Cost of Living In Englewood, CO (Taxes, Housing & More)

Nick Durante
by Nick Durante

Colorado is one of the most visited states in America for those seeking gorgeous views and entertainment. For 5.75 million people, however, Colorado is called home, and it is with good reason. One of the most welcoming Colorado cities is Englewood, but what is the cost of living?

Homes in Englewood are expensive with a median home price of $427,971, and the homeownership rate is 49.5%. High home prices mean more renters, and rent is mid-ranged in cost at $1,750 per month in Englewood. Utilities add $135 each month to your bills, but luckily, groceries are cheaper than the national average in Englewood.

Colorado has a low statewide effective property tax rate at 0.55%. Some costs in Englewood are above the national average, and others are below. Let’s take a close look at how much it really costs to live in Englewood, Colorado.

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Englewood, CO Home Prices

The median home value in Englewood, Colorado is $427,971, much more than the $295,300 national average. Average home sales prices have increased by just over 20% in the last year. Your average home in Englewood, CO sells for between $250 and $270 per square foot.

LocationMedian Home PriceHomeownership Rate
Englewood, CO$427,97149.5%
United States$295,30065.1%

As you can see, the majority of the population of Englewood, CO are not homeowners, and most of them rent. That is likely because of the high median home value when compared to the rest of the country, and Colorado. The rest of Colorado consists primarily of homeowners, but places like Denver and Englewood have lower Homeownership rates.

It will cost you roughly $235 per square foot as a builder-owner to build your own new home in Englewood. Depending on the materials and floorplans you choose, it could add another $100-$200 per square foot in construction costs.

Average Rent In Englewood, Colorado

Englewood, Colorado residents pay an average of $1,750 each month in rent. The majority of people living in Englewood are renters, and cost is based on many factors. For example, a 1 bedroom outside of the center of the city can cost as little as $1,300 per month.

Apartments in the middle of Englewood, however, can get quite expensive. A 3 bedroom apartment in the center of Englewood costs up to $2,900 or more per month. The same size apartment outside of the city center costs roughly $200-$300 less per month in rent.

Colorado CitiesAverage Rent Cost
Colorado Springs$1,140
Fort Collins$1,522
Estes Park$893

The entire state of Colorado has a median rent of $1,305 per month, and that puts Englewood above average. You can also expect to pay vastly different prices based on which neighborhood in Englewood you choose to live in. Some of the best neighborhoods in Englewood include Cherry Hills Village and Sheridan, but there are many options.

Englewood, CO NeighborhoodsAverage Rent Cost
Cherry Hills Village$1,790
Arapahoe Acres$2,395
Englewood City$1,500

Utilities Cost In Englewood, Colorado

Expect to spend at least $135 per month on basic utilities, such as electric, gas, and water in Englewood. Electricity bills alone can cost as much as $110 each month, and other utilities are a smaller part of the bill. However, additional bills such as cable, internet, and garbage collection all factor into your monthly expenses.

You will typically spend between $25 and $60, or more, on cable in Englewood depending on your plan. If you don’t pair internet with cable bills, you’ll generally pay another $50-$70 every month in internet bills in Englewood.

Weekly trash collection is another must, and it may be an expense you take on yourself. Some apartment leases include weekly trash collection, and others do not. If you are a homeowner or don’t have trash included in your lease, it will cost $25-$40 per month.

Taxes in Englewood, Colorado

Taxpayers in Englewood, Colorado pay three main forms of state and local taxes: local property taxes, a state income tax, and state and local sales taxes. The state sales tax is the lowest in the country, among states that have a sales tax. Whereas, the state income tax is a flat rate and property taxes are comparatively lower than national averages.

Property Taxes in Englewood, Colorado

Currently, the average property tax rate in Colorado is 0.55%, and the national average rate is 1.08%. You can expect your annual property taxes to be much lower in Englewood, Colorado than the rest of the country. Most Colorado residents spend roughly $1,437 each year, and the national average cost per year is $2,375.

Qualifying senior citizens in Englewood, and the rest of Arapahoe County, are eligible for property tax exemptions. If you are 65 years old, and have lived at your residence for 10 or more years, you may qualify. The exemptions apply to 50% of the first $200,000 in value of the residence or property, provided you qualify.

