How To Connect An Amazon Firestick To A Home Theater System

Dennis Howard
by Dennis Howard

There have been many amazing add-on gadgets introduced to the world of TV watching in the past few years. None is more astounding than the Amazon Firestick. By connecting your Amazon Firestick to your home theater system, you can enjoy the full range of features available with the Amazon Firestick package.

If your home theater system includes a receiver/amplifier, plug the fire stick into one of the available HDMI ports. Some older receivers don’t have HDMI ports, or the receiver has only “passthrough” HDMI ports. In this case, you must plug the Firestick into the TV and other means of getting sound to your home theater system used.

In the end, plugging an Amazon Firestick into your home theater system is not much different than using a DVD player or other accessories. In most cases, newer home theater systems with a receiver/amplifier are ready for your Amazon Firestick to plug and play. Older systems may require extra equipment and cables to enjoy the full benefits of the Amazon Firestick.

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Installing your Amazon Fire Stick on a Receiver/Amplifier

If your home theater system is relatively new, your Amazon Firestick installation is quick and easy. These simple steps should guide you through the process without a problem.

Step 1: Open the Package and Read the Directions

Open the package containing your Amazon Firestick. Read the included instructions before going any further. When you are familiar with the operating instructions, check the package for the other included parts. Your Firestick package should include

  • The Amazon Firestick
  • A remote control
  • One USB cable
  • A power adapter
  • An HDMI extender cable
  • A pair of AAA batteries
  • The instructions manual

Step 2: Getting Everything Ready

Install the batteries into the remote control. Make sure you install the batteries correctly; else the remote control won’t work.

Your Amazon Firestick must be plugged into the power adapter to operate. Plug the USB cable into the transformer and the port on the Amazon Firestick. Locate a suitable electrical outlet and plug the transformer into the outlet. The transformer provides the power for your Amazon Firestick to operate.

Step 3: Locate an Unused HDMI Port on your Home Theater System Receiver

Most new home theater system receivers have as many as four HDMI ports. Typically, one of these ports is used to connect to the TV. Plug the extender cable into one of the unused HDMI ports.

Using the extender cable to connect your Amazon Firestick serves several purposes.

  • The extender cable provides clearance for your other accessories and plugs on the HDMI ports.
  • Using the extender cable places your Amazon Firestick further away from the other cables and components where heat build may pose a problem.
  • By getting the Amazon Firestick further away from other components, you lessen the chance of interference from other electronics.

Step 4: Plug Your Amazon Firestick into the Extender Cable

Once you plug your Amazon Firestick into the extender cable, the basic installation is complete. However, you must still configure your home theater system to recognize and work with the Amazon Firestick. Follow the user manual instructions that accompanied your home theater system to configure the system properly for your Amazon Firestick.

The Sound from my Home Theater System Only Plays Through the Television

Some older home theater systems may have HDMI input ports that don’t pass the Amazon Firestick sound to the theater system speakers. These older systems only send the sound signals from the Amazon Firestick to the television. If this is your situation, you should use the following instructions to connect your Amazon Firestick.

Step 1: Getting Everything Ready

Follow steps one and two in the preceding instructions to prepare your Amazon Firestick for installation.

Step 2: Locate an Unused HDMI port on your Television

Find an unused HDMI port on your television and plug the extender cable into the unused HDMI port. We recommend that you use the extender cable to separate your Amazon Firestick from the television. Many televisions place the HDMI ports so that the Amazon Firestick cannot be plugged directly into the television.

Step 3: Connect your TV back to the Home Theater System

Your home theater system may already be connected to your TV by an HDMI cable. However, on some older home theater systems, you need to connect your TV to your home theater system with an optical cable or a length of coaxial cable. The only way to achieve the best sound quality from your Amazon Firestick is by using this separate connection.

Step 4: Configure your TV to Recognize the New Connections

Consult the user’s manual that came with your TV to configure the settings to recognize your Amazon Firestick and the sound connection. Some TVs’ may do this automatically. Older TV models need to have the setting manually adjusted.

Step 5: Make Sure your Home Theater System Sees the New Equipment

You may need to use the menu settings on your home theater system to enable the new sound input through the coaxial cable or the optical cable. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions in the user’s manual to make these changes.

