Can You Put CorningWare In The Oven? (Find Out Now!)

Emily Carr
by Emily Carr

CorningWare is a brand name for durable, tempered glass cookware that has been popular since the 1950s. Their products aren’t cheap, but they’re worth it because they last a lifetime and can be used for a variety of applications.

Does that include putting CorningWare in the oven?

You can put CorningWare cookware in the oven as long as the temperature doesn’t exceed 425 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, due to their Pyroceram material, CorningWare dishes resist thermal shock and can withstand extreme temperature shifts. While the glass top can be used in a conventional oven, avoid putting it inside of a toaster oven.

Corningware has a few different options when it comes to kitchenware, so be sure to check out each item’s recommended application. Certain materials are suitable for the dishwasher and toaster oven, while others require adhering to a different set of guidelines.

This article will discuss what CorningWare is made of and if it’s suitable for use in the oven. Additionally, we’ll cover how to use CorningWare in the oven and if you can cook your food with the glass top on.

Let’s dive right in!

What Is CorningWare Made Of?

CorningWare is a renowned cookware brand that makes all sorts of containers resistant to thermal shock.

How is that possible? Their line is made of a glass-ceramic combination, called Pyroceram. It’s incredibly strong and can resist high temperature shifts without shattering or cracking.

Basically, CorningWare has a high heat tolerance and low thermal expansion. It’s no wonder these kitchen bowls and pans have been popular for so many years.

If you love their classic blue cornflower pattern, it’s currently available for purchase. The company brought it back in 2017!

Is It Safe to Put CorningWare in the Oven?

How responsible is it to put your CorningWare in the oven?

CorningWare products are made to be used in any type of oven– convection ovens, conventional ovens, and even toaster ovens. They have a temperature maximum of 425 degrees Fahrenheit, so just make sure your oven isn’t set to hotter than that.

Some people have even tested the Pyroceram cookware up to 500 °F, with no issues. However, it’s best to stay within the company’s recommended limits to prevent unwanted accidents.

CorningWare items aren’t completely indestructible, although we wish they were. Use caution when taking your dishes out of extreme temperature situations, and always protect your hands!

Can You Put CorningWare from the Refrigerator in the Oven?

Corningware products work wonderfully in both very hot and very cold temperatures. However, can they handle the intensity of switching from one to another?

It’s actually quite impressive- you can take your CorningWare dish out of the freezer or refrigerator and put it right into the oven (and vice versa). That’s because, as we mentioned above, it’s specifically designed to resist thermal shock.

Corningware is one of the few companies that produces cookware with this ability, and it’s the direct result of making dishes out of Pyroceram.

They still have a manufacturing center in Bagneaux-sur-Loing, France. This location is one of the few factories left in the world still producing Pyroceram-based kitchen containers!

How to Use CorningWare in the Oven

Now that we know it’s possible, let’s get into the best practice as far as using CorningWare in the oven.

Follow these steps to use Corningware kitchenware in the oven:

  • Preheat your oven to the desired temperature (must be under 425 °F).
  • Place the CorningWare dish on the middle rack to ensure even distribution of heat.
  • Bake for the recommended amount of time.
  • Let the dish cool before serving, and only use wooden or plastic utensils as metal will scratch the dish. You can store it in a cold environment immediately afterward.
  • Remember to use an oven mitt when handling hot plates!

Adhering to these guidelines will ensure your CorningWare lasts a long time!

Can You Put CorningWare in the Oven with the Glass Top?

Most CorningWare dishes come with a glass top, although it doesn’t have the same properties as the container it covers.

You can put CorningWare in the oven with the glass top on; you just have to be careful when removing the dish.

The glass top cannot go directly into a cold environment immediately following the oven and must cool off first. This is because it does not have the same thermal shock resistance.

Additionally, a retailer website advises that you should avoid using the glass cover in a toaster oven or underneath a griller.

What Not to Do with CorningWare Cookware

Here are a few other things to steer clear of when using CorningWare items:

  • Making candy, popping corn, or caramelizing sugar
  • Deep frying foods
  • Using pot holders when handling hot CorningWare cookware in the microwave
  • Attempting to use or repair chipped, cracked, or broken CorningWare items and glass cover
  • Putting CorningWare dishes on a placemat after removing them from the oven

Doing any of the above can greatly increase the risk of your kitchenware becoming damaged.

Related Questions

Can you put CorningWare in an air fryer?

As long as the dish fits, you are able to use CorningWare in an air fryer.However, be aware that most air fryers don’t require any type of additional cooking pans. They are generally designed for food to be cooked directly in the machine’s basket.Using an additional container may alter the frying effects of your air fryer.

Is CorningWare dishwasher-safe?

Yes, all CorningWare items are dishwasher-safe. Although, you’ll want to avoid using harsh detergents when washing as these can damage the cookware over time.The best way to wash CorningWare dishes is by:

  • Soaking off the caked-on food remnants with a soapy/ warm water mixture for 30 minutes.
  • Then, use a gentle sponge to get the remaining debris off.
  • Do a gentle rinse in the sink.
  • Place your CorningWare dish in the dishwasher, with ample room between other items to avoid friction.
Does CorningWare have a lifetime warranty?

CorningWare warranties vary based on the exact item you have, although most are around 2-3 years.

This warranty only applies to normal household use and will not cover damage sustained by misuse in any manner.

Furthermore, if your CorningWare product has been discontinued, you may find that the warranty is no longer valid. Oftentimes, the company will be able to replace your dish with the most suitable alternative.

To Sum It Up

This article explores how to use your CorningWare cookware correctly and what other precautions should be taken to prevent accidents from happening.

CorningWare dishes are perfectly safe to put in the oven because they’re made of a durable material called Pyroceram. It’s designed to combat extreme temperature shifts.

These dishes are versatile and multifunctional. You can even cook in the toaster oven, on the stovetop, or in an air fryer! Just be sure to adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines, and your kitchenware will last you for years.

Whether you use CorningWare for casseroles, soups, baking cakes, making bread, or cooking meats and vegetables, there’s no shortage of ways to put CorningWare to work.

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