Incomes Taxes in Englewood, Colorado

Colorado residents pay a 4.63% state income tax rate, and it applies to supplemental wages as well as primary. The national average state income rate slides between 1% and 10%, with only 7 states having none whatsoever. Colorado doesn’t crack the top 10 for lowest state income tax rates in America, but it is quite low.

If you plan on retiring in Colorado, you will enjoy certain state income tax benefits. For example, residents that are 65 and older have exemptions on income and benefits up to $20,000 if they’re retired.

Sales Tax in Englewood, CO

Among states that have a sales tax, Colorado is the lowest in the country – at just 2.9%. Though, because of the numerous extra city and county sales taxes, actual combined rates may be as much as 11.2%. With the additional city and county rate of 4.85%, you can expect to pay a total sales tax rate of 7.75%. This is slightly higher than the national average of 7.12%.

Additional Taxes

Other taxes in Englewood, such as gasoline tax, are low as well at only $0.22 per gallon. There are also taxes for beer in spirits in Englewood and the rest of Colorado. You must pay a tax of 8 cents per gallon for beer in Englewood. Other alcohol taxes include the 28 cents per gallon for wine, and nearly $2.30 for each gallon of liquor.

Englewood, Colorado Tax Breakdown

Englewood CO TaxesAverage Cost & Rate
Property Tax Rate0.55%
Sales Tax7.75%
State Income Tax Rate4.63%
Gasoline Tax$0.22 Per Gallon
Liquor Tax$2.30 Per Gallon
Beer Tax$0.08 Per Gallon
Wine Tax$0.28 Per Gallon

Food & Grocery Costs In Englewood, CO

You can save big money on monthly food costs by choosing groceries over restaurant dining in Englewood. In fact, when you compare Englewood’s grocery prices to the rest of the country, they are generally 2% cheaper. Restaurant dining is on par with the national average, however, and you’ll spend close to $15 per person eating out.

Englewood, CO GroceriesAverage Cost
Loaf of Bread$3.25
Dozen Eggs$1.65
Gallon of Milk$2.00
Pound of Bananas$0.70
Pound of Potatoes$0.90
Pound of Beef$5.50
Pound of Chicken$3.50

The cheapest dining option in Englewood is fast food, of course, and it costs between $8 and $10 per person. If you want an upscale dinner for two including drinks and appetizers, you’ll spend no less than $60-$70. Alcohol is pricey at bars and restaurants, and a pint of beer costs up to $6 or more in Englewood.

Education Costs In Englewood, CO

Private education in Englewood, Colorado is expensive, and costs an average of $11,762 each year. High school tuition costs the most for private education and averages over $15,000 per year in Englewood, CO. The cheapest private education opportunity in Englewood is elementary school, and it costs roughly $8,500 or more per year.

One great and cost-effective college option is Arapahoe Community College in the neighboring town Littleton. Colorado state residents can pay as little as $3,921 each year, and out of state students pay $15,009 per year.

Preschool comes at a low cost in Englewood, and you can find options that start out at $255 per week. Daycare options, however, vary more widely in cost, but you should factor in at least $900 in monthly costs.

Transportation Costs in Englewood Colorado

The transportation cost index in Englewood, Colorado is 114.9, which is higher than both the national and state average. Transportation costs are another important factor that you must consider in order to determine the overall cost of living in a particular location. These include expenses such as gas prices, public transportation costs, and car insurance premiums.

Gas Prices in Englewood, Colorado

Englewood, CO is a small city, and it only covers 6.65 square miles. Despite its small size, you are still better off getting around by car, especially if you are a daily commuter. The cost of gasoline in Englewood costs between $1.89 and $2.15 per gallon, and the current national average is $2.11.

The average driver in America goes through 656 gallons of gas, or more, every year. You should factor into your budget between $1,239 and $1,410 each year in gasoline costs in Englewood.

Car Insurance Premiums in Englewood, Colorado

Car insurance is another recurring cost of driving in Englewood, and it is somewhat expensive in the city. The average car insurance premium in Englewood, Colorado is $1,418 per year. Though, your rate can vary based on your age, driving record, the insurance company that you choose, and whether you opt for full or minimum coverage.

