How Much Does It Cost to Rebuild a Chimney?

Gary Evans
by Gary Evans

The importance of having a functional chimney should never be overlooked. You need your chimney to usher out the products of combustion that are produced whenever the fireplace is in use. If your chimney is not working as intended, those gases could linger in your home and harm your family.

Rebuilding your chimney will be necessary at some point if you want it to keep doing its job. A partial chimney rebuild may suffice in some scenarios and even just focusing on the stack could work. If your chimney is in truly rough shape, your only option will be to rebuild it entirely.

Homeowners pay an average of $10,000 to completely rebuild a chimney. This includes a rate of $150 per linear foot to rebuild the chimney stack and at least $1,600 in labor to remove the old stack. Scaffolding rental will cost $50-$80 per day. Larger chimneys or ones with extensive fire damage will cost more to replace. Rebuilding the fireplace or installing new gas pipes will cost an additional $1,500 to $3,000.

Homeowners will have to spend a significant amount of money on a chimney rebuild, but it’s often a necessary expense. The dangers of living with a damaged chimney are too great to ignore so you must do something about that. Find out how much rebuilding your damaged chimney will cost by reading on.

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Cost of Partial Chimney Rebuild

Estimate TypeCost
Low-End Estimate$600
Mid-Range Estimate$800
High-End Estimate$1,000

Rebuilding your chimney completely from scratch is not always required. In cases where the damage to the chimney is relatively minor, paying for a partial rebuild will do. You will have to pay $800 for a partial chimney rebuild.

So, how can you tell if you only need a partial chimney rebuild and nothing more? A closer look at your chimney should reveal the answer to that question.

Check out the condition of the material used for your chimney stack. Examine it closely and see what kind of damage it has sustained. You can determine what you need to do next based on what your chimney looks like.

Small cracks and crumbling blocks are concerning, but they aren’t the worst signs of damage for a chimney. A partial rebuild will still be good enough if that’s the problem you’re staring at. You can still get away with a partial rebuild even if some bricks are missing.

Note that a partial chimney rebuild is not a temporary solution. It can effectively extend the life of your chimney. Don’t think of a partial rebuild as a temporary fix that will just punt the problem a little ways back.

Cost to Remove Chimney Stack

Estimate TypeCost
Low-End Estimate$1,000
Mid-Range Estimate$1,300
High-End Estimate$1,600

It would be great if your chimney could start working like normal again after a partial rebuild. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case and more drastic repairs will be required. Removing the chimney stack will likely be necessary if you need those additional repairs. Chimney stack removal costs an average of $1,300.

Chimney removal is not a simple demolition job. The workers have to be careful during removal because segments of the chimney could fall on your roof and damage it.

We also want to reiterate here that we’re just talking about chimney stack removal. You will have to pay way more money if you also need the chimney breast and flue removed. Removing those other parts of your chimney may not be required.

Cost to Rebuild Chimney Stack

Estimate TypeCost
Low-End Estimate$1,000
Mid-Range Estimate$2,300
High-End Estimate$3,600

The cost of removing a chimney stack can already be a big hit to your finances. You will now have to add the cost of rebuilding the chimney stack to that. On average, homeowners have to spend $2,300 to rebuild a chimney stack.

Watch out for the signs indicating that you must rebuild your chimney stack. The most obvious ones are the cracks that span the entire height of the stack itself. Once you start to see those, you should probably look into making repairs sooner rather than later.

Some additional cost factors can also affect how much you’ll have to pay for your rebuilt chimney stack. Let’s talk about them below.

Material Composition

Paying to rebuild your chimney stack is probably not something you’re eager to do. However, it does present you with an opportunity to do something different with your chimney. To be more specific, you can change the material composition of your chimney stack.

Brick is probably the most popular choice for building a chimney stack, but it’s not your only option. You can also choose to use metal for your new chimney and that will work just fine.

Beyond aesthetics, you should care about the material used because it will affect the cost of rebuilding. Rebuilding with bricks will be more expensive than using metal. Keep that in mind while you make your decision.

Condition of the Chimney Stack

You can switch the material composition of your chimney if you want. However, there is an advantage to sticking with brick if that’s the material you’re already using.

