10 Home Improvement Valentine’s Gift Ideas For Your Loved One

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by Tom Gaffey
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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and that means heart-shaped chocolates, coveted dinner reservations, and an ongoing quest for the perfect gift for your loved one. Shopping for a Valentine’s Day gift can be challenging and also rather expensive. If you live with your partner you might want to consider a home improvement gift idea so the gift keeps on giving. This way you can build, buy, and install something meaningful that you both can enjoy consistently for years to come. Who knows, you might even increase the value of your home.

If you want a Valentine's Day gift idea that upgrades your home, consider planting a rose bush, or installing a trellis outside for your garden. You can invest in an outdoor hot tub, as the winter is a great time to buy one. Consider upgrading your pots and pans, or giving your bathroom a facelift. A new mattress and luxurious bed linens are romantic Valentine’s Day gifts that keep on giving.

You can say “I love you” to your partner in many ways through completing a thoughtful home improvement project. While each person has different likes and dislikes, the following list should have more than one idea that will appeal to the person you are shopping for this February. Whether it's a glamorous bathroom upgrade, or a simple but beautiful flowering plant for the garden, this list has a wide array of home improvement gift ideas for every person and every budget.

10 Romantic Home Improvement Valentine’s Gift Ideas

1. Plant A Rose Bush For The Yard

Why buy a bouquet of roses that will die within a week when you can buy a rose bush that will last a lifetime? A rose bush is a fantastic gift idea for those looking for a Valentine’s Day present that also benefits the home. Rose bushes are stunning and many varieties are also quite resilient.

Remember that if you live in a cold climate you might need to take precautions when buying the plant. It is a good idea to keep it inside near a window with plenty of sun until the threat of overnight frost is no longer an issue. Not only will this plant be a great addition to your outdoor garden, but it will have an added sentimental value moving forward.

2. Invest In A Hot Tub

If you want to wow your partner, there are not many better home improvement gifts than a hot tub. This might seem like an over-the-top gift for Valentine’s Day, but there are some good reasons to consider this as a serious choice.

For one, hot tubs are often cheaper in the winter, as this is off-season. Therefore, if you were already planning on purchasing a hot tub, this is a great season to do so. Additionally, hot tubs might be expensive, but they can also increase the value of your home. This is particularly true if you build a deck or create stonework around the hot tub area.

3. Build A Trellis For Flowering Vines

If your partner has a green thumb, give him or her something to get excited about as soon as spring comes. A trellis is an easy-to-build or install outdoor feature that allows your partner to invest in some stunning climbing vines.

A trellis is a great first outdoor building project for a DIY novice, making it a good challenge for someone looking to make rather than buy a home improvement gift this Valentine’s Day. If you want to buy one, they can also be quite affordable. Even though this gift is on the cheaper side, a good trellis can add a lot of character and class to any outdoor area when done tastefully.

4. Buy New And Improved Cookware

If you and your partner spend lots of time in the kitchen, then it’s a good idea to focus your Valentine’s Day energy on this room. While there are many kitchen presents you can purchase, one great kitchen upgrade you and your partner can enjoy for years to come is a new and improved set of pots and pans.

Over time all pots and pans need replacing. Additionally, the more serious you get about cooking, the better quality pans you will desire. This is why a pots and pans upgrade is a fun Valentine’s Day gift. It is a way for you and your partner to reinvigorate your love for cooking while also investing in your shared culinary future.

5. Create An Outdoor Fire Feature

Nothing awakens romance quite like the spark of an outdoor fire feature. Whether you opt for a fire pit or an outdoor fireplace, either outdoor fire feature is something you and your partner are bound to love. Sure, these outdoor fire elements are cozy, but they have lots of additional benefits.

Depending on your climate, an outdoor fire feature can add months to the amount of time you can use and enjoy your outdoor space. It also makes for a great place to entertain. If you go above and beyond and put time and effort into an elaborate outdoor fireplace, then you might even increase the value of your home, all while impressing your loved one on this holiday.

6. Give Your Bathroom A Facelift

The bathroom is another space in the home you can focus on when deciding on a home improvement gift idea this Valentine’s Day. You can go big and do a bathroom remodel of sorts by swapping out old mirrors, sinks, and other hardware. Or you can keep it simple by upgrading your towels and buying personalized robes for you and your loved one. A bubble bath with rose petals can’t hurt either.

7. Upgrade Your Mattress And Bed Linens

If you and your loved one sleep in the same bed, which most couples do, then consider investing in your love and slumber nest this romantic holiday season. If your mattress is showing signs it needs replacing, use this holiday as a chance to upgrade to a premium mattress that will provide you both lasting comfort. New luxury sheets with a high thread count are another option for those who don’t need a new mattress but want to invest in a good night’s sleep.

8. Build A She-Shed Or Man Cave

If your partner has a hobby, or if the two of you are independent beings living under the same roof, then a man cave or she-shed might be in order. These rooms, where your partner can do his or her own thing - whether it's relaxation or a hobby, have grown significantly in popularity over the years. If this is something your loved one has hinted at and you have the space and budget, Valentine’s Day is a great time to create and unveil this space.

9. Install A Sentimental Photo Wall

One home improvement and decor idea that can double as a Valentine’s Day gift without breaking the bank is a photo wall. Using personal photos of you, your partner, your family, and trips, and moments you both hold dear is a great use of space. It is sure to be a hit as a Valentine’s Day gift, and if done tastefully with quality frames and careful photo selection, it will be a collective work of art everyone who visits your home will also enjoy.

10. Complete Any Lingering Or Ongoing Projects

Nothing says I love you like listening to your loved one or completing something you promised you would do. Whether it is repairing electrical work, finishing a basement project, painting a room, or one of the endless other painstaking labors of love every DIY enthusiast faces at one time or another - a completed project is easier said than done.

Use Valentine’s Day to complete any project you said you would get done, and you are bound to live in a happier home. Making this project completion a surprise will surely bring joy to you and your loved one.

Wrapping Up Home Improvement-Inspired Valentines Gift Ideas

If you live with your significant other and can’t think of a great gift to give them this Valentine’s Day, consider a home improvement gift. Things like a photo wall, a rose bush, or even personalized bathrobes are great ways to improve the home and add a touch of sentimentality. A well-made fire feature, hot tub, and bathroom upgrade are gifts that are not only sure to wow your partner but might even increase the value of your home.

Tom Gaffey
Tom Gaffey

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