How To Hang A Hammock On An Apartment Balcony (Quickly & Easily!)

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There is nothing more relaxing than lying in a hammock for a nap. Hammocks have been around for centuries. It is a way to enjoy a beautiful day under two shady trees, a porch, or even a balcony.

Some people are unfortunate and may live in an area where there are no trees around. They may have to improvise and hang the hammock from a ceiling indoors. So what do you do if your only option is to hang it from the balcony to enjoy the outdoors?

You can create the balcony of your dreams, hanging it in a spot with two secure connections on each end. There has to be enough support to hold a person’s weight without bringing the whole thing down. It is critical to learn how to care for and maintain the hammock to make it last.

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Things To Know Before Setting Up A Hammock

Before beginning the project, there are a couple of things that you need to know. The type of fabrics makes a difference in the hammock you want to set up. These are the fabrics you need to look into for your options.

  • Natural originated fabrics are canvas, teak, and tarpaulin and are made comfortable for the skin. They can go in the washer and able to hold up to 352 pounds. It is made for outdoors and wet weather.
  • Synthetic is nylon or polyester fabrics. The material has more of a rigid feel and can hold up to 264 pounds. Water will not affect the material, but it is a warmer material and made for cooler temperatures.
  • Grid is the least popular option, but it is available. The most it holds in weight limits is 176 to 220 pounds. For it to be comfortable, you would also have to purchase a mattress.

The Steps To Hanging The Hammock On A Balcony

Like every project, there is a list of steps to follow to get it done right. If you follow these easy steps, it should be quick and easy to have your dream balcony.

Step 1: Gather All Of The Tools Needed

There are no special skills needed to hang the hammock, but it will require gathering the tools and materials necessary.

  • Pencil
  • Tape measure
  • Drill and drill bit for concrete
  • Pliers
  • Hammer
  • Anchor bolts (10x60mm) with hooks
  • Hanging ropes

Step 2: Measure And Mark Where The Holes Will Go

Take the tape measure and measure where the holes will go. Use the pencil to mark the spots where you intend to drill the holes for the anchor bolts and hooks.

The holes should be the same height from the floor to where the anchor bolts will go. Three to four feet is what most hammocks. It brings about a peaceful sleep like sleeping on clouds.

Step 3: Drill The Holes

Drill the holes to put in the anchor bolts with a 10mm drill bit. The anchor bolts have to go deep enough into the concrete wall and wide enough to support a person’s weight.

Step 4: Put In Place Bolts And Hooks

Screw in the bolts and put the hooks in place. Take the hammer and hammer it to make it tighter in place. Be 100 percent sure they are secure before moving to the next step.

The hook will have a nut on it that you can tighten with the pair of pliers. Turn the nut clockwise until it is secure in place.

Step 5: Put The Rope On The Hook

Put a knot in the rope at the hammock’s desired length and put it on the hook.

Step 6: Repeat Steps

Repeat steps two through five and put up the other side of the hammock.

Can You Hang A Hammock Without Concrete Walls?

Not every situation is the same for every person when it comes to their balcony. Some may not have concrete walls and instead have a side gazing or wooden walls that may be fragile. There are ideas you may consider to make it happen.

Place a metal rack that can anchor from the floor to the ceiling. Add a ring with a lock so the height of the hammock can become interchangeable. It will also keep the anchors from sliding down due to the weight.

Getting In And Out Of A Hammock

This process can be the trickiest of them all if you do not know what you are doing. In some cases, it can also be the funniest if the person has a good sense of humor. It is critical to be careful when getting in and out of a hammock.

This is the recommended way to get into a hammock.

  • Back up to the hammock and sit in it gently.
  • Once you feel comfortable enough in control, lie down on one side while you are still sitting.
  • When you are comfortable on your side, put your legs on the hammock and position yourself comfortably.
  • Keep your body at the center of gravity and in the center of the hammock. Once you do that, you are good to go.

Getting Out Of The Hammock

When getting out of the hammock, everything is done in reverse. This is the proper way of getting out of the hammock without ending up on the floor.

  • Put your feet down on the floor cautiously.
  • Once your feet are down on the floor firmly, sit upright.
  • From the upright position, you can push yourself standing.
  • When you are standing, you can safely walk away from the hammock and know you did it like a pro.

Pros And Cons Of Sleeping In A Hammock

Everything in life and material items has its good and bad things. Hammocks are no different, even though the good outweighs the bad by far.


Sleeping on a hammock may be one of the most comfortable and best periods of sleep you ever had. If you take care of the hammock, it is another way to ease your mind from stress. It also brings a sense of adventure sleeping.

Sleeping on hammocks is something most people think of in the country. You can have the joy of the country anywhere you go when you own and sleep in a hammock.


There are only two things that come to mind when thinking of the bad things about a hammock. The first is it is difficult to get in and out of and takes practice. The second is once you get in, you do not want to get out because it is so comfortable.

Why Should I Have A Hammock On The Balcony?

If your balcony has enough room for a hammock and is not a French balcony, why not have one? Balconies like the French balcony is small and only able to hold one person and a few plants. Hammocks can turn your balcony into an exotic place for resting with adequate space.

Hammocks are compact and mobile. You can have one on your balcony and still have room even if you are not lying in it. These are some other advantages you can look forward to when you hang the hammock.

  • You can move it inside if you have a spot to hang it when the weather is bad.
  • The fabrics used to make the hammock are sturdy, and the ropes are made to support an adult’s weight.
  • The comfort makes it feel like you are sleeping on air.

Best Way To Maintain A Hammock

Once the hammock is set up where you want it, there is very little to worry about in maintenance. The main thing for safety purposes is always to make sure the bolts and hooks remain secure. The last thing you want is for one or both to give way and end up on the floor.

Keeping it clean is another form of maintenance that is easy for most hammocks on the market. Most can go in the washer on a delicate wash cycle. The hammock is easy to remove and replace from the hooks.

It would also be great to remove the hammock when not in use and store it someplace safe. This will keep it from staying in the sun, cold, or rain. These conditions can ruin the hammock over some time.

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Related Questions

Is it safe to sleep in a hammock long-term?

Yes, some people grew up sleeping in a hammock and continued to do so to this day. It offers healthier sleep at night, and studies show, people who sleep in hammocks have less stress.

Are baby hammocks safe?

Of course. Baby hammocks are designed specifically for newborn babies. As they grow and continue to sleep in them, they get the best sleep available.

How do hammocks offer less stress?

When your body is comfortable, you sleep better. Sleeping better at night offers the body, mind, and spirit rejuvenation.A healthy body with good sleep is less stressed as the hammock puts your body in the most comfortable position.

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