How To Clean a Weighted Blanket (Step-by-Step Guide)

Chad Kilpatrick
by Chad Kilpatrick

Weighted blankets have become a refreshing alternative, to treating anxiety and stress. Getting a good night’s sleep is important for anyone. A weighted blanket can help get you to sleep faster, and improve the quality of your sleep.

We’ve put together this guide so that you can learn how to clean a weighted blanket, and take care of it for years to come.

To clean a weighted blanket, you should spot clean the stains first. Read the label on your blanket, to find specific washing instructions. Remove the cover, and wash it in the washing machine, on cold, or warm. To dry in a machine, use a low or medium setting. To air dry, set it over a clothesline, so the weight disperses evenly on both sides.

If you are thinking about purchasing a weighted blanket and want to know how hard they are to clean, we’re going to put your mind at ease. For those who have one already, we’re going to show you some tips for washing, that you may not have considered.

What is Inside a Weighted Blanket?

Weighted blankets have different components inside of them. Not every weighted blanket, is weighted by the same materials. You will have to check the label on your blanket, to find out what yours is made of.

Common weights:

  • Poly pellets
  • Weighted discs
  • Glass beads

Poly pellets are made from polypropylene material. This medium works great for weighted blankets because they form to your position.

Weighted discs are bags filled with pellets. They are used in heavier blankets, that need a lot of weight distribution.

Glass beads are used in weighted blankets. These beads are known as, micro glass beads. They are very fine pieces and resemble sand. These are considered the highest quality of weights.

Chances are your weighted blanket, are weighted with one of these three mediums. Some materials may have specific instructions for cleaning, so always read the labels.

Will a Weighted Blanket Break my Washer?

Most washers are rated to work with a set amount of weight. You will need to check your washing machine, to find out what it can hold. You would not want to wash a 20-pound weighted blanket, in a washing machine only rated for 15 pounds.

Only wash your blanket when needed. Over-washing the blanket can cause your machine, and the blanket, more wear, and tear. If you are afraid your blanket is damaging your machine, consider other washing options.

If your blanket weighs too much to be washed in the washing machine, you can wash it by hand. When you plan to purchase a weighted blanket, find out what your washing machine is rated at first, to choose the right weight. Some weighted blankets have removable covers, that allow you to remove the weights, and wash just the cover itself.

How To Clean a Weighted Blanket at Home

Cleaning your weighted blanket at home can be an easy job. Each blanket may have different steps, but most washable weighted blankets, have similar instructions. Always check your label first, for specifics.

Step 1: Spot Clean

Spot clean stains right away. The best way to take care of stains is to spot clean them as soon as they happen. This will help remove the stain and make less work for the machine. Use a cloth, with a little bit of water and dish soap, to get rid of grease stains.

Step 2: Remove Cover

If your blanket has a removable cover, remove it, and place it into the washing machine. If yours is not removable, double-check that your machine is rated to wash the weight of your blanket, and place it into the machine.

Step 3: Use Detergent

Use a mild detergent, and wash it on cold or warm. Never wash your blanket on hot, it needs to be on a cool cycle. You also have the choice of hand washing your blanket if it cannot be machine washed.

Step 4: Handwash

To handwash your blanket, fill up your bathtub, halfway. Add a mild detergent, without bleach, to the water. Dunk the blanket multiple times and clean it gently. Then, empty the tub and fill it back up with just water. Rinse the blanket off in the water.

Step 5: Dry

Let your blanket dry. If your label says that it is safe to dry it in the dryer, then do it on a low or medium setting. To air-dry your blanket, lay it over a clothesline. The clothesline will help distribute the weight on both sides.

How Often Should you Wash a Weighted Blanket?

You only want to wash your blanket when you have to. If you use it a lot, then chances are you will have to wash it every couple of weeks. Spot clean any stains that happen, immediately. The faster you can spot clean something, the more likely it won’t stain the blanket.

Washing the blanket too often can make the life of the blanket shorter. Every time you wash it, it is hard on the washing machine, and the blanket gets less soft. Try to come up with a routine, to keep it dusted off, and hand clean it periodically.

Things to Avoid

There are a few things, that you may want to avoid when cleaning weighted blankets. Not every blanket has the same conditions, read your blanket’s label for individual instructions.

Avoid these:

  • Do not wash in hot water
  • No aggressive spin cycles
  • Only wash when needed
  • No harsh cleaning products
  • Do not dry clean your blanket
  • You cannot iron your blanket

Wash your blanket with cold, or warm water, only. Hot water can damage the blanket. Be gentle with the blanket, no aggressive spins. Weighted blankets should only be washed when they need it. When cleaning, do not use harsh cleaning products, such as vinegar, or bleach.

Finally, do not dry clean your blanket, or iron it, unless it says that you can on the label. When drying, try to avoid laying it out unevenly, so that the weighted part can distribute correctly.

How to Wash a Blanquil Weighted Blanket

Not every blanket has the same instructions. Blanquil weighted blankets are quality blankets, that last a long time if cared for properly. The Blanquil blankets have removable covers. Remove the weighted part from the blanket, and wash the cover in the washing machine. Use cold water, and dry on low settings.

The weighted insert can be spot cleaned by hand. Use a damp washcloth, with warm water and dish soap, to scrub the dirty spot. Dry with a dry towel. If you are going to air dry this blanket, make sure to lay it over a clothing line evenly so that the weight will distribute, and not bunch up.

How to Wash Pendleton Weighted Blanket

Pendleton is another maker of high-quality weighted blankets. The Pendleton weighted blankets, use real wool, so they have a slightly different cleaning method. Wool is naturally resistant to stains and wrinkles, which is great for a weighted blanket.

It is suggested, that you clean these blankets only when you need to. You can clean them in between washing them, by using a lent roller. If your label says machine washable, you may wash it in cold water, and dry on low settings.

Some Pendleton weighted blankets can be dry cleaned. Too much washing can cause the blankets to shrink. With the right care, Pendleton blankets will last for years. A routine helps, for daily or weekly light cleanings, to spot clean them, and brush away the lint.

Tips for Cleaning a Weighted Blanket

Here are a few tips, that should help you with cleaning your weighted blanket. As long as you follow these best practices, you should be safe.

Read the label for specific instructions. Not every weighted blanket has the same instructions for cleaning. You need to read your label and find out if there is anything you should avoid.

Dry the blanket evenly. If you are going to air dry your blanket, make sure to set it out so that it folds evenly. This will help the weight, to distribute, without bunching up in areas.

Avoid harsh chemicals and cleaners. Use only mild detergents. If you are going to hand wash it, dish soap is a good option for stains that have grease.

Only wash your blanket when you have to. Spot clean your blanket when you can. Have a routine, where you spot clean every few days. The more you wash it, the more worn the blanket becomes.

Related Questions

Can you wash a weighted blanket that says spot clean only?

This is not recommended. If you have a really dirty blanket, you can use a little more elbow grease, when spot cleaning it. Otherwise, avoid washing it in a washing machine, or soaking it in water.

How to fluff a weighted blanket?

If you want to fluff your weighted blanket, you will need to tumble dry it. Not every blanket allows for tumble drying. Make sure to check the instructions on the blanket, as well as, the weight rating on the dryer.

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