When workers are asked to rebuild a chimney stack, they will take the time to check the condition of the bricks. They will check to see if some of the bricks can still be reused for rebuilding. Hopefully, you have more than a few bricks that are still good enough to be reused so you can cut down on your expenses.

Location of the Chimney

The location of your chimney will also impact the final bill you get for this particular project. It matters because it helps determine how difficult the rebuild will be.

Ideally, you want your chimney in a spot where the workers will be able to reach easily via a ladder. They will have an easier time removing and rebuilding the stack if the area is accessible like that. They will also not charge more since they only need a ladder.

The workers will ask for more money if they have to set up scaffolding to reach your chimney. They will also have to clear out space for the scaffolding, which will extend the duration of the project.

Height of the Chimney

The contractor may also recommend changing the height of your chimney stack during the rebuild. The average cost of extending a chimney is $2,000.

Should you consider extending your chimney? That depends on how tall it is currently.

Chimneys that are too short may sometimes fail to accumulate sufficient internal pressure. If there’s not enough internal pressure, some of the gases may not be expelled properly.

Then again, you cannot build a chimney that is way too tall. Gases trying to escape an excessively tall chimney may cool down before they reach the exit. Those cool gases may linger inside the chimney instead of heading outside and that’s a problem.

Consult with a professional if you want to rebuild your chimney stack. They can tell you how tall your chimney should be and you can rebuild accordingly.

Cost to Rebuild Chimney

Estimate TypeCost
Low-End Estimate$5,000
Mid-Range Estimate$10,000
High-End Estimate$15,000

Proper maintenance can keep your chimney in working condition for a long time, but wear and tear will set in eventually. There will come a time when completely rebuilding your chimney will be necessary. When that time comes, you should prepare to spend $10,000 to address the issue.

Err on the side of caution by rebuilding your chimney sooner rather than later. If you wait too long, you may turn your home into an unsafe environment. Different kinds of toxic gases could be floating around in there and you may not notice them right away. Rebuild your chimney before you get close to that point.

Telltale signs will also start to emerge if your chimney needs to be completely rebuilt. One sign you can spot from far away is the alignment of the chimney. If it looks like the chimney is leaning, that probably means you need to rebuild it.

You can climb up to your chimney to check for more signs of significant damage. Look at the mortar and see if it has badly deteriorated. The entire stack itself may also be in rough shape due to wear and tear so sign up for a total rebuild at that point.

Additional factors can affect the cost of rebuilding a chimney. We’ve detailed those supplemental factors in the sections below.


Whether or not permits will be required for your rebuilding project will depend on the extent of the work involved. You specifically need to account for the parts of your home that will be involved in the rebuild.

Rebuilding the chimney could require changes being made to your roof. Before making those changes, you will need a permit. You should expect to pay $380 for that roofing permit.

The HVAC system you have installed may also need to be modified to pair well with your rebuilt chimney. The necessary permit for modifying an HVAC system costs $330.

Pay up for those permits to avoid violating any local ordinances. The contractor you hired to work on the chimney rebuild can help you secure those permits.

Structural Engineer Fees

Since you’re rebuilding your chimney, you will need an expert to confirm the structural integrity of the new structure. A structural engineer can take on that role. You can hire a structural engineer to inspect your chimney in exchange for $350.

Note that the structural engineer is only there to assess your new chimney. If you want them to draw up the plans for your chimney, you will have to pay them more. On average, structural engineers charge $1,400 if you need them to draw up plans for you.

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Yes, rebuilding your chimney is a must if you want to keep your home free of toxic gases. You can avoid a total rebuild by repairing the chimney as soon as it starts to show some signs of damage.

How Long Can a Rebuilt Chimney Last?

A rebuilt chimney can work like an entirely new fixture. Its longevity is also comparable to a new chimney. Your rebuilt chimney can last for over 50 years if you maintain it correctly.

Do Roofers Repair Chimneys?

Roofers can repair a chimney if the damage to it is very minor. Even so, they are not the professionals you should hire if want to repair your chimney. Instead, you should look for contractors who specialize in chimney repair. They are the professionals who possess the skills and knowledge you need.

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