How Much Does Bat Removal Cost?

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Your home should be your sanctuary, but pests like ants, termites, and mice do not care about disturbing your peace. All of those pests are annoying to deal with, but at least we are familiar with them. If the pest that has invaded your household is a bat, you may have a more complicated issue on your hands.

Bats are larger and scarier so more people have trouble figuring out what to do with them. Furthermore, bats can endanger your health if you approach them without knowing what to do beforehand. Instead of attempting bat removal yourself, you should entrust that job to the professionals.

Getting rid of one bat will cost an average of $200 while removing multiple bats costs $450 to $5,000. Removing a bat living somewhere outdoors on your property costs $130, but that number climbs to $500 if they’re inside your home. Cleaning up the guano the bats leave behind will cost an additional $1,800 if you live in a single-story home.

Do not allow bats to stay on your property because they can cause all kinds of problems. You can enlist the help of professionals if you need one or multiple bats removed from your property. Learn more about the costs associated with bat removal by continuing with the rest of this article.

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Health Issues Caused by Bats

Why should you be concerned about the presence of bats on your property? The damage they can do to your home is just a secondary concern. Your main concern should be the potential harm they can cause you and your family.

Which diseases can you get from bats? Let’s go over them in the following section.


The first disease you should be worried about contracting if you’ve seen a bat on your property is rabies. According to the World Health Organization, bats are now the “major source” of rabies deaths in the Americas. They have even exceeded rabies cases caused by dogs.

Bats usually transmit rabies to humans via biting. However, that’s not the only way that the aforementioned virus can be transmitted.

If the saliva of an infected bat somehow drops onto an open wound you have, you could also be infected by rabies. Infections can also occur if you touch your eyes, mouth, or nose with a finger covered by tainted saliva.

Rabies infections are downright frightening. Those who are infected by the virus may experience difficulty swallowing, vomiting, and hallucinations. In severe cases, the person affected by the virus may end up paralyzed or dead.

No animal that could potentially be carrying the rabies virus should be on your property. Remove the bat on your property immediately so you can escape the threat posed by rabies.


The other disease you should worry about potentially catching from a bat is histoplasmosis. Histoplasmosis is a disease commonly caused by a fungus known as Histoplasma. The aforementioned fungus is something typically found in droppings left behind by birds and bats.

You can get histoplasmosis from breathing in the spores produced by the Histoplasma. Since those spores are microscopic, it’s just best to assume that they’re present in any bat droppings you find.

Compared to a rabies infection, histoplasmosis is generally less severe. You may end up with a fever, a persistent cough, and some chest discomfort, but that may be the extent of it.

Unfortunately, not all cases of histoplasmosis end up that way. According to the Mayo Clinic, infants and individuals with compromised immune systems may develop a more serious form of the disease. The more severe disease, known as disseminated histoplasmosis, can lead to death if it is left untreated.

The risk of contracting histoplasmosis is another reason why you should be wary of bats. Pay for their removal so you can avoid that disease.

Cost of Bat Removal Based on Colony Size

Number of BatsCost
Single Bat$200
Small Colony (2 to 20 Bats)$450
Medium-Sized Colony (21 to 50 Bats)$900
Large Colony (Over 50 Bats)$5,000

Now that you know why immediate bat removal is important, it’s time to talk about how much that will cost. The number of bats residing on your property will influence how much removal will cost. Let’s break the costs down further in the section below.

Single Bat Infestations

Removing a single bat from your property will cost around $200. Don’t hesitate to pay that $200 fee if you know a bat is flying around your property.

Even a single bat can cause plenty of trouble. Finding a single bat can be difficult. You may even end up provoking that one bat because you weren’t aware that it was nearby.

Single bat infestations are easy to handle because the professionals usually only have to worry about one entry point. Once that entry point is sealed, capturing and cornering the bat will be relatively easy.

Small Colony Infestations

You may also find your home infested by a small colony of bats. A small colony refers to one that tops out at 20 bats. Removing a bat colony of that size will cost you an average of about $450.

Dealing with a small colony of bats is a bit more dangerous. It’s also trickier because the workers likely have to find and seal multiple entry and exit points.

Medium-Sized Colony Infestations

A medium-sized bat colony usually features more than 20 but fewer than 50 bats. Getting rid of that kind of bat colony costs approximately $900.

