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Vegetable gardens are very much back in fashion, and it’s no wonder. Planting a vegetable garden is very rewarding. You have the pleasure of eating your healthy and delicious rewards for many months after planting. For those looking to start small, growing vegetables in pots and other containers is a great way to dip your toes into vegetable gardening. The key to success is to know which vegetables grow easily and best in pots.

Some of the easiest garden vegetables to grow in pots instead of in the ground include several varieties of tomatoes, bell peppers, jalapenos, and onions. Snap peas are a great early-season vegetable to grow in pots and containers, as are various lettuces. Eggplant and cucumbers also do well in large pots and container gardens. Make sure you use nutrient-rich soil and place the pots in ideal light conditions.

Starting a vegetable garden can be time-consuming and expensive, but it doesn't have to be. Instead, you can use cheap or free garden pots and planters to plant and grow many of your favorite vegetables. The key is to know what vegetables thrive when potted, and which are best left to plant in the earth.

Advantages To Growing Vegetables In Containers And Pots

You Can Place Them In Ideal Sun Conditions

One great perk of growing your favorite vegetables in pots is that you can always place them in the perfect sunlight conditions. As time passes, shadows change and so does the angle of the sun. If you have your vegetables in pots and containers, you can shift them seasonally to ensure they are always getting the appropriate amount of light.

Avoid Flood Conditions

If a flash flood or hurricane is coming your way, you can easily protect potted plants. You can place them under any roof, or even gather them together and cover them with a tarp. They are much less likely to need to be revived after a flood than the plants in the ground.

Keep Them Safe During Overnight Frosts

If you plant your garden in early spring, or let it linger into late fall, then you might encounter a few frosty nights. When your plants are potted, you can bring them somewhere warm, or at least cover them with a blanket to keep them from being exposed to the frost (and dying) overnight.

It’s Often A Cheaper Method

Planting vegetables in pots is also usually a cheaper way to garden. You just need some soil and seeds. You can often find pots or containers for free or cheap. You don’t need any major gardening equipment either, since you won’t be digging deep into the earth.

Keeps Them Away From Many Pests

Many pests that eat plants linger around the grass and underneath the ground. When you have your plants out of the ground and elevated above it, many pests are unable to nibble at the roots and the leaves. You can even add netting around your pots for extra protection.

The 9 Best Vegetables To Easily Grow In Pots

1. Tomatoes

One of the easiest vegetables to grow successfully in pots is the tomato plant. Tomatoes are a staple of any garden, and many people who only have just a few vegetables and herbs make sure they have at least one tomato plant.

Tomato plants often grow better in pots than in the ground. Pots help you control the amount of moisture in the soil, as well as the soil type. Tomatoes also attract lots of pests, so having them in pots is a great way to keep pests at bay. If you are growing tomatoes in a pot for the first time, choose a small or clustering species, as these tend to be the easiest to grow and produce bountiful yields. Cherry tomatoes and varieties like Tumbling Tom are great options.

2. Bell Peppers

Another popular vegetable that is very easy to grow in pots instead of in the ground is the bell pepper. Bell peppers are fairly easy to grow, and as long as you water these vegetables diligently and give them six to eight hours of sunlight per day, they will thrive in pots.

Pepper plants can grow more than three feet tall, and require a pot with at least three gallons of volume, but otherwise, they have few additional needs. Many bell pepper plants can produce peppers well into the fall. You can even bring your potted bell pepper plant indoors in the fall, and it will continue to produce peppers as long as it gets enough sunlight.

3. Snap Peas

If you want a high-yielding plant that you can grow in pots starting early in the spring, look no further than snap peas. Snap peas grow upwards with the help of poles and string, and you can easily install these by having multiple pots next to each other.

Snap peas are vegetables best grown in spring, and they like regular watering and plenty of full sun. One way to ensure lots of snap peas grow from your pots is to plant multiple pots but at different times. Wait two weeks between seedlings and you can have snap peas growing from your pots for several months.

4. Eggplant

If you are a fan of eggplant parmesan you’ll be thrilled to know you can grow these delicious purple vegetables in pots. Eggplants do great in pots, but you must grow them in a wide pot like a whiskey barrel, as these plants like to spread out a bit.

When you grow eggplants in pots, cover them with some quality mulch, as this will help regulate temperature and moisture. These plants like plenty of water, but they like to dry out a bit too, as this prevents rot. If you follow a simple care plan, you will have lots of juicy eggplants growing from your container garden this summer.

5. Radishes

Several species of root vegetables also thrive in pots. One example of this is the radish. Radishes grow very easily in pots. To grow lots of them, use a wide and deep container. Radishes grow easily and love the full sun.

They don’t love when the sun gets too strong though, so pots are great as you can adjust their position as the summer rays intensify. If you don’t like the spicy bitter flavor of radishes, consider another root vegetable like carrots. Carrots also grow well in pots and container gardens.

6. Jalapenos

If you want to spice things up in your potted vegetable garden, add some spicy peppers like jalapenos. Jalapenos and other spicy pepper plants grow very easily in pots. They usually don’t grow as tall as other pepper plants, which means they don’t need a lot of soil, making pots an ideal home for them. One spicy pepper plant should yield enough spicy peppers to keep your recipes full of powerful heat.

7. Onions

Several onion species also grow very easily in pots. White, yellow, and red onions all grow in pots. In a five-gallon container, you can grow upwards of eight onions at a time. You can also opt to grow green onions, which are a great option for those who want to start a vegetable garden for cheap. Simply plant the roots of the green onions you bought at the store, and as long as the soil is wet, these roots will sprout new green onions.

8. Cucumbers

If you are a big salad fan, consider planting cucumbers in pots this season. Cucumbers grow very easily in pots. Similar to eggplants, a wide container with three to five gallons of soil is best, as these plants like to spread out.

9. Lettuce

Why get lettuce from the store when you can grow it in a pot? Several lettuce species thrive in pots. Thanks to pots being elevated, the sensitive lettuce leaves aren’t as vulnerable to pests. You can also start lettuce early in the spring. If there is a freezing night, you can bring the pot indoors to safety.

Wrapping Up The Top Vegetables That Grow Easily In Pots

Vegetable gardens can be vast and immaculate, or they can be as simple as a few potted plants. If you want to plant a few vegetables but aren’t sure how to start, remember the key is to choose vegetables that thrive in pots. Tomatoes, especially smaller and cluster varieties, grow wonderfully in pots. Eggplant, cucumbers, and several types of peppers also do great in pots. If you want to try growing root vegetables, try onions, radishes, or carrots.

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