My Home Theater System Doesn’t Have HDMI Ports

If your home theater system is older, it may not have any HDMI ports. Typically, these older systems used RCA-type cables to connect the TV and speakers. Most of these older home theater systems have component connections.

Component connections use three RCA-type cables. The three cables usually have red, green, and blue cable connectors. If your home theater system has no HDMI ports but has component video inputs, it is all lost.

Solving the Problem – Get a Converter

The solution to connecting your Amazon Firestick to a component video system is a converter box. These converter boxes are readily available on the internet. Just be sure you purchase the right box for your needs.

Your Amazon Firestick needs an HDMI to 1080-P Component Video Scaler Converter. To convert to your component video-equipped home theater system, you will need the converter box and cables.

Typically, converter boxes don’t come with cables. You will need to order a component Video Cable (three wires, red, green, and blue) and an audio cable (usually red and white.)

Making the Connections Without HDMI Ports

Once you have your converter box and cables in hand, the installation of your Amazon Firestick can proceed. Follow these simple steps to get your Amazon Firestick connected to the converter box quickly and easily.

Step 1: Plug the Video and Audio Cables into the Converter Box

Plug the RCA-style plugs of the video and audio cables into the converter box. Be sure that you match the cable’s color to the color of the jacks on the converter box.

Step 2: Plug the Cables into Your Home Theater System

Locate the component video and audio jacks on your home theater system. Match the color of the cables to the colors on the input jacks on the theater system. Plugging the wrong color cable into the wrong color jack will almost certainly cause strange things to happen with your TV and Amazon Firestick.

Step 3: Plug the Amazon Firestick into the Converter Box

Use the extender cable to install your Amazon Firestick to the converter box. Some converter boxes may have more than one HDMI input port. We recommend that the Amazon Firestick always be installed on the number one HDMI port.

Step 4: Make Sure Both Devices Have Power

The Amazon Firestick and most converter boxes have external power supplies that require an electrical outlet to operate. Make sure both the Amazon Firestick and converter box power supply are plugged in and operating.

Step 5: Set Up Your Home Theater System

Follow the instructions from the manufacturer of your home theater system to enable the component video and audio inputs from the converter box.

Step 6: Enjoy Your New Home Theater Experience

You can now enjoy the new capabilities of your Amazon Firestick on your TV and home theater system. You will still need to connect your Amazon Firestick to your Amazon Prime account and may need to tweak your home theater sound settings to take full advantage of your new equipment.

Getting Connected – Your Amazon Fire Stick Setup

One last job remains to get your Amazon Firestick fully functional. To connect your Amazon Firestick to your Amazon Account only takes a few minutes and a few steps.

Step 1: The Setup Screens

With everything properly connected, turn on your TV and change the input to the HDMI port to which the Amazon Firestick is connected. You should see the first of the Amazon Firestick setup screens displayed on the TV.

Step 2: The Internet Connection

Your Amazon Firestick should begin to search for WIFI networks within its range. You will see a list of the WIFI networks available to your Amazon Firestick displayed on the screen. Use the Firestick remote control to select your WIFI network and then enter the password for the network.

Step 3: Make the Amazon Connection

After your Amazon Firestick connects to your WIFI network, the Amazon registration page will display. At this point, you have two options. You can input your Amazon account’s username and password or create a new Amazon account for your Amazon Firestick.

Step 4: Further Setup for Your Amazon Firestick

Once your Amazon account is installed and connected, your Amazon Firestick will give you the option of performing some additional setups. You can configure the parental controls at this point and access the Quick Downloads App page. For more information about these options, check the user manual that accompanied your Amazon Firestick.

Step 5: Watch the Demo

Lastly, your Amazon Firestick will offer to play the demonstration video. This video has great information about using your Amazon Firestick and the remote control. We recommend that you watch this short video to understand better how to operate your Amazon Firestick.

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Sit Back and Enjoy

Your Amazon Firestick can add a new dimension to your home entertainment enjoyment. The breadth and depth of the content available through your Amazon Firestick are overwhelming. So, sit back and enjoy the new opportunities and new horizons that are now available through your Amazon Firestick and home theater system.

Dennis Howard
Dennis Howard

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