How Much Does a Chimney Cap Cost?

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The chimney serves a vital role in your home as it provides an exit for the harmful gases produced during combustion. Instead of those gases lingering inside your home and potentially causing problems, they are just carried out by the chimney. Your chimney has an important job to do and you need to keep it protected.

Chimney caps provide the exact type of protection that your home’s chimney constantly needs. Installing one is practically a must unless you’re okay with the elements and unfamiliar animals invading your chimney. So, how much will you have to pay if you need a new chimney cap set in place?

Homeowners should expect to pay an average of $270 for a new chimney cap. The price of the chimney cap also changes based on the material used, its size, and its shape. Labor costs will also affect how much you ultimately have to pay. Installers charge an average of $260 to set the new chimney cap in place.

If your home has a chimney, you must keep it adequately protected by installing a cap over it. Find out how much installing a new chimney cap will cost by continuing with the rest of this article.

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Cost of Chimney Cap by Material

Material UsedCost
Galvanized Steel$150
Stainless Steel$330

One of the most important parts of your chimney setup is the cap that sits on top of it. You need it there to keep your chimney shielded from all kinds of potential damage.

You must replace your current chimney cap as soon as it becomes unusable. When looking for a replacement, you will have to consider several factors.

The material makeup of your new chimney cap is an especially important factor to consider. Detailed below are the main material options available for chimney caps.

Aluminum Chimney Caps

First up, we have the aluminum chimney caps. They are sold at an average price of $310.

The standout feature of aluminum chimney caps is their appearance. Compared to the other options, aluminum chimney caps are more lustrous. They look great as the sun hits them and bathes them in a gorgeous glow.

From a durability standpoint, aluminum chimney caps grade out fine. They will stay in working condition for about five years at least. Still, you should check on them regularly because they can be dented whenever they’re hit by debris.

Concrete Chimney Caps

Most of the material options available for chimney caps are metal. The lone exception is concrete. If you’re interested in purchasing a concrete chimney cap, you can get one for $210.

Durability is probably the main reason why you’re opting for a concrete chimney cap. Unlike aluminum caps, debris will not do much damage to a concrete chimney cap.

A concrete chimney cap will remain strong against debris, but extreme temperatures are different. Concrete can break when constantly exposed to those extreme temperatures. Check on the concrete cap regularly to make sure it is still in one piece.

Copper Chimney Caps

Copper chimney caps are the most expensive replacement options. Homeowners will have to pay an average of $350 if they want a copper chimney cap.

Are copper chimney caps worth that higher price tag? They can be if you’re willing to put in the maintenance work necessary.

Copper chimney caps can last for a very long time assuming they are properly maintained. We’re talking about a lifetime potentially spanning decades here.

Some homeowners may balk at the pricing for copper chimney caps and understandably so. Just know that you could get great value from that purchase if you decide to make it.

Galvanized Steel Chimney Caps

We’re going from the most expensive chimney caps to the cheapest ones available. You can pick up a galvanized steel chimney cap at the cost of $150.

Choosing a galvanized steel chimney cap is opting for value. The low price tag doesn’t mean you’re getting a poor product. Galvanized steel chimney caps can still last for up to five years if they are properly maintained.

Galvanized steel has an industrial look that may not fit most homes. If you’re looking for a chimney cap that meshes well with your home décor, galvanized steel may not be for you.

Stainless Steel Chimney Cap

The final material option for your replacement chimney cap is stainless steel. Stainless steel is the next most expensive option after copper. You can buy a new stainless steel chimney cap for $330.

Stainless steel chimney caps are great purchases from a durability standpoint. They can last for over 10 years as long as you invest time and resources in their maintenance. Only copper and concrete beat out stainless steel when it comes to durability.

Your home can also benefit from the distinctive appearance of stainless steel chimney caps. They pair well with homes that feature a modern look.

Cost of Chimney Cap by Size

Chimney Cap SizeCost
9” x 9”$120
8” x 17”$165
13” x 17”$230
14” x 37”$350
Custom Size$450

After choosing a material for your replacement chimney cap, you now have to figure out what size you need. There are several size options available for chimney caps. To prevent this section from ballooning out of proportion, we’re focusing on the sizes that are commonly needed.

We can start with the chimney caps that measure 9” x 9”. Those 9” x 9” chimney caps cost $120 on average. A chimney cap of that size should be big enough to properly cover a single flue.

Next up, you can purchase replacement chimney caps that measure 8” x 17”. Although significantly larger than the first option, a cap that measures 8” x 17” is still only suitable for one flue. You can pick up an 8” x 17” chimney cap for $165.

For the largest flues, you may need a chimney cap that measures 13” x 17”. A chimney cap of that size has a rectangular shape and provides plenty of coverage. It also costs significantly more than the previous options as it is priced at $230.

Some homes rely on two flues to expel the toxic fumes efficiently. If your home is set up that way, you will likely need a chimney cap that measures 14” x 37”. You can get that kind of chimney cap for $350.

You can also purchase a customized chimney cap to fit over the opening or openings. Unsurprisingly, those customized chimney caps are more expensive. They cost an average of $450.

Cost of Chimney Cap by Shape

Chimney Cap ShapeCost

The material makeup and size are obvious factors to consider when choosing a chimney cap. However, the shape of the item you’re buying makes a real difference too.

Choosing the right shape for your chimney cap is important because it affects coverage. You’re installing that chimney cap to protect your home. If the shape is wrong, there may be gaps in the coverage that can prove problematic long-term.

