How Much Does Bee Removal Cost?

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by Gary Evans

That ambient buzzing that bees produce can be frightening for folks who’ve experienced the pain of being stung. Even if you haven’t been stung before, you probably want no part of experiencing that firsthand. Unfortunately, there are times when bees may be the ones who decide to take up residence on your property.

Getting rid of those bees will not be easy and it’s highly recommended that you hire professionals to handle that job. Trying to do that yourself can lead to injury and possibly even a trip to the emergency room. Pay for professional bee removal instead so you can handle that matter without endangering yourself in the process.

Professionals charge $550 for honey bee removal and $500 to get rid of killer bees. They will charge $140 and $290 respectively for bumblebee or carpenter bee removal. Bee extermination is priced at $600 while relocating them costs $550. Bee removal costs also change based on the affected area. Removing bees from commonly infested areas such as the attic and basement will cost $600.

The presence of bees can be unnerving and downright scary for a lot of people. For some, being around bees could potentially be life-threatening. Find out how much it will cost to remove the bees on your property by reading on.

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Cost of Bee Removal by Type

Type of BeeCost
Carpenter Bees$290
Honey Bees$550
Killer Bees$500

If you’re curious to know how much professional bee removal will cost, you first have to find out a few things. Chief among them is the type of bee you’re dealing with.

Different types of bees behave differently. Some types of bees are relatively easy to remove from a residential property while others present greater challenges.

Since we are talking about residential infestations here, we’re generally only referring to four types of bees. Let’s learn more about them in the section below.


The first type of bee you may find on your property is the bumblebee. You can expect to pay around $140 if you need professionals to remove bumblebees from your property.

You’ll quickly find that removing bumblebees is more affordable than removing other potential bee invaders. So, why is that the case?

Professionals charge less for bumblebee removal because their colonies tend to be on the small side. They often max out around 150 bees so they are easier to deal with compared to other colonies.

Bumblebees are also less aggressive than their counterparts. Unless you go out of your way to bother them, they will leave you alone.

Because of how bumblebees behave, removing them is often unnecessary. Still, if you’d rather not have them living close to your property, removing them will not cost you that much money.

Carpenter Bees

Next up, we need to talk about carpenter bees. Removing carpenter bees from your property will cost about $290.

Carpenter bees share some notable similarities with bumblebees. They are similar in the sense that they are both docile most of the time and they do not form large colonies.

However, you cannot just leave carpenter bees alone. Carpenter bees can burrow into wooden fixtures. Ignore and they will deal lasting damage to your home.

You should call in the professionals the moment you suspect that you have a carpenter bee infestation. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to those bees.

Honey Bees

Honey bee removal will be expensive. You can expect professionals to charge approximately $550 for honey bee removal.

The high cost of honey bee removal is due in large part to colony size. Honey bees tend to live in big colonies. Don’t be surprised if nearly 50,000 honey bees belong to a single colony.

Trying to remove that many bees at the same time is a huge challenge. Professionals increase their rates to account for that.

You also have to account for the honey the bees have produced. Cleaning up the honey left behind by the bees can be troublesome. Leaving the honey unattended is also not an option since it will likely attract other animals.

Killer Bees

Lastly, the bees residing on your property could also be killer bees. Getting rid of those killer bees will cost you about $500.

Killer bees are highly dangerous because of how aggressive they are. If they sense a threat, they will not hesitate to swarm you. Killer bees are also known for chasing their target for a while, so running away from them will not be easy.

Under no circumstances should you attempt to remove killer bees by yourself. Professionals are the only ones who should attempt to remove killer bees. Trying to do that job yourself can only lead to injury so avoid that.

Cost to Remove Bee Swarm or Beehive

Infestation to Be RemovedCost
Bee Swarms$100

The type of colony you’re dealing with will also factor into the cost of bee removal. You’ll likely find yourself either dealing with a hive or a swarm.

Differentiating between those two types of infestations is important. Learn more about how they differ from one another by checking out the details below.


Beehives are tougher to remove than bee swarms. Because of that, professionals also charge more to address that problem. You can expect to pay around $550 if you need to get a beehive removed.

A big issue with beehive removal is location. Bees like to build their hives inside of ceilings, decks, and other enclosures throughout your home. It’s tough to get those spots and that’s part of the reason why beehive removal is so expensive.

