How To Hang A Hammock Indoors Without Drilling (Do This!)

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Hammocks can be a great joy for relaxation, but they do not have to be outdoors. Sure, the pictures of some relaxing on a hammock outdoors between two trees look great. But there are many things they do not show about relaxing on them indoors.

You can enjoy a hammock in comfort in your home without worrying about putting holes in the walls. The reason is apparent as to why you may not want to drill holes in the wall. Holes will be left behind should you decide to move the hammock.

The great news is you can have a hammock indoors without drilling holes by using a hammock stand. There are also portable hammocks you can set up to spare the trouble. Some homes have setups where all it takes is tying a rope on each end to two separate built-in poles.

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What is a Hammock Stand?

Generally made of solid steel, a hammock stand is a complete, stand-alone frame for your hammock. Most hammock stands consist of seven welded steel bars. There are two angled from the base, which serves as the hooking points for the hammock. Most of them have a half-u shape bar welded at the top for this purpose.

It has a center bar running at the unit’s base and two angled bars connect with at both ends. There is also a set of foot bars connected and welded to the center bar. The two-foot bars are anchored in a reverse V shape so that the foot bars hold the weight. The foot bars at both ends are a set of rubber or synthetic vinyl cups that provide additional grip.

Advantages of Buying a Hammock with a Hammock Stand

The benefits of buying a hammock with a hammock stand are numerous. The advantages are as follows:

  • Hammocks with their stands are lightweight. Some even are as light as 15 pounds.
  • Some of them come with wheels. Those with wheels are incredibly easy to move and will not scratch your floors.
  • It is effortless to assemble and take apart. Once you know the procedure, you can assemble and disassemble your hammock and stand within five to ten minutes.
  • It has a full breakdown of the weight limits. There is no way to tell the weight limit when hanging a hammock outdoors or between two trees. Still, there is no information indoors by hanging ropes or chains from the rafters.
  • With a hammock stand, the manufacturer will always tell you how much weight the hammock will handle. We recommend you always go with a stand that can support 450 pounds. There are even hammock stands that will support 550 lbs.

A Wise Decision

Choosing to buy a hammock with a stand or separately purchasing each is the wisest and most efficient decision. It gives you a hammock that you can move outdoors or indoors within minutes. Time and energy are saved with less assembly.

Most hammock stands have several levels of adjustability. They are easy to install parts without the use of tools. The most you will need is a pair of pliers or a wrench.

Steps to Hang a Hammock Indoors Without Drilling

The steps are basically the same whether hanging a hammock from a stand or from poles.

Step 1: Put the Stand Together

Follow the instructions provided with the stand whether it is the wooden or the steel type. Each piece should be labeled as you find them and install to specs. This step only deals with the frame, but everything should be double-checked upon finishing.

Step 2: Put the Hooks in Place

Most hooks come as an S hook or a J hook with steel or wooden frames. It is also important to double-check after installing because this is where each end of the hammock connects.

If you have a metal pole installed with the home built, have a welder weld the hook to the metal. If you install the hooks on the wooden post do so before placing it in the home. The hooks are at the owner’s discretion whether the S or the J hooks.

Step 3: Tie the Hammock

Tie each end of the hammock to the hooks and double-check to make sure everything is secure.

What Are Some Things to Consider?

The first element, among all others, is how much weight does the unit hold. There is no use in buying a hammock if getting in and having it drop you onto the floor. Some hammocks are made for small people, while others are made for larger or multiple people.

Next, consider the convenience of assembly and disassembly if you will be using your hammock both indoors and out. As mentioned, some units come with wheels, but that does you no good without the accessibility of a patio or porch. Some may even have a balcony for their apartment that they can enjoy a hammock indoors or outside.

Also, consider the size of the hammock. Many people, if their hammock is going to be used outdoors, will choose a double hammock. Double hammocks are excellent for those loving couples who love to spend time and relax together.

More Things To Keep in Mind

Sometimes you may have a large dog you may want to have resting next to you. You want a sturdy hammock and frame if the dog decides to jump on board. It could be a catastrophe.

Therefore, the size of the frame is critical. Do you want a ten-foot-frame crowding your indoor space and dominating your room? It is best to reconsider if you have a small room.

Portable Hammocks to the Rescue

Due to their size, many people choose to go with portable hammocks for indoor use. A portable hammock is much smaller (less than seven feet in length) and folds out, similar to a baby carriage.

By buying a portable hammock, you can enjoy that dreamy hammock feel inside without taking up all of your space. You can use it as a portable bed and fold up the unit in less than a minute. So you can have the room space when you want it and when it matters most.

There are, however, a few problems with a portable unit. They are as follows in this list:

  • Some units are poorly made as the quality is not there. So be sure to pay attention to reviews to see what other people say.
  • There is no height adjustment. Consequently, if you are very short, you may have difficulty getting in and out of the hammock.
  • Another problem is the sleeping or resting angle. The vast majority of portable hammocks are more like portable cots than a hammock. You wind up sleeping only flat on your back, which is very uncomfortable for many.
  • With a traditional hammock, you sleep or rest more in an elevated vertical position. Your head, neck, and shoulders are significantly higher than the other parts of your body.

Notes and Tips: There are portable hammocks that operate more like traditional swimming pool lawn chairs, with your neck, shoulders, and back support. For most people, a portable hammock that can elevate is infinitely more comfortable.

Pay particular attention, however, to the weight limits advertised by the manufacturer. You will not find portable units that will support 300 pounds, and even 250 pounds will be pushing it.

Are There Ways to Use a Hammock Indoors Without a Hammock Stand?

Yes, indeed, you can use a hammock indoors without a stand, though they generally involve a lot more work. One of the easiest is to hang your hammock from the beams of your home. It is only possible if you have a house with that type of structure.

This is the simplest of all methods as you tie off the hammock at both ends, and you are ready to go. Somewhere in the home, you can set up poles or racks that do not involve drilling.

Working Off of the Studs

The key is to use a stud finder to find the studs in the wall. If they are evenly spaced out or the load-bearing joists in the ceiling, they will be easy to spot. Once this is done, proceed to lock down the ropes.

Holes may already be in the studs, and you may get lucky with no drilling involved.

The Hammock Stand is the Best Way Overall

Nevertheless, we maintain that the best way to have your hammock hang indoors is with a hammock stand. Get the right one, and they are no muss, no fuss. Steel or wooden stands are the only two options. Keep in mind; steel is more expensive.

Wooden frame hammocks range from $100-$300. Steel frame hammocks range from $110-350. The prices vary due to the fluctuation in materials.

They both tear apart easily if you want to put the stand and your hammock in the closet. When you are prepared to use it, it is quick and easy. You will spend more time enjoying it that way.

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Related Questions

Do hammocks wear out?

If they are taken outdoors for extended periods, yes, they wear out. Hammocks outdoors get baked by the sun’s rays, and the material weakens from lots of rain.

What is the maximum limit for a hammock and stand?

Some advertise up to 450 or 550 pounds for doubles. However, the weight can accept a little more, but the weight advertised is the safe zone. Never put more weight than what is recommended.Singles usually have a weight limit of up to 250 to 300 pounds. They are designed for most people to enjoy.

Should children be allowed on hammocks?

Never should a child be on a hammock without adult supervision. Perhaps the minimum age for children to use a hammock by themselves is around age 10. Some would say that is pushing the limit.Children tend to move around more than adults, and this can cause severe injuries. The stand with the hammock can flip over, causing severe head injuries. It is a little over two feet from the ground, but falling on the head can be deadly.

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