How To Unlock Frigidaire Oven Door (Quickly & Easily!)

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The Frigidaire Oven Door can lock out customers if it becomes disabled. Luckily, there are several ways to get it back open, and the easiest way is simply with the keypad. Follow along as we explore the 3-step solution for a locked Frigidaire Oven Door.

Ovens have come a long way, technologically speaking. Not only are they more efficient than ever before, but they are also safer. For those who have small children that get into everything, those additional safety features, like automatic oven door locks, are wonderful. But what happens when the locks become stuck and you can’t disable it?

To unlock your Frigidaire oven, press and hold the lockout pad (located to the lower left of the clock) for three seconds. Wait until you hear a beeping noise, see “Door Open” on the display, and the padlock icon flashes. You should then be able to open and use your oven normally; if not, repeat the procedure.

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Why Does The Lock Get Stuck?

Newer ovens come with automatic oven door locks. They act as an enhanced safety feature, great for homes with small children. Unfortunately, the locks can remain engaged even when you want to open the door.

The fix for this problem is a relatively simple one. Most brands have a way to disengage the lock prior to use.

How To Unlock Frigidaire Oven Door

If you don’t know how to disengage the locking mechanism, it can become stuck and prevent opening as a safety feature. Then you will have to reset the lock gauge and go back to using the door as normal once again.

Step 1: Locate Lockout Pad

On Frigidaire ovens in particular, there is a lockout pad. The lockout pad works in tandem with the locking mechanism. Locating the lockout pad, even if you have never seen it before, is relatively easy. Look for the clock; the lockout pad is located to its lower left.

The pad should also be denoted with a padlock icon to make identification all the easier. If you are still having problems locating the lockout pad, you can always consult the maintenance guide.

Step 2: Reset The Pad

With the lockout pad located, you will need to press and hold it down. This resets the lockout pad and the locking mechanism, eventually releasing it so that you can open the oven door once again.

Press and hold down on the pad for at least three seconds. If successful, you will hear a beeping noise. Not only that, the display screen should read “door open” to indicate that the door has been unlocked.

Step 3: Door Unlocks

Don’t act right away. Wait a minute for the words “door open” to appear. The padlock icon on your oven should flash for a couple of seconds as the door itself unlocks. Done successfully, the door should open and the oven will be free to use.

If it doesn’t work the first time out, don’t get discouraged. Start with Step 1 and repeat the steps once again. If it still doesn’t work, the lockout pad may be broken. In that instance, you would need to call for service repair which may require replacing the pad entirely.

Video: How to Unlock the Oven Door In Less Than Five Minutes

How Do You Cancel The Lock On A Self-Cleaning Oven?

Many newer Frigidaire models come with a self-cleaning feature. This feature makes keeping your oven clean as simple as the touch of a button. That said, when it is running, you will not be able to open the door or use the oven. So, what do you do when you want to cancel that lock?

The fix depends on whether or not the door is locked in the open or closed position. If it is locked closed, you may have to simply unplug the unit and plug it back in again.

But when the door is open and locked, here is a simple way to cancel the locking feature.

  • Hold the light switch. Should the oven door be in the locked open position, find the light switch. Press and hold it down as you keep trying to cancel the lock manually.
  • Set the oven to self-clean. Program your oven to its self-clean mode. Give it about 20 seconds and then cancel that setting. While holding the light switch, wait another 20 seconds and then release it. The oven door should unlock, and you should be able to close the door once again.
  • Unplug the oven. Should the door be locked and in the closed position, you will have to unplug the unit from the wall. Let it sit for a minimum of five minutes before trying to plug it back in again. Reset the oven clock and then carefully open the door to ensure that it has unlocked.
  • Set to self-clean. A good alternative is to program the oven to self-clean for 15 minutes, then cancel the remainder of the cycle. Let the oven cool before checking to see if you can open the door once again.

Why Does My Frigidaire Oven Keep Turning Off?

When the locking mechanism is working properly but your oven keeps turning off, there are a few other likely culprits. Troubleshooting the issue is relatively simple, though you can always go with a professional service repairman when things feel too challenging to handle yourself.

Weak Gas Ignitor

The most likely reason that you are experiencing the shut-off problem with your Frigidaire oven is a weak gas ignitor. In order to check the problem, press the “broil” button. Make sure that the broiler heats up properly and remains heated.

If the broiler is fine, check out the ignitor next. Just make sure that you disconnect the power and give the oven a chance to cool before doing so.

Restricted Airflow

Improper or restricted ventilation is another likely issue. Even if your oven is electric, it still requires proper ventilation. When airflow is restricted or blocked, the oven can overheat.

When the oven overheats, a safety mechanism kicks in that causes it to shut off. Clear out the vents and ensure that airflow is good enough before checking other potential problems.

How Do I Reset a Frigidaire Oven?

Whether you want to restore it to factory settings and start anew or a pesky issue keeps persisting, it may be handy to reset the oven. Thankfully, the reset process is a relatively simple one.

  • Bake. Start by pressing and holding down the “bake” button. You will need to do it for 6-10 seconds. You should see “0″ on the display.
  • Temperature. With the display back to “0,” you can enter in the lower temperature that you want to reset the oven to.  That should reset the internal temperature within the oven to your cooler setting.

If that doesn’t work, try starting with Step 1 and going through the process again. It should work eventually. If not, the issue could be not holding down the “bake” button long enough.

Why Won’t My Frigidaire Oven Heat?

There are few things quite as frustrating as expecting your oven to heat up, only to be met with inaction. It is also enough to make you nervous because ovens are not cheap and the last thing anyone wants is some expensive fix.

But what is the problem? Why won’t the oven heat up properly?


The most common issue is that the igniter is defective or broken. The igniter has two functions. First, it draws electrical current in to open up the safety valve. Second, when it gets hot enough, it ignites the gas in the oven burner. When the igniter is bad, it can’t open the valve and the valve can’t heat properly. If the igniter glows for 90 seconds or more without igniting the valve, the igniter is broken.

Bake Element

When working properly, the bake element glows red. If it doesn’t glow red, then the element is not heating properly. When it has burned out completely, it won’t work at all and will be visibly damaged. Look for blisters and holes or use a multimeter to test out the continuity of the bake element.

Spark Electrode

The electrode ignites the gas. It sits next to the burner, acting as a spark plug. When it gets worn or breaks, it can’t create the necessary spark to ignite the oven.


Unlocking your Frigidaire oven is simple: Just press and hold the lockout pad for three seconds. You’ll see the padlock icon flashing, the words “Door Open” will appear on the display, and your oven will beep. This indicates that your oven can now be opened and used normally.

We hope this guide helped you unlock your Frigidaire oven quickly and easily! To learn more about Frigidaire products, check out Frigidaire Refrigerator Leaking Water On The Floor? and Common Frigidaire Dishwasher Error Codes Explained.

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