Pay close attention to the shape you choose for your chimney cap. Read through the options below so you can make the right purchase.

Oval Chimney Caps

You can get an oval chimney cap to cover the flue. Buying a new oval chimney cap will cost you an average of $290.

Oval chimney caps provide a good amount of coverage. They extend widely over the opening and keep debris out reliably. You can even find some oval chimney caps that can be enlarged to cover two flues.

The oval shape is an intriguing one to work with from a design standpoint. It stands out more compared to the other chimney cap shapes.

Rectangular Chimney Caps

Of the standard options available, rectangular chimney caps are the most expensive. You can expect to pay an average of $315 for a rectangular chimney cap.

In all likelihood, you’re getting a rectangular chimney cap because you need as much coverage as possible. If you have experience dealing with the issues caused by obstructions in the flue, you will want complete coverage as well.

Similar to the oval chimney caps, rectangular chimney caps can cover multiple flues. Rectangular chimney caps may even be the easiest to install if you need to cover more than one opening.

Round Chimney Caps

The round chimney cap is your best bet if you want something affordable. You can pick one up for $240.

The problem with using a round chimney cap is easy to see. Because of its shape, there are some gaps in coverage that emerge. Those gaps can cause some headaches in the future especially if you live in an area that gets a lot of precipitation.

Still, some homeowners may settle for a round chimney cap even given the potential coverage issues. That’s because they are the easiest ones to find. Those who don’t want to spend too much time finding a replacement may be content with purchasing a round chimney cap.

Square Chimney Caps

Square chimney caps represent a slight step up from the round options in terms of pricing. Homeowners can purchase a square chimney cap for an average price of $260.

The small gap in pricing makes sense because square chimney caps offer better coverage. The straight edges do a better job of keeping precipitation and debris away from the flue.

Square chimney caps are often used to cover only one flue. Supersizing them is an option if you have to cover multiple openings.

Custom Chimney Caps

Once again, you can purchase a customized chimney cap to cover the flue servicing your home. The price point also remains the same at $450.

Homeowners tend to go for custom chimney caps out of necessity more than anything. Sometimes, you have to cover flues that are arranged irregularly. Even if it’s a single flue, it may need a custom cap because of how it’s designed.

Custom chimney caps are pricey, but they may be necessary purchases. Without them, you may not be able to properly cover your flues.

Labor Cost to Install a Chimney Cap

Estimate TypeCost
Low-End Estimate$200
Mid-Range Estimate$250
High-End Estimate$330

You can hire a professional to handle the installation of the replacement chimney cap. Labor expenses for this type of project are very affordable compared to other home improvement tasks. On average, homeowners will have to pay the professionals $250 to complete the installation of the replacement chimney cap.

This is a job you can handle yourself, but there is risk involved. That’s always the case when you have to work on your roof. You’ll be better off paying the professionals especially if you lack some safety equipment.

You should also hire professionals because they can look closer at your chimney while they’re up there. They can detect a potential issue with your chimney before they install the cap. Thanks to that, you may be able to avoid more expensive repairs.

Cost Factors for New Chimney Caps

The information detailed above should give you a pretty good idea of how much your target chimney cap will cost. However, certain cost factors can still affect the final price. Learn more about those additional cost factors in this section.

Location of Your Home

The location of your home will affect how much you’ll have to pay to get a new chimney cap installed. It doesn’t specifically affect the cost of the chimney cap. Rather, it’s the cost of installing the chimney cap that changes based on where you live.

People who live in areas with a high cost of living often have to pay more for labor. You will also have to pay more if your home is located far away from where the installers are based.

Accessibility of Your Roof

Installing the chimney cap is a relatively simple home improvement task. That said, it can still be a dangerous job because you have to work on the roof.

Professional installers will change how much they charge depending on how accessible your roof is. If they can get up there with no issue, they probably won’t charge extra. If they have to be more cautious because your roof is difficult to access, you can expect to be charged more.

Time of Installation

Professionals will present different rates depending on when you’re asking them to install the chimney cap. They will ask for the most money during the winter.

They ask for more money for wintertime installations because they have to deal with the snow and ice on your roof. They have to do more work beyond just installing the chimney cap.

Installations are cheaper during the fall. It’s easier for professionals to work during that season because the weather’s cool but they don’t have to worry about ice.

Condition of Your Chimney

Is your chimney damaged? If so, repairs will have to be administered before the chimney cap can even be installed. You’ll be saddled with large expenses in that scenario.

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Is a Chimney Cap Necessary?

Installing a chimney cap over your chimney is necessary. You’re leaving your home needlessly exposed with no cap covering the opening.A missing chimney cap can cause rain, snow, and debris to enter your chimney. Even some rodents and birds could get in the chimney if there’s no cap protecting it.

Will a Chimney Cap Stop Downdraft?

Downdrafts are currents of air that can move downward through your chimney. They can significantly lower your home’s temperature and even spread smoke and ash in there.Your home can become messy and uncomfortable if it’s constantly plagued by downdrafts. Protect your home against those wayward gusts of wind by installing a chimney cap.

How Long Does It Take to Install a Chimney Cap?

The amount of time needed to install a chimney cap will change based on what flue you have. A professional can install a chimney cap over a single flue in 20 to 30 minutes. Installing a chimney cap that covers multiple flues will take closer to an hour.

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