Entry and exit points are even greater concerns for medium-sized bat colonies. Fail to seal them in time and some bats may be able to evade capture.

Having so many bats living on your property could also mean that their waste has piled up somewhere. Wading through that amount of waste can potentially be dangerous. That explains why removing a medium-sized colony of bats is so expensive.

Large Colony Infestations

A large colony is typically made up of more than 50 bats. You’ll have to pay a lot of money to remove such a large colony. On average, the cost of removing a large colony of bats is around $5,000.

You can probably imagine how difficult it would be to remove so many bats. In all likelihood, you will have to hire several workers to get that job done safely.

Cost of Bat Removal Based on Location

Location of Bat ColonyCost

Where are the bats located on your property? You must come up with an answer to that question if you want to know how much bat removal will cost.

Costs vary greatly based on the location of the bats. Find out how the location of infestation affects cost by reading the section below.

Outdoor Infestations

Homeowners can expect to pay less for removal if the animals in question are located outdoors. Addressing an outdoor bat infestation will cost about $130.

Bat removal costs for outdoor infestations are cheaper because they are less troublesome for professionals. They don’t have to worry about being trapped in a small space with the bats they’re trying to capture. The waste left behind by the bats is also likely more spread around if they are living outside your home.

Still, there is a big challenge that comes with dealing with outdoor infestations. The challenge in question is locating the bats.

Those bats could be hanging out somewhere in your patio or perhaps your soffit. Other bats may take up residence somewhere in the trees surrounding your property.

The bottom line is that bats can be harder to find if they’re living outdoors. You may have to pay a bit more if the workers cannot find the bats right away.

Indoor Infestations

The bats could also be living inside your home. Evicting them from your home will cost approximately $500.

Indoor infestations are easier to manage from the perspective of finding the bats. However, that’s the only reason why an indoor infestation is preferable.

Removing bats from indoor spaces is still more dangerous because the workers are trapped in a room with them. The workers getting exposed to bat waste is also more likely to happen if the infestation is found indoors.

Indoor spaces that bats may live in include the attic, basement, and chimney. Ask the professionals to check there if you aren’t sure of where the bats are located.

Cost to Remove Bat Guano

Area Covered by Bat GuanoCost
One Floor$1,800
Two Floors$3,000
Three Floors$5,000

While talking to someone who specializes in bat removal, you may hear them mention the term “guano” a few times. For those who may be unfamiliar with bat guano, it’s simply a term that refers to the droppings bats leave behind. We’ve already talked about how hazardous bat poop can be, so you can understand why it’s important to clean it up.

Notably, the cost estimates we provided in earlier sections do not include the cost of cleaning up bat guano. The professional you’re talking to may already include the cost of guano removal into their fees, but that’s not always the case.

In this section, we’re assuming that bat guano removal is a separate service that you’re paying for. The cost of bat guano removal will change based on how many floors need to be cleaned up. The section below will give you a better idea of what to expect in terms of cost.

Bat Guano Removal for One Floor

Bat guano removal for a single floor usually costs around $1,800. The bat guano being confined to a single floor does make cleaning easier.

Still, that single floor is likely covered in bat guano if several bats lived there. Cleaning up that much bat waste will still be a hazardous and time-consuming task.

Bat Guano Removal for Two Floors

Removing bat guano from two floors of your home will cost approximately $3,000. Inspect the walls and any openings if the bat droppings are not found on a single floor. Some of the droppings may be trapped within the floors and they need to be removed too.

Bat Guano Removal for Three Floors

You can expect to pay $5,000 if the bat droppings are spread out across three floors. At this point, you should consider increasing the number of workers who will be cleaning up the bat guano. They will help clean up your home faster and that would be ideal.

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Related Questions

How Much Does Bat Inspection Cost?

Paying for bat inspection is often required before removal can commence. Inspections are carried out to confirm the presence of bats on your property. The average cost of a professional bat inspection is about $160.

How Much Does It Cost to Seal Off Bats from Your Home?

Sealing off entry and exit points is essential if you don’t want to deal with bat infestations in the future. Professionals typically charge around $400 to seal off those entry and exit points. They may also include that service in the removal fees.

Will Homeowners Insurance Cover the Cost of Bat Removal?

More often than not, your homeowners insurance policy will not cover expenses related to bat removal. That service is something you will probably have to pay for out of pocket.

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