Do Kitchen Appliances Have To Match?

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by Nick Durante

Kitchen appliances are about more than their function, and many homeowners consider them to be a part of the room’s décor. Appliances like refrigerators, stoves, ovens, and ice makers are just as much about their appearance as their purpose. So, do kitchen appliances have to match?

Kitchen appliances don’t have to match, but it is ideal to pair appliances that have the same finish. Glossy appliances don’t go well with matte appliances, and they can clash in your kitchen. You don’t need to buy appliances that are all of the same brands but they will look better if they are at least the same color.

It is possible to paint kitchen appliances to change their appearance so they match. However, you need to check to make sure that the paint can handle the heat from an oven or stove. Follow along as we explore whether or not kitchen appliances have to match.

Do Kitchen Appliances Have to be the Same Color?

Kitchen appliances should match in color or else they will look out of place. It doesn’t matter if your fridge is a different brand from your oven, but they should be the same color. Colors and finishes should match so that your kitchen appliances don’t clash with each other.

Otherwise, they will be distracting and could throw off your kitchen’s aesthetic. Your appliances don’t need to be the same style even as long as they are the same finish. For example, a slick and shiny silver refrigerator would look bad with a dark, matte gray oven.

You have plenty of freedom when it comes to pairing kitchen appliances. They don’t need to be identical or from the same brand, but it’s ideal to choose appliances that look similar. You can always mix and match appliances in the future when one of them goes bad and you need to replace it.

Do All Stainless Steel Appliances Match?

Not all stainless steel appliances match, and they can vary quite a bit. Some stainless steel appliances are shinier than others whereas some have a matte appearance. Matte and shiny finishes each contribute to a completely different aesthetic.

With that said, it is okay to pair matte and shiny stainless steel appliances in most cases. The combination will only be distracting if the appliances are too close to one another. However, you won’t likely notice the contrast if you have a matte ice maker on the opposite end of the kitchen as your glossy refrigerator.

Not only do stainless steel appliances differ as far as the finish goes, but they vary in color as well. Some stainless steel appliances are darker than others and can clash. It helps to see the appliances in person before you make your purchase because they often look different than the pictures online.

Do You Have to get the Same Brand Appliances?

You don’t have to get the same brand of appliances, but it can be helpful in many cases. This comes in handy if you purchase them at the same time and get the warranty for each appliance. Sticking with a single brand for appliances isn’t necessary, but it is a great way to create continuity within your kitchen.

Appliances of the same brand are more likely to match in style and finish. That’s not ideal for every homeowner, however, especially if you want to add variety to your kitchen. However, some brands offer a special deal if you purchase 2 or more appliances at a time.

Brands such as Thermador can offer you a generous discount on an appliance if you purchase more than one. It’s a matter of taste, however, and some homeowners understandably prefer to mix and match appliances to create a more dynamic aesthetic.

Can Kitchen Appliances be Painted?

You can paint kitchen appliances, but only if you use special paint. With that said, you should not paint all kitchen appliances. For example, stoves and ovens generally get too hot which can damage the paint and can even be dangerous.

Not all appliance paints are rated to be used around extreme temperatures. The heat from a stove or oven can weaken and even strip the paint. For example, a glossy paint job won’t likely hold well on a kitchen appliance that uses heat.

Glossy paint works perfectly well on a refrigerator, however, because excessive heat isn’t a factor. Painting appliances is a great way to make them match even if they are of a different brand or style. Make sure to unplug any appliance before you paint it so that you don’t risk electrical shock.

Should Appliance Handles Match?

Appliance handles don’t need to match unless you want them to. You won’t be able to find appliances with matching handles unless they are of the same brand. Some appliance brands sell appliance sets that have matching handles.

Otherwise, you will struggle to find appliances with handles that match unless they are the same brand. Appliance handles aren’t necessarily as important as the color, style, or finish. However, appliances with matching handles can create a comfortable continuity throughout your kitchen.

Is it Okay to Match Black and Stainless Steel Appliances?

It is okay to pair black and stainless steel appliances as long as you don’t mind the color difference. You can make the contrast less jarring with complementary hardware. For example, a stainless steel refrigerator with black handles will look great with a black oven or stove.

That isn’t always possible to find, but you can use appliance paint to make them look better together. Try to stick with one style of finish when you mix and match black and stainless steel appliances. Otherwise, the contrast between the colors will be much more jarring and they won’t work as well as a match.

What is the Most Popular Appliance Color?

Stainless steel, black, and brown are currently the most popular appliance colors. Black and brown have made a comeback in the kitchen, and they go well with any type of décor and furniture in your kitchen. Colors besides the classic stainless steel open the door to fun color and décor combinations.

You can create a fun contrast by pairing white cabinets with a black or brown refrigerator, for example. White refrigerators are still as popular as ever, but they are also hard to maintain because of how quickly they get dirty. They are also a bad choice if you already have lots of white in the kitchen which can be overwhelming.

Bold appliances are popular as well, but they can be limiting as far as your color combinations go. For example, a teal or purple refrigerator sounds good in theory, but it can make the pairing difficult. It is ideal to stick with classic colors like brown and black that generally go with every color scheme.

Summing it Up

Kitchen appliances don’t have to match, but they should be similar enough so that they aren’t distracting. Different finishes don’t generally go well together because they reflect light differently. A matte dishwasher won’t look great if it’s next to a glossy refrigerator, for example.

However, you don’t need to pair appliances that are all the same brand unless that is what you prefer. The one upside to pairing appliances from the brand is that you can often get a better deal if you purchase several at once. Otherwise, you don’t need to worry about getting appliances that are the same style, color, or brand at all.

You can paint appliances so that they match as long as you purchase special paint. Some paints won’t work with every appliance, especially if they are susceptible to heat. Make sure that the paint can handle heat without peeling before you paint your oven. Stove, or dishwasher. Luckily, that isn’t an issue with refrigerators as long as you use appliance paint.

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