Does Blink Work With Google Home?

Tom Gaffey
by Tom Gaffey

Home security devices are a hot commodity these days. They have come a long way from the days when a team of professionals had to install many hard wired devices and sensors throughout the home. In fact, home security has become so simple that you can take a product like Blink by Amazon out of the box and have it set up within the hour. But as you continue to strive for simplicity and ease you might find yourself wondering if you can use your Blink with your Google Home.

Your Blink security system does not work with Google Home. Blink is an Amazon product, so it is made easily compatible with Alexa and Amazon products. You can, however, use different integration programs like IFTTT and the SmartThings app to enable Blink to communicate with your Google Home. If you are looking to pair a security system, there are many other brands that work with Google Home.

As you contemplate your home security system and how you want to have all your home gadgets linked, you should know the limitations. Some products pair very easily with others, while it can be a more involved, sometimes nearly impossible, task to work with others. If you have a Blink and a Google Home, keep reading to understand how these two are and are not compatible.

Does Blink Work With Google Home?

If you have Google Home you likely want to know if a blink security system will work with it. Or if you have Blink, you might wonder if it is worth purchasing Google Home to streamline your devices. Unfortunately, Blink Home is made and owned by Amazon. Like so many other products these days, the major companies make it very easy to make their products compatible with their other devices and software, but make it very difficult to pair it with the competition’s devices.

Blink is no exception. Blink does not communicate or link with your Google Home. If, however, you have a Blink and a Google home, there are some creative ways that you can link the two. We will discuss those opportunities later in the article.

Blink Is Compatible With Amazon Alexa

If you have a Blink device, you might be bummed to have just read that it is not compatible with Google home. After all, these days it is hard to keep track of all our gadgets and technology, and having it all linked is much easier.

Blink is, however, easily compatible with all Amazon products, like Alexa. You can pair your blink with Alexa, and make Alexa the hub for all your commands and communication. You can even access security video on screen-enabled Amazon Echo. So if you have already purchased and installed your Blink, purchasing an Alexa and using the Alexa App will be the easiest route for you. There are, however, a few options for you to try if you have a Blink and a Google Home and really want to sync the two.

Connect Google Home And Blink Using IFTTT

You can try to link Google Home and Blink using something called IFTTT. IFTTT stands for If That Then This. It is a program that allows you to do a lot more with your devices and their apps than you normally can. It even specializes in allowing certain devices to perform commands based on other devices – even if normally these two would not normally communicate.

You can therefore use IFTTT to link your Blink and Your Google Home. It does not involve any computer coding, so you do not need to be a computer genius. However, this process is a bit involved, and you need to know exactly what you want to get out of the device. In other words, you need to specify what commands and responses you are looking for from the two devices. This is definitely an option for those who are determined to get these Google Home and Blink to work together. There is also an App that can slightly simplify things.

Try An Integration Program Like The SmartThings App

One way of incorporating the IFTTT technology a bit simpler than doing so manually is by incorporating a more user-friendly application like SmartThings. Smart things uses the IFTTT technology that unlocks the communication potential in your Blink and Google Home. It is a bit easier to understand, and can do some of the more complicated work for you. This is an option for those not too familiar with technology but are desperate to get the two to communicate.

Try A Different Security System That Works With Google Home

If you already have Google Home, perhaps you should consider using a different security system other than Blink. There are a plethora of options to choose from in the smart technology home security world.

The good news is, that unlike other companies like Apple and Amazon, Google Home is actually compatible with several home security systems. Sure, you can keep it simple and go with Google Nest, Google’s home security answer to the Blink. But you can choose from all sorts of other systems. Some of these options include Ring, Carlo Wyze, and many other popular and trusted brands.

Concluding Thoughts On Whether Or Not Blink Works Google Home

Blink is an Amazon device, which means it does not naturally work well with Google products like Google Home. In fact, Blink and Google Home are not compatible in a classic sense. If you have Blink Security, consider using Alexa. When you have Google Home, consider using one of the many security systems. You can opt for Google Nest, which is certainly compatible with Google Home.

Perhaps you really need to find a way to link your Blink with your Google Home. Lucky for you, there are a couple of options. You can try using IFTTT, which can find ways to help your two devices communicate with each other. This does require some involved setup, and is not for those uncomfortable with technology. You can also try the SmartThings App, which makes things a bit less complicated than standard IFTTT.

Tom Gaffey
Tom Gaffey

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