as it only costs an average of $330.

Next up, you can also purchase a blower motor that features 1/3 horsepower for $450. A step up from that is a replacement motor that provides 1/2 horsepower. The 1/2 horsepower motor has an average price of $560.

Blower motors that provide 3/4 horsepower are also available and they cost $850 each. Lastly, you can also buy a replacement blower motor that offers 1 horsepower. To get your hands on that replacement blower motor, you’ll have to spend $1,100.

You may be able to use a replacement motor that’s a bit weaker than the one originally used in your HVAC unit. Consult with a technician before making that purchase to ensure you’re buying something you will be able to use.

Cost Factors for Replacing HVAC Blower Motor

The size of the replacement blower motor you need is critical to determining how much you’ll have to spend. Still, it is not the only factor that matters.

Other cost factors will affect the price of the replacement blower motor. Let’s go over those additional cost factors in this section.

Blower Motor Speed

Blower motors are available in different speed models. You can purchase single-speed, multi-speed, or variable-speed motors.

The single-speed models are the cheapest as they usually don’t exceed $350. Multi-speed motors are the mid-range option and they top out at $600. The variable-speed motors are the most expensive and they commonly cost more than $1,000.

Blower Motor Type

The type of blower motor you’re getting will also affect how much you’ll have to spend. Permanent split capacitor motors are more affordable, but their efficiency is somewhat lacking. The electrically commutated motors are more expensive, but they are more efficient.

Branded or Generic Part

Many replacement parts for HVAC units may either be branded or generic. You can save more by buying generic replacement components for your HVAC unit.


One more cost factor to consider is your warranty. Your warranty may cover the blower motor, meaning you can get the replacement unit for free. However, installing the new blower motor will still cost money if you’re planning to hire a professional.

Labor Cost to Install Replacement HVAC Blower Motor

Estimate TypeCost
Low-End Estimate$150
Mid-Range Estimate$200
High-End Estimate$250

The price of the replacement blower motor is not the only expense you have to worry about. You will also have to pay up if you want to get the replacement motor professionally installed. On average, a technician will charge $200 to install your new blower motor.

$200 is a relatively low price to pay compared to how much other home improvement services cost. Even so, you may want to avoid paying for that by installing the blower motor yourself.

Going the DIY route when it comes to blower motor replacement is an option, but it’s also risky. The replacement blower motor still has to be tested and potentially adjusted after initial installation. Making those tweaks can be difficult if you lack experience.

DIY installation can also take more time. If your HVAC unit breaks down in the middle of summer, getting it working again will likely be your top priority. The replacement motor can be installed faster if you hire a professional.

Cost to Replace Parts of HVAC Blower Motor

Blower Motor PartCost
Blower Wheel$160
ECM Module$530
ECM Repair Kit$50

Don’t jump to replacing your blower motor right away if something’s wrong with it. The issue could be related to just some parts of the blower motor. The rest of the motor may still be usable.

In this section of the article, we’ll highlight the parts of the blower motor that may break down over time. We’ll also discuss how much it may cost to replace them.


The bearing inside your blower motor may need to be replaced after some time. You’ll have to spend $85 on the replacement bearing.

The bearing helps keep the blower motor running smoothly and quietly. Without it, your HVAC unit may become too much of a distraction whenever it’s turned on.


The poor performance of your HVAC unit could be related to a damaged or defective blower motor belt. You’ll have to replace that component if you want the unit to run like normal again. Replacing the blower motor belt will cost $50.

Blower Wheel

Too much wear and tear can affect the performance of the motor’s blower wheel. Replacing the blower wheel will be necessary and that will cost $160.

The blower wheel is an essential component because it helps keep the air moving. The distribution of warm or cool air inside your home may be uneven if the blower wheel is busted.


The issue plaguing your blower motor could also be related to its capacitor. The average price of a blower motor capacitor is $300.

Capacitors are tasked with jumpstarting the blower motor. With no working capacitor, your HVAC unit may not kick into action.

ECM Module

You need the ECM module to control how your HVAC unit operates. It regulates the blower motor to prevent energy from getting wasted. A replacement ECM module costs an average of $530.

ECM Repair Kit

An ECM repair kit is often required if you’re planning to fix your blower motor’s ECM module. Thankfully, ECM repair kits are way cheaper than ECM modules. You can purchase a new ECM repair kit for just $50.


Replacing your blower motor’s housing can allow it to work like normal again. New housing for a blower motor costs an average of $200.

The housing is crucial because it protects the blower motor from debris, oil, and moisture. If the housing is compromised, your blower motor will sustain damage eventually.


Pulleys can also be found near your HVAC unit’s blower motor. Over time, a pulley may get worn down. Getting a new pulley will cost you $150.

Those pulleys are important because they affect your blower motor’s speed. You need them to be in working condition at all times.


Lastly, you may also have to replace your blower motor’s shaft to get it working again. Typically, a new shaft for a blower motor costs $125. The shaft offers much-needed support to the blower motor so it must always be present.

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How Do I Know if My HVAC Blower Motor Is Bad?

Blower motors tend to become noisy if they’re plagued with issues. The noises may resemble screeching, rattling, or loud humming.You may also notice that the airflow from your HVAC unit has weakened considerably. The smell of something burning may also originate from your HVAC unit if the blower motor is badly damaged.

How Long Does It Take to Replace an HVAC Blower Motor?

Professionals can replace an HVAC unit’s blower motor pretty quickly. The entire job may only take about two hours. If your HVAC unit uses a single-speed motor, replacing it may only take one hour.

How Long Do HVAC Blowers Last?

Most blower motors will remain in working condition for 10 to 20 years. The motor will last longer if you regularly maintain your HVAC unit. The blower motors inside frequently used HVAC units are also prone to wearing down faster.

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