How Much Does A Cord Of Wood Cost?

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Preparations need to be made before the start of winter each year. The winter season can be harsh in certain parts of the country and your household must be ready to handle it. As part of your preparations, you may need to get some firewood, and buying by the cord is commonplace.

If you haven’t purchased firewood before, the expression “a cord of wood” may seem odd to you. Think of it as one way of saying that you’re looking to buy a lot of firewood. Unsurprisingly, you’ll also have to pay a significant amount of money for a cord of firewood.

On average, a cord of wood costs $350. Factors such as your location and the type of firewood you’re getting will affect that price point. Homeowners can also buy firewood in the measurements of half cord, face cord, or quarter cord. A half cord costs $230, a face cord is priced at $160, and a quarter cord is available for $90.

Making it through the coming winter may prove difficult if you don’t have firewood ready. Get your preparations in order by purchasing your cord of firewood today. Learn more about how much that cord of firewood will cost by reading on.

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Cost of Cord of Wood by Typical Measurements

Cord TypeCost
Cord of Firewood$350
Half Cord of Firewood$230
Face Cord of Firewood$160
Quarter Cord of Firewood$90

When you go to buy firewood, you have the option of purchasing it in different amounts. A cord is a typical measurement for firewood and there are variations on that as well. You should get to know those measurements better so you know the amount of firewood you’re getting and how much you’re spending.

For this section of the article, we’ll be going through those different measurements of firewood. Keep them in mind the next time you order firewood for your home.

Cord of Firewood

Let’s start by discussing what you’re getting if you buy a cord of firewood. A single cord of firewood costs $350. You’re also getting enough firewood from that cord to fill up a space that measures 128 cubic feet.

Assuming regular usage, a cord of firewood should last for a while. A cord of firewood may present the best value proposition out of all your available options. After securing your cord of firewood, you may not have to worry about your supply for the rest of the winter.

Half Cord of Firewood

Next up, homeowners can also purchase a half cord of firewood to meet their heating needs. You can buy a half cord of firewood for $230. A half cord of firewood should be enough to occupy a space that’s 64 cubic feet.

Face Cord of Firewood

Continuing with firewood measurements, we go now to a face cord of firewood. To get your hands on a face cord of firewood, you’ll have to pay $160. That amount of firewood will take up a space that measures just a little over 42 cubic feet.

Note that others may refer to a face cord of firewood as a rick of wood. There is no difference in the amount of firewood you’re getting. Only the term used to identify it has changed.

Quarter Cord of Firewood

Lastly, we have a quarter cord of firewood. A quarter cord of firewood costs $90 and it occupies 32 cubic feet of space.

Not all suppliers sell firewood by quarter cords. Don’t be surprised if you cannot purchase that amount in your area.

Cost of Cord of Wood by Type

Wood TypeCost Per Cord

The type of firewood you’re using will affect the quality of heating you’ll enjoy throughout the winter. It will also impact the price of the firewood itself.

Types of wood that are commonly sold as firewood include ash, maple, mesquite, and oak. Those options have unique characteristics that will determine how effectively they burn and provide heat. You must know about those characteristics before making any kind of purchase.


First off, let’s talk about using ash as firewood for your home. A cord of ash firewood will cost you $390.

The great thing about ash firewood is that it doesn’t produce a lot of smoke. It also produces a non-distinct odor so it won’t stink up your home as other options will. Ash firewood can also burn for a while, meaning your home will get a good amount of heat from it.

Sadly, ash firewood leaves behind a lot of creosote that will get stuck in your chimney. It also doesn’t burn as hot as some other types of firewood.


Maple is your next option if you’re looking for firewood. You can purchase a cord of maple firewood for your home for $340.

Ash and maple firewood share a lot of similarities. They both produce a minimal amount of smoke, they burn for a while, and they produce a moderate level of heat.

However, maple doesn’t produce as much creosote as ash, which is a plus. Maple also has a stronger burning aroma compared to ash. It’s not necessarily unpleasant, but it may not be a scent you love either.


You can also choose to burn mesquite firewood inside your home. A full cord of mesquite firewood costs $370.

Compared to ash and maple, mesquite burns noticeably hotter. That’s a good thing because you don’t want to place too much mesquite in your wood stove.

Mesquite has a distinctive aroma that you may recognize from barbequed meats. It’s a great scent to detect on meat, but you may not want it lingering in your home throughout the day.


Finally, we have oak firewood. Oak is the cheapest option you can buy as a single cord of it costs $280.

Oak firewood tends to be cheap because it is readily available throughout the country. It also produces a decent amount of heat.

Unfortunately, the smell is an issue for oak. While burning, it produces a smell that can be off-putting. You will have to develop a tolerance to that smell or use a different type of firewood.

Cost of Cord of Wood Delivery

Estimate TypeCost
Low-End Estimate$25
Mid-Range Estimate$60
High-End Estimate$100

The winter season is a busy time for a lot of people. Not everyone may have the time to go out and buy firewood from a supplier. The good news is you can get a cord of wood delivered to your property for $60.

The supplier will also stack the wood for you if you’re getting it delivered. It’s a convenient solution for this common conundrum.

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Related Questions

Can You Fit a Cord of Wood in a Pickup Truck?

The standard pickup truck cannot hold a full cord of firewood. At most, you can probably fit a half cord of firewood into a standard pickup truck’s bed.If you want to get all the wood in one go, you will need a long-bed pickup truck. After using racks, a long-bed pickup truck should be spacious enough for that full cord.

How Many Pieces of Wood Are in a Cord?

It’s difficult to pin down the exact number of logs in a cord since the wood can be chopped and stacked differently. The best we can do is come up with a ballpark figure. For a full cord of firewood, the ballpark figure is typically at 700.

How Long Will a Cord of Wood Last in a Wood Stove?

A cord of wood should provide adequate heating for at least six weeks. The cord could also last for up to three months if the winter is milder than expected.

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