How To Get Rid Of Woodpeckers On Cedar Siding

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Having a conversation with your insurance company can be uncomfortable. Explaining to them that you have a woodpecker isn’t going to be a great experience. So how do you get rid of a woodpecker on cedar siding?

Start by purchasing and installing a bird deterrent. These can include bird repellent plastic spikes, discs, balloons, tape, or netting. You can also choose to buy a spray-on bird or electronic bird repellent if the first three options do not work. Pay attention to be sure the bird repellent is effective against woodpeckers.

Whatever you choose, it is essential to know what options you have available. Below, we will go through how the above options can help you and how you can use them.

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Nine Ways To Get Rid Of Woodpeckers

  • Bird repellant spikes
  • Bird repellent discs
  • Bird repellent balloons
  • Bird repellent tape
  • Bird netting
  • Electronic (sound) bird repellent
  • Woodpecker birdhouse
  • Woodpecker food
  • Chemical spray

1. Get Rid Of Woodpeckers With Bird Repellant Spikes

Package instructions typically require you to place a layer of adhesive. Once you do this, you can press the spikes down until they are firmly attached. If done correctly, the points will stay, and the bird will not want to land on them.

Bird spikes are for ledges, but there are spikes you can buy for siding. These spikes will likely mention woodpeckers specifically. Either that or they will state that you can stick these spikes to your siding with adhesive.

Bird Repellant Spikes Are A Natural Deterrent

In many cases, creators of these spikes are also aware of a woodpecker’s natural tendency to avoid jagged, shiny things. The twisted, complicated design of many points will prevent woodpeckers from wanting to be there.

You may not prefer these for your home based on the jagged look of them. Others may find them to enhance your location’s appearance, but this will depend on the aesthetic of your home.

They have also are repellant to other potential pests. Those who have squirrel or raccoon problems should consider this as an option.

2. Bird Repellent Discs To Get Rid Of Woodpeckers

If you feel guilty about poking the woodpeckers away, sometimes fast-moving shiny objects will do just fine. As a result, bird repellent disks are another option you can hang around your house.

Hang them up using the attached hook. Upon seeing the discs, they will move with the wind. It isn’t the shiny object by itself that will scare the woodpecker, but the fast-moving aspect of which puts it over the edge.

In many cases, you can use the holes that woodpeckers make as a way to hang them up. Just be ready to take them down once you repair your siding. Leaving gaps in your siding will lead to the introduction of different pests.

3. Bird Repellent Balloons Keep Woodpeckers Away

If you are willing to purchase something that might scare you in the wrong conditions, balloons are another option you can choose. If you have ever seen one of these, it is easy to see why they scare smaller birds away.

Secure them tightly using the provided method, which is typically a piece of string. Failure to secure these balloons will cause the wind to take them.

Expect them to be a conversation starter. While these balloons are useful, they give your home a certain feeling that would only feel appropriate for Halloween. Provided you are willing to deal with that. It is an excellent option for you.

4. Keep Away Wood Peckers Using Bird Repellent Tape

Bird tape provides the same type of distraction as bird repellent discs. This tape moves about because of the wind, and the flashy, fast-moving figure is not appealing to birds.

When hanging it up, be sure to follow the package instructions precisely. One end of the tape should be loose, so you can easily hang this on anything from siding to your favorite trees.

5. Bird Netting Keeps Woodpeckers Away

The last option available under passive deterrents is under netting. This woodpecker deterrent is one of the more time-consuming options. Still, it covers siding so that woodpeckers are unable to access it.

Because it is one of the more time-consuming options, you should use this if the earlier options have failed you. It is the same idea behind setting up a fence to keep the neighbor’s dog from destroying it.

But like the neighbor’s dog, woodpeckers can be persistent if they want something. It brings us to some more extreme options.

6. Electric Woodpecker Repellents

When purchasing electronic repellents, we are speaking of sound-based bird repellents. These repellents will do one of two things: play predator calls and play ultrasonic noises.

The predator option is a no-brainer. If you heard something that would eat you, your first response would be to run away. You can purchase these with motion-sensing variants or timed variants. Anything with motion-sensing costs more.

Audio Repellants

Your other option is to purchase something that produces sounds at certain levels. These repellers can work for multiple types of animals that can hear outside of our limitations. However, there is a chance you will disturb the neighbor dogs.

Try and find something that advertises explicitly for woodpeckers. If it doesn’t work, you will be able to better argue for your money back. If that doesn’t work, try and see if you can’t find it in your budget to buy something that produces predator calls.

Focus on motion-sensing ones, as having a hawk in your yard every 10 minutes might be annoying quickly.

7. Woodpecker Birdhouses

The next option you have doesn’t involve a repellent, but a distraction. When woodpeckers are using your location to peck, they are often locating food.

By placing a woodpecker home on a nearby cedar try, you direct them to food while giving them a home. It distracts them from digging into the cedar of your home.

If they continue to dig through your home, this may be a sign of an infestation of carpenter bees. At this point, you will want to call pest control. However, you can further distract the woodpecker by providing them food.

8. Woodpecker Food (Suet Cakes)

If they continue to peck through your cedar, its time to give them an alternate source for food. This alternate source is food known as suet cakes that are specifically for woodpeckers

Establishing a bird feeder at your location keeps these beautiful birds around while directing them elsewhere. Combine this with a birdhouse, and you can live alongside each other instead of at odds.

If your issues are related to bees, we have a guide on getting rid of bees in your siding.

9. Smells That Repel Woodpeckers (Chemical Repellents)

Your last option would be to treat the surface of your siding with chemical sprays and gels. Choosing this should be a last resort, as the chemical gels or sprays can harm birds.

Follow the instructions included with your chosen product pay attention to the expected time frame on the package. Typically, the scent of these chemicals by themselves are enough of a deterrent to keep them away.

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Related Questions

Can You Buy Woodpecker Repellent Paint?

There are paints out there you can purchase, which deter birds from pecking your siding. The most popular option is the BeakGuard woodpecker deterrent.The chemicals within this product deter birds from wanting to peck into your siding. Again, chemical paints are potentially harmful and can wear off over time. Contact the customer service department of your chosen company to be sure of their statements on this.

Will Cayenne Pepper Scare A Woodpecker?

One of the natural options people have used is smothering a pine cone in peanut butter or cheese and cayenne pepper. As is the case with realistic options, this may also attract other pests who will suffer the consequences.

What Time Do Woodpeckers Peck?

Woodpeckers typically peck during the daytime. You don’t hear them during the night. However, it is not impossible.

Are Woodpeckers Good To Have Around?

Woodpeckers are a natural deterrent to another series of pests, including bees, ants, and beetles. It is okay if they live in trees and have the potential to invade your home.However, keep a close eye to be sure they don’t start pecking at your siding.

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