The presence of honey could also complicate the task of beehive removal. Whether the honey is found indoors or outside, it must be removed so it does not attract any unwanted guests.

Bee Swarms

Bee swarms are significantly easier to deal with compared to beehives. Professionals may only charge around $100 for bee swarm removal. You may even receive a lower quote than that in some cases.

Professionals have an easier time with bee swarms because they are usually found outdoors. With no existing structures to worry about, the professionals can use more methods to displace the bees.

The bees are also less likely to put up a fight if they aren’t protecting a hive. The people you hired should have little trouble shooing away those hiveless bees.

Cost of Bee Removal by Method

Removal Method UsedCost

There’s a reason why we’ve been using the term bee removal throughout this article instead of extermination. You see, extermination is not the standard approach used to get rid of bees. Extermination may be deemed necessary based on the type of infestation, but relocation will often be considered first.

You probably have some idea of how extermination and relocation differ from each other. The details included below should clarify those methods further.

Bee Relocation

Bee relocation is your first option if you need those insects removed from your property. The average cost of bee relocation is about $550.

Most homeowners are urged to consider relocation as the first option. Relocating can solve your bee problem without harming their population.

Relocation involves calling an experienced beekeeper and asking them if the bees can be safely moved. The beekeeper can also help carry out the relocation. You can also hire a removal specialist if you’re dealing with an especially large hive.

Bee Extermination

If relocation won’t do then you need to hire exterminators to address your bee problem. Extermination is the slightly more expensive option at $600.

Hiring professionals to exterminate bees is not as easy as it sounds. Exterminators are hard to find because relocation is the preferred method of bee removal. It may take you a while to find the professionals who will do this job for you.

On top of that, exterminators will not agree to kill the bees until they get a chance to check out the infestation first. If they believe the bees can be moved instead of exterminated, they will insist on the former.

Cost of Bee Removal Based on Location

Location of InfestationCost

One more cost factor to consider for professional bee removal is the location of the infestation. The removal experts may charge more or less based on how easy it is to work in the affected area.

Detailed below are the areas commonly infested by bees. Continue reading and check out the bee removal costs based on those areas.

Attic Infestation

Bees have been known to take up residence in the attics of many households. If the infestation affecting your household is originating from there, removing the pesky bees will cost you about $600. Choices you made previously will help determine how much removing bees from your attic will cost.

Do you have a staircase leading to your attic? If so, accessing that part of your home will be easier and removal costs may be more affordable as a result.

Is your attic inaccessible? In that case, the professionals will charge more because they have to figure out a way to get up there. Making repairs to your attic may also be necessary, but that’s a separate expense.

Basement Infestation

The basement is another spot where bees may choose to stay. Getting rid of the bees in there will cost you approximately $600 as well.

Basement infestations are more common if they lead directly outside. The bees may find your basement to be a safe nesting area and just stay there.

Hopefully, the bees are still staying in one corner of your basement. It will be harder to remove them if they have spread out.

Deck Infestation

Your deck is yet another potential infestation spot for bees. Clearing the bees that have taken up residence there will cost you around $1,300.

Bees will often choose the underside of the deck as their nesting area. Since that part of the deck is often difficult to access, you can understand why removal tends to get expensive.

Deck infestations can also be difficult to detect. By the time you notice the infestation, your deck may have already sustained significant damage.

Garage Infestation

Finally, don’t forget to check your garage for bees. Typically, removing bees from a garage will cost about $350.

Getting rid of bees in a detached garage is easier because the workers will not be bothering anyone. They have more freedom to use whichever removal methods they feel will work best on the bees.

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How Much Does Bee Identification Cost?

Identifying the bees will help you understand how much removal will cost. Professionals will identify the bees for a fee of around $150. Notably, some companies offer identification for free if you’re also hiring them to remove the bees.

How Much Will It Cost to Remove Bees in Your Ceiling?

Do you hear faint buzzing noises while you’re lying on top of your bed or sitting on the couch? If you do, that may be because there are bees in your ceiling. On average, removing bees living in a ceiling will cost $700.

Can You Get Bees Removed for Free?

Some beekeepers will remove bees for free, but that is quite uncommon. Still, you should check around your area first just in case you can get the bees removed for no extra cost.

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