Baldwin Vs. Schlage: Which Door Lock Is Better?

Ryan Womeldorf
by Ryan Womeldorf
Choosing the right lock for your door can do plenty to give you peace of mind and feel safe. Two of the best brands are Baldwin and Schlage, but Schlage is better for the smart features whereas Baldwin is much simpler. Whether it be materials, design, or features, follow along as we compare Baldwin Schlage.

Home Security is more important than ever. The world around us seems to grow rougher with each passing day, facilitating the need for improved security. There are cameras, motion detectors, and locks, among other things.

When choosing a new lock, you may find yourself stuck between Baldwin and Schlage. Both are reputable brands within the home security industry. But which one comes out on top? Baldwin lacks Wi-Fi and smart connectivity but is the more cost-effective option. Schlage has the aforementioned smart home connectivity but not if you are buying multiple locks. The choice can come down to capability and budget.

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Baldwin vs. Schlage

Two of the more recognizable names in the lock industry are Schlage and Baldwin. They have been around decades, manufacturing some of the most durable locks in the industry. But let’s take a look at how the two compare to one another. It may help you determine which lock you add to your home.


Perhaps the most important feature is the overall build quality and security. Forget all the bells and whistles. If the lock can’t actually do its job, then all of the additional features don’t matter. Both manage to deliver in spade.

The cool part is that you can even upgrade both brands’ security measures by using high-security cylinders. That includes KABA, ASSA, MEDECCO, and more. Those products are supported by both brands.

Visual Appeal

Baldwin may hold the advantage here. In terms of overall aesthetics, Baldwin has a whopping 22 finishes as part of their Estate portfolio. That means more choices for consumers when it comes to matching their locks to their aesthetic.

Schlage has plenty of options, just not as much. Their 12 finishes offer versatility, just not on the same level as Baldwin. Furthermore, Baldwin has a lifetime warranty attached to each of its finishes for an additional level of value.


The cost of both brands is a little difficult to cover. Baldwin is generally perceived as the more cost-effective brand, though their top-of-the-line offering is actually more expensive than the Schlage option. That said, their bottom-tier brand is the cheapest of the two.

Schlage, meanwhile, falls in between Baldwin on their range. Schlage’s low-tier locks are more expensive than Baldwin, but their high-end locks are slightly less. That makes Schlage slightly more expensive across the board, though not by much.


As is the case with any product, it is safe to assume that we all want a product that will hold up. The good news is that you can’t go wrong with either product. Both Schlage and Baldwin offer high-level durability with minimum maintenance.

Baldwin in particular has a durable metallic finish. Where some other brands can have issues with scratching over time, Baldwin manages to stay looking new for far longer. For those who care about the little details, that can be an important feature.


Baldwin offers some of the features that customers love in their locks. The major downside is that there is no smart home connectivity with smart assistants. That can be a major detriment for those who like synching their home security features to their smart assistant.

This is where the advantage clearly goes to Schlage. Schlage offers a much broader technological range. Moreover, they can even offer your own in-house Schlage Connect to link up all of your other Schlage security devices. As more and more people make the shift to total smart home connectivity, that can be a major difference-maker.

Can They Be Picked?

We know that the two are durable. We know that they have plenty of finishes to choose from. But what about actual security? If someone who really wants to get into your home tries to pick the lock, what are the chances that they will be successful.

The good news is that both brands are highly resistant to lock picking. Even the most experienced and skilled lockpicks have a difficult time breaking through either brand’s locks. You can also provide additional security by adding an aftermarket high-security cylinder. These help increase the security of the lock even further.


Pros of Baldwin

One of the calling cards of Baldwin locks is that they are affordable. Whereas some of the more modern, smart home-capable locks are quite pricey, Baldwin locks can be had for a reasonable price. For those staying tight to a budget, that can be hugely important.

The metal finish is not only aesthetically pleasing but highly durable. It is less prone to scratching in the face of key slipping, for instance. You won’t have to contend with that worn-down look over longer periods of time.

Finally, they have a ton of design choices. Whatever the aesthetic that you have, the interior lock can match your setup. No locks that stand out like a sore thumb, bugging you each time that you see it.

Cons of Baldwin

The major downside for Baldwin locks is that they do not have compatibility with smart home assistants like Siri or Alexa. As we move closer to all digital security systems, this may be a deal-breaker for some as they search for locks.

To make matters worse, Baldwin locks don’t even have a dedicated app. Having an app to control the functions and features is one of those convenience factors that most people have grown accustomed to. While activating it manually is not necessarily a big deal, not having access to it remotely can be a big issue for some.


Pros of Schlage

The connectivity experience with smart home systems is easier than some of the competition, especially compared to Baldwin, which doesn’t have Wi-Fi connectivity. As we shift more towards smart home security, this can make a huge difference.

Schlage has a plethora of different designs, making it easier to meet your aesthetic needs. While home security is important, it may nag at you if the designs don’t quite match up. There are also a wide array of models to choose from, giving Schlage an edge in terms of versatility.

Finally, Schlage locks are quite durable. Granted, they aren’t going to get the pounding that some other security measures will, but wear and tear is real. You don’t have to worry about replacing these locks in short order.

Cons of Schlage

Despite advancements in smart home connectivity, it is not the latest and greatest in the field. It does not have the fingerprint sensor that some of the other top smart home locks have. That might not be important to some but could be a deal breaker if you are looking for a more comprehensive safety feature.

Speaking of smart home connectivity, there is another potential issue. The connectivity really only works with one lock. If you wanted to use Schlage locks on all of your doors, you would not be able to connect them to a single smart device.

Related Questions

Now that you have all the information that you need to choose between Baldwin and Schlage, you may still have additional questions. Here are some of the most relevant related questions that consumers had relating to these locks and their companies.

Are Baldwin and Kwikset the Same Company?

In the security and power tool industry, it is not uncommon for different brands to fall under the same corporate umbrella. The short answer is that, no, they are not the same company. They are completely different entities.

Baldwin and Kwikset are, however, part of home improvement and hardware goliath Stanley Black & Decker. Black & Decker owns other popular brands like DeWalt, Craftsman, and Lenox. As a matter of fact, Black & Decker is one of the four major tool companies that own 48 percent of the market share.

Is Baldwin a Good Door Knob?

While we are focused on the locks, what about the doorknobs that come from Baldwin. Their hinges are highly regarded for both their design and function. Baldwin hinges and doorknobs come in a wide array of finishes, making it easy to match up your hardware with the rest of your design aesthetic.

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Which is the Better Choice?

Choosing between Schlage and Baldwin for your lock needs comes down to your criteria. You could opt for something simple yet cost-effective that operates like a traditional lock. You can also go with something that has smart home capability, bringing your locks into the 21st century.

Schlage makes the better overall locks. They are highly durable, sure, but are also compatible with smart home assistants like Alexa and Siri. This makes it easier to synchronize your whole home security measures.

That said, Baldwin has the more simplistic, cost-effective option. Not everyone is looking to integrate their home into the latest smart technology. Costing substantially less than their counterpart, Baldwin is ideal for a more traditional security experience.

Both make for highly durable, reliable locks. It comes down to personal preference, especially where smart home connectivity is concerned. If you like to pair everything to your smart home assistant, Schlage is the clear choice. If you prefer less technologically intertwined, then Baldwin may be the better fit.

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