How To Silence A Microwave Oven

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Microwave ovens are a modern luxury we often take for granted. You can easily heat leftover meals without creating a pile of dishes. They are also amazing at heating and cooking meals, making a dinner that is hot and ready in five minutes. While microwave ovens are amazing, sometimes the sounds they make are anything but. If you have a particularly loud microwave oven that is prone to constant beeping, you have probably wondered if there is a way to silence it.

If you want to silence your microwave oven, try locating its silence feature, as many microwave ovens have one. First, try finding a button dedicated to sound. Otherwise, the 0, 1, 2, start, and stop buttons often have hidden features that are unlocked after holding them down for several seconds. If you struggle to find the button, consult your user manual. You may also consider buying a newer model.

If your microwave oven’s incessant beeping is driving you crazy, take a deep breath. There might be a way to change this sound. Whether you want the volume to decrease, are confused by why your microwave is making sounds in the first place, or just want it to be quiet, you have options. Keep reading below to see which of the following methods works best for you and your loud microwave oven.

Try Running Your Microwave Oven To Stop The Sensor

Sometimes your microwave oven might make noises for what seems like no reason at all. If you find yourself with a microwave oven that is beeping for what appears to be no reason, you have a few options. These beeps are usually some sort of alarm that has been triggered. The best way to silence the sounds coming from your microwave oven in these cases is to try a few troubleshooting techniques. This should help find the issue and silence the noise. Try the following quick troubleshooting methods.

  • Open And Close The Microwave Ooven Door
  • Try Heating A Cup Of Water: allow the cup to steam – sometimes this steam and proof of food cooking will stop triggering the beeping.
  • Press The STOP or CANCEL Button

Perform A Hard Reset On Your Microwave Oven

If the above quick troubleshooting methods don’t stop the random beeping, you should try a hard reset. A hard reset takes a bit longer, but it is the best way to stop any false sensor. This is because a hard reset essentially returns your microwave oven to its factory settings. Follow the steps below to perform a hard reset on your microwave oven.

Step One: Disconnect Your Microwave Oven From The Power Source

Either unplug the device or turn off the circuit breaker it is connected to.

Step Two: Wait At Least 60 Seconds

It is crucial that you leave your microwave oven disconnected for at least a minute. During this time, your microwave is slowly draining its stored power. The power must be completely drained in order for the reset to work properly.

Step Three: Reconnect The Microwave Oven To Power Source

Plug the device back in or turn the breaker back on.

Step Four: Test The Microwave Oven And Listen For Unwanted Sounds

Try running the microwave oven by boiling a cup of water. See if the unwanted sounds have stopped.

See if Your Microwave Oven Has A Silent Mode

Not all unwanted microwave oven sounds are errors. Sometimes the beeping it makes when the food is done can be very irritating. If you are trying to stop your microwave oven from making sounds in general, there might actually be a simple solution.

Many microwave oven’s have a quiet or silent mode. This is a simple solution to silence your loud microwave oven issue. The only difficulty with this option is sometimes it can be challenging locating where this silent mode is on your microwave oven screen. Luckily, there are only so many places it can hide – so try the places listed below.

Search For The Sound Button

Some microwave oven models actually have a sound button hiding in plain sight. So, before you try other methods, look for a button labeled “sound” or “volume” or there might even be a common volume symbol. If you find a button like this, press it, and put the volume to zero, or mute. This should silence all the microwave oven sounds.

Try Holding The 0, 1, 2, Start Or Stop Buttons

Unfortunately, not all microwave oven’s make it so easy. But even when your microwave oven does not have an official volume button, you may still be able to control the sound. In many models, the volume and silence features are hidden within other buttons.

In order to unlock the volume controls, you should try holding down on the 0, 1, and 2 buttons (separately) for five seconds to see if it unlocks any options. After a few seconds of holding one of these buttons down, your microwave oven might be prompted to volume control.

Other microwave oven models use the “Start” or “Stop” buttons to control these volume features. So, if the 0, 1, or 2 buttons don’t show results, try holding down on the stop or start button for five seconds to see if you unlock sound features. If none of these buttons helps you stop your beeping microwave oven, you might need to do a bit of research.

Check Your User Manual

If you have tried all the above methods to locate sound control options, and have had no success, you need to do some digging. The best thing to do in this case is to check your user manual and see if there is a section on sounds. If there is, follow its instructions exactly.

If you cannot locate a sound button, and there is no information on how to silence your microwave oven in your user manual, then you might be out of options. There are some microwave ovens, especially older models, that simply do not allow you to alter the sounds or volume.

Consider Purchasing A Better (Quieter) Microwave Oven

If there is no way to silence your microwave oven, consider taking this as a sign to purchase a new one. New microwave ovens can be a pricey investment initially. But if you have a very old microwave oven, a new one has several benefits.

Purchasing a new microwave oven will allow you the chance to buy one with silencing options. Many new microwave ovens are also energy-saving devices. So,while they cost you a few hundred dollars upfront, they will slowly save you over time, Best of all, they also have lots of new features and more advanced cooking technology. You may also want to get a microwave oven with multiple functions, like a microwave with a vent above your range.

Summing Up How To Silence A Microwave Oven

A loud microwave oven can be very annoying. Sometimes microwave ovens seem to beep and alert us for no reason, or for prolonged periods of time. In order to silence these irritating beeps, first try to troubleshoot your microwave oven. Next, try a hard reset by unplugging your microwave oven if it seems to be beeping for no reason.

If you want to silence all your microwave oven sounds, try and locate the volume and sound options. There may be a volume button, or you might be able to find volume options by holding down on the 0, 1, 2, start, or stop buttons for 5 seconds. Try consulting your user manual, and as a last resort, consider buying a new microwave oven.

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