Male drivers in their 20s spend $2,442 each year on car insurance in Englewood, and females typically spend $2,045. Luckily, auto insurance rates are much cheaper for residents in their 30s and averages $1,150 per year in Englewood. In general, Colorado has high auto insurance rates due to population density, traffic incidents, and the number of drivers.

To help illustrate how car insurance premiums vary based on where you live in Colorado, the following table outlines average car insurance rates in five Colorado cities:

CityAverage Annual Premium for Full CoveragePercent Increase in Average Annual Premium
Colorado Springs$2,1788%
Fort Collins$1,773-12%

Public Transportation Costs in Englewood, Colorado

Englewood, CO is a mere 10 miles away from Denver, another well-known Colorado city. Because of that, you have access to trains and buses running from Denver and in some cases, through Englewood. The Regional Transportation District provides train rides, bus fares, and even free shuttles through the city.

You can buy monthly passes through the Regional Transportation District for between $34.20 and $114 per month. They also offer airport shuttle fares for frequent fliers that cost between $60 and $200 per month. If you want to save money, you can take advantage of Englewood’s free shuttle system that makes 16 stops.

Local light rail fare costs as little as $3 per ticket, and it covers one to two zones. Regional light rail travel costs $5.25, but a trip to the airport costs $10.50. Bus fares and light rail travel are two ways that you can save money in Englewood and make your commute.

Entertainment Costs in Englewood, Colorado

There are many ways to find entertainment in Englewood, as well as surrounding cities such as Littleton and Denver. One of the best attractions for families is the Pirate Cove Water Park, and it is nearby in Littleton. You can find admission prices to the water park that range between $9 and $15 per person at Pirate Cove.

A trip to the movie theater can cost you between $9 and $11 per ticket. There are also some great music venues in Englewood, such as Soul Wax, and it usually costs $43 per ticket. Fitness conscious residents can find membership plans that start at $35 per month.

Some of the best entertainment is free, and one of the best options is the Englewood Museum of Outdoor Art. You can also save money and head to Belleview Park and take in the scenery free of charge. High Line Canal trail, Cherry Park, and Bear Creek are also beautiful outdoor attractions that cost nothing.

Is Englewood, Colorado Safe?

Englewood is generally, safe, but it does have a higher crime rate than most American communities. The total crime rate in Englewood is a whopping 152% higher than the national average and 82% higher than the state average, but violent crimes are 35% lower than the national average. Property crime seems to be more prevalent, with 64 criminal incidents per 1,000 residents in Englewood, CO, and 1 out of 16 residents experience property crime.

Though, overall, Englewood is considered safer than 19% of U.S. cities. City center, Downing Street, South Clarkson Street, and South Broadway are considered the least safe areas in Englewood, Colorado.

Related Questions

What is the weather like in Englewood, Colorado?

Englewood is generally dry and cool, but it warms up and gets to its hottest in July. The coldest months in Englewood, Colorado are December and January where it doesn’t exceed 43 degrees Fahrenheit. You can generally expect 10.4 inches of rain each year in Englewood, the least of which comes in January.

Does it snow in Englewood, CO?

Yes, it does snow in Englewood, CO, and there are generally 71 inches of snow each year. That is more than double the national average of 28 inches of snow each year, and snow falls throughout the year in Englewood.  The most snowfall throughout the year generally comes between mid to late October, and into April.

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What Did We Learn?

Most Englewood, CO residents are renters, and that is due to the high cost of homes in the city. The median home value in Englewood is $427,971, or $250-$270 per square foot. More than 50% of Englewood residents are renters, and they spend an average of $1,750 each month on rent. You can find options as cheap as $1,300, but you still need to factor in $135 a month in utilities.

Englewood residents can spend up to $1,410 a year in gasoline costs, or save money using public transportation. Bus passes start out at $34 a month, and they are ideal for daily commuters. Groceries are 2% below the national average in Englewood, CO, and can save you money each month.

Englewood, Colorado is a small and beautiful city with a fair cost of living.

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