How To Start A Husqvarna Leaf Blower (Quickly & Easily!)

Nick Durante
by Nick Durante

Husqvarna is the gold standard for zero-turn mowers, chainsaws, and leaf blowers. Their power tools are easy to use and consistently deliver on a quality performance. Diving into a new Husqvarna tool can be intimidating at first, so how do you start one of their leaf blowers?

The first thing that you need to do is mix gasoline and 2-cycle engine oil at a 50:1 ratio. Fill the fuel canister up, clean the room, cap it off, and press the primer bulb up to 10 times. Now, move the choke lever to the left, pull the starter handle 3 times, and move the lever to the middle position.

How To Start a Husqvarna Leaf Blower

Now, pull the starter handle another 3-5 times and move the choke lever to the right. You can use your leaf blower now without any trouble. Follow along as we go step-by-step on how you can start your Husqvarna leaf blower.

1. Mix Gas and Oil

Husqvarna leaf blowers require a 50:1 ratio of gasoline and oil to run properly, and you’ll have to mix it yourself. You need to make sure that you purchase unleaded gasoline as that is what Husqvarna engines require to run. The easiest way to do this is by mixing the gasoline with the oil directly inside of an empty gasoline can.

That way, you can shake the mixture well to ensure that the gasoline and oil blend properly. Pour the oil into the gasoline canister once you’ve figured out your ratio. Next, you can pour the gasoline into the can carefully and slowly to avoid a possible spill.

Now, close the cap on the gas can and shake it well so that the oil doesn’t float on top of the gasoline. Alternatively, you can pour oil into the leaf blower’s fuel canister and add the gasoline on top of it. Consider mixing it in a gas can instead so that you can shake the mixture and ensure a better fuel.

NOTE: Gasoline and oil mixtures are not meant to be stored long-term, and you should use them within 3 weeks. Try to only mix as much gas and oil as you need for a week or two at a time to avoid wasting fuel.

2. Add Fuel

You can add the fuel to the Husqvarna leaf blower’s gasoline tank once the mixture is done. Clean the area around the top of the fuel canister before you add fuel to the tank. Remove the cap and use a rag to get rid of any debris or dust that may fall into the tank when you pour the mixture.

Now, slowly pour the fuel mixture into your leaf blower’s tank so that you don’t spill any. Look out for the “full” line and avoid overpouring so that you don’t make a mess. Start by pouring small amounts at a time while you keep an eye on the fuel level in the tank.

Set down the gas can once the tank is full and use a rag to wipe off any excess fuel around the rim. Put the cap back on the leaf blower and screw it tightly so that no fuel can drip out while you work.

3. Press the Primer Bulb

Just like starting a Stihl leaf blower, you’ll need to press the primer bulb, or purge bulb, to start it. You can find the primer bulb on the back panel on the back of your Husqvarna leaf blower. Gently press it between 6 and 10 times until you notice that it begins to fill up with fuel.

The primer bulb removes air from the carburetor and injects it with your fuel mixture so the blower can run. Don’t worry about filling the primer bulb with fuel as that is not necessary and unlikely to happen.

4. Move Choke Lever

The choke lever is located on the same back panel as the primer bulb, and you’ll find it directly beneath it. If you haven’t used your Husqvarna leaf blower before, you’ll see that the choke lever is moved to the right. All that you need to do is move the choke lever to the left where you’ll see a symbol with two “Hs”.

You shouldn’t feel any resistance, and the choke lever is quite easy to move without breaking a sweat. You will move the choke lever to the left each time that you use your Husqvarna leaf blower.

5. Pull the Starter Handle

The starter handle, or ripcord, is on the left of your Husqvarna leaf blower, and you’ll need to pull it. Hold the blower steady on a flat and clean surface with one hand while you pull the cord 3 times. After you pull the starter handle 3 times, move the choke lever to the middle position under the first “H” symbol.

After you move the choke lever, pull the starter handle several more times until you hear and feel the engine turn on. It may take 5 or more pulls before the engine starts, and that is completely normal for a leaf blower. Allow the leaf blower 10-15 seconds to warm up once the engine starts, and then move the choke lever back to the right.

This is the “off choke” position, and it will allow you to use the leaf blower properly. You will need to repeat this step and step #4 if your blower engine dies while you use it. Now, you are ready to use your Husqvarna leaf blower and take care of yard work.

Related Questions

Why won’t my Husqvarna leaf blower start?

Husqvarna leaf blowers won’t start if there is a problem with the spark plug or if the carburetor is clogged. If your spark plug is damaged, you’ll need to remove and replace it before it can properly start again. You can clean a carburetor to remove the clog, or you can simply have it repaired or replaced by a professional or on your own.

How long can I use a Husqvarna leaf blower?

You can use a Husqvarna leaf blower for 10 years if you maintain it well, but it could be as long as 15 years. Professionals are less likely to get 10 years out of a Husqvarna blower if it is used daily or in hot and humid weather. The general rule of thumb is that leaf blowers only last you for 1,000 hours of operation, and that can take a while for many homeowners.

What is the gas-oil ratio for a Husqvarna leaf blower?

The proper gas to oil ratio for a Husqvarna leaf blower is 50:1, and any more oil than that can be harmful. You generally only need to use 3.2 ounces of 2-cycle engine oil for each gallon of gasoline in your fuel mixture. Avoid using more oil than that as it can cause engine damage, and it can cause black smoke to emit from the blower.

How do you store a leaf blower?

The best way to store a leaf blower is by hanging it on a hook in your garage or a shed. You can also lay leaf blowers flat on a workbench if the space is clean. Otherwise, you can always place leaf blowers on a shelf if nothing is obstructing the blowing end.

What Did We Learn?

Mix gasoline and 2-cycle engine oil at a 50:1 ratio in an empty gasoline can. Pour the fuel mixture until you reach the “full” line on the fuel canister. Now, you need to press the primer bulb up to 10 times until it fills up with fuel.

Now, flip the choke lever to the left under the first “H” symbol. Pull the starter handle 3 times, then move the choke lever to the second “H” symbol that’s closer to the middle. Rip the cord at least another 5 times, or until you hear the engine start-up.

Move the engine choke lever to the right once the engine starts up, and it will keep running. That’s all that it takes, and you can use your Husqvarna leaf blower with